Dogs can be the cutest thing in the world and it’s believed that we’re bio-socially bound to them, thanks to thousands of years of evolution. Dogs are decedents of the gray wolf that resided in Eurasia tens of thousands of years ago. We quickly became close to them, since we posed a threat to their dominance in forests and hills.

As a group, they were very similar to us, they hunted in packs, usually with one or two leaders, which is the same hunting style we used back in the day.

After a few years of observing us, wolves became closer to humans because we often had heat, food, and comfort. Humans favored the wolves that were kinder towards them, those that didn’t display any threat or aggression.

We gave them food and comfort, while they also played their part in hunting, as they displaying exceptional hearing and smelling abilities.

After tens of thousands of years, dogs such as pugs have become significantly different from their previous relatives, including grey wolves, and others that still possess relatively similar physical attributes, such as Huskies and Malamutes.

We bred dogs for a very long time and they’re now considered our companions and true friends. However, some dog breeds are known to have been bred for fighting, hunting, and killing. These breeds are also known for being vicious against other humans, dogs, and even their owners.

It’s also worth noting that a dog’s personality is much more important than their respective breeds. Examples of this are how some Pit Bulls are much more docile than smaller, less dangerous dogs like the Chihuahua. This isn’t the case with all breeds, as some tend to be much more aggressive than others.

Here are 10 of the most dangerous dog breeds.

10 German Shepherds

The German Shepherd is a very popular dog throughout the world and they’re known for being friendly. However, they are ferocious dogs and at times can even be extremely dangerous. There’s a reason why they’re used as military and police dogs. Studies have shown that their bite force can be around 1,060 newtons.

German Shepherds are a medium-size dog and can weigh up to 90 pounds. German Shepherds are popularly known for being family dogs, but they can be quite aggressive against people. Their training is relatively standard, but what makes them dangerous is their behavior.

They also have a few bad tendencies, with one of them being bad bite inhibition during play time, where they don’t know how to set boundaries. Even well trained German Shepherds can be aggressive, and even go as far as biting their owner’s hand when given a treat. As a family dog, they need a lot of attention, as they require more walks, playtime, and food than an average dog.

9 Wolf Hybrids

Wolf hybrids are wolf bred dogs that resemble wolves in their physical and psychological nature. The wolf hybrid can be extremely dangerous due to often possessing a body and hunting instinct that’s very similar to a wolves.

They can even attack humans at random times, as well as smaller animals such as cats and dogs. They’re also notorious for being very hard to train and tame. It’s not unusual to see a wolf-dog hurting their owners with their bite, despite it being playful.

They usually weigh over 100 pounds and stand over 3 feet tall. They’re also very unpredictable as some of the wolf hybrids have been known for biting and even killing their owners.

As a result, this hybrid is banned in many places throughout the world. They’re also expected to get bigger the more we breed them, thus, making them even more of a danger. Aside, from the possible dangers of owning a wolf hybrid, they’re known for being great hunters.

8 Great Dane

Adult male Great Danes can weigh up to 200 pounds and stand 86 cm tall, making them the tallest dog breed. They’re believed to be a mix between English Mastiffs and Irish Wolfhounds.

The combination breeds a thin and tall dog, known for its long legs, high jumps, and speed. These dogs are very dangerous and can even be fatal at times. They’ve been bred for boar hunting and are known for being loyal beasts to their owners.

After the need for hunting died out, the Great Dane had become known for its tenacity, size, and independence, which is why it became a very popular dog in Europe.

People love the Great Dane as a house dog, since it makes for a good watchdog and playful pet, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be dangerous. If you ever plan on getting a Great Dane, it’s wise to have them trained for a vast amount of time in order to prevent them from becoming violent.

7 Malamute

Malamutes are probably known for being one of the cutest dogs out there, as they look a lot like huskies. They’re much bigger than huskies and they also have a larger fur coat. Malamutes are very closely related to wolves, but the true Malamutes can be extremely dangerous. The hybrid that’s often seen consists of Husky and Malamute, and tends to be very docile and fun as a pet.

In addition to that, Malamutes have also been responsible for the most fatal bites in the United States, until law regulations either banned the dog breed in some areas or restricted them. They’re native to Alaska, which can be noted from their large white and black fur coat, as well as their large size.

Malamutes are very demanding as a pet. The breeds that have been seen recently, however, are much more docile and submissive to their owners. It’s often a good idea to have the Malamute pup grow up with other animals present that will also be living in the house.

So instead of bringing a new pet such as another dog or cat around after the Malamute grows up, it’s often best to have them grow up together, because while the Malamutes reputation has gotten better,  they can still get very territorial and even aggressive under the wrong circumstances.

6 Doberman

One of the most intimidating dogs to have ever existed is the Doberman. If you find yourself under the attack of one, it can be quite dangerous, but to its owner’s, the Doberman is known for its loyalty.

They can be mildly aggressive towards other canines and animals. As a family dog, they can be great if there’s a substantial amount of space around. They certainly aren’t the kind of dog you’d find lounging around.

