No doubt, bone broth is delicious and has many health benefits, but drinking broth made from a 19th-century corpse has to be one of the unhealthiest things to do.

Medical practitioners and nutritionists have stated that the collagen in bone broth helps to protect the joints, heal the gut, reduce inflammation, and make the skin healthier.

While there are different recipes for bone broth, it is definitely inhumane to desecrate a stranger’s grave, pack their bones and make a broth out of the bones.

According to the Chronicle Herald, a 20-year-old Canadian man, Lucas Dawe was charged with stealing the skeleton of a human corpse and interfering with its remains by boiling and drinking the broth of its bones.

Lucas Dawe had been accused of stealing the remains of a corpse on the 5th of April from the All Saints Parish graveyard in conception.

For reasons unknown, the young man had gone to the historic Newfoundland cemetery, which keeps bodies that dates back to the 17th century to commit such unimaginable crime.

Not only did he steal these remains, but an unnamed witness had also stated that he caught Lucas drinking the broth and licking the bones.

Medical Personnel And Others Shocked By The Unprecedented Act Of Lucas

Shortly after the incident, the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary (R.N.C.) was called to the walking trail near the cemetery due to the suspicious activities that had been going on in the cemetery.

At that time, they discovered detached parts of a human skeleton on the grass.

In an interview with the Canadian Press, the chief medical examiner for Newfoundland, Dr. Nash Denic stated that he had never seen anything like that.

He further stated that the incident was the first grave robbery he had ever seen in the province and an unprecedented one during his time as the chief medical examiner for Newfoundland.

In his words:

“Cases like this, this is the first time I know of, and I was involved in, in Newfoundland.”

The Archdeacon of the Anglican Diocese of