The Doberman received its name back in 1890, when the breeder wanted a dog that would successfully protect its owner from predators, as well as any other overall threat or danger that presents itself. This was achieved by mixing multiple dog breeds together, such as Rottweilers, Beaucerons, and German Pinschers.

This resulted in a very lean, yet muscular dog that displays an aura of intimidation. The dog is also very fast, powerful, and explosive in its movements. When it comes to its temperament, the Doberman is known for being adequately intelligent, loyal, and independent.

5 Bullmastiff

Bullmastiffs are both massive and muscular and can weigh up to 130 pounds, making them substantially heavier than the average weight of a healthy adult woman. They’ve been bred to be big bulky beasts for a number of purposes, with two of them being hunting and protection.

Their size really gives them an advantage when it comes to these qualities. Just like many other considerably dangerous breeds of dog, an immense amount of training is required, otherwise Dobermans will develop bad habits, such as munching, biting, humping and even jumping on their owners.

Another problem with Bullmastiffs is that they can be disobedient, even with a fair amount of training, unless the owner is strong and persistent.

There have been many attacks that Bullmastiffs have been responsible for, such as mauling teenagers to death, and even smaller adults.

Bullmastiffs also have a history of biting and jumping on pedestrians, as well as cats and other small animals. Bullmastiffs are banned in some parts of the world, due to their usual tendencies to attack random people, despite any previous training.

4 Rottweiler

The Rottweiler is an old breed of dog that’s mixed between random local dogs found within a German city and Roman Mastiff. They are considerably both large and muscular dogs, just like Mastiffs with a distinct black and brown color. In appearance. They are similar to both Great Danes and Dobermans, but bulkier.

If this isn’t enough have you believe Rottweiler are dangerous, you should also note that they’re responsible for half of all deaths caused by dog bites within the United States during the 1990s. They have an astounding bite strength that in some cases, can even be fatal.

The training that this breed goes through is very carefully conducted, where they will learn bite inhibition and how to follow their owners instructions clearly.

If trained properly, and under the right family, Rottweilers can be great dogs. However, if training isn’t done correctly, Rottweilers can become extremely aggressive, even towards their owners and can wreak havoc in their environment.

3 Tosa Inu

You might notice the Inu part from the Tosa Inu in Shiba Inu, which is a Japanese dog whose bred for war and fighting. Many also like to refer to the Tosa Inu as the Samurai dog, since it was previously known to be a companion towards warriors.

It has an extremely muscular body that assists in pushing the target down to the floor and then finishing them off with astounding bite force. They’re banned across numerous European countries, as well as Asian, African, and South American countries.

This dog breed was also controversial in Japan, since many tried to breed the Shiba Inu with the Tosa Inu to get a dog with an independent personality and elegance similar to the Shiba Inu or the Akita Inu, with the body and strength of a Mastiff.

There aren’t many attacks and biting incidents that the Tosa Inu has been responsible for, but they can certainly become a real danger when placed in the wrong environment.

2 Boerboel

This is a South African dog breed, often referred to as the African Mastiff. They were originally bred to protect the land, their owners, and hunt game. They originate from many breeds, such as Greyhounds, Mastiffs, and other dogs. This resulted in a much bulkier dog that has tons of muscle and can be considerably tall while standing.

These dogs can be as heavy as 150 pounds and their power is unrivaled. There haven’t been as many attacks from Boerboels on humans as Pit Bulls, but that’s most likely due to the fact that Boarbels are not as popular as Pit Bulls.

The males of Boerboel can be as heavy as 90kg, which is right around 200 pounds. This breed is more dangerous than any other breed. Some locals in South Africa claim that the Boerboel can take on lions and leopards. They’re usually considerably good family dogs, but they can get especially aggressive towards people they’re not familiar with.

1 Pit Bulls

Pit Bulls are the face of dangerous dogs all around the world. They’ve gained quite a reputation over the years for being a fighter dog that competes in caged dog fights. They’ve been bred originally to be both a hunter and protector.

Pit Bulls are probably the most dangerous and aggressive breed of dog, as they are held responsible for numerous deaths in the United States and everywhere else in the world. They’re known for biting and usually their bites include yanking as well, meaning that when biting does occur, they also tear away once a strong enough bite has been established.

Owners usually have to train their dogs during their upbringing for several weeks, in addition to also training them at care centers to ensure a positive Pit Bull experience.

If Pit Bulls aren’t raised well, biting pedestrians can be a high possibility. Over 94% of the attacks on children by Pit Bulls were done unprovoked. This percentage is much higher than other breeds.

Dogs are one of the best companions a person can have, since they’re great family pets for protection. Some dog breeds are much more aggressive than others with some dogs being so dangerous that they wind up getting banned from an entire country!

Some of these breeds have a higher tendency to be aggressive because of their natural instincts. However, it’s worth noting that the way a dog acts, hinges on how they’re brought up. Even the most docile and obedient dogs like Golden Retrievers can be dangerous if they’re raised by an aggressive owner who influences bad behavior.

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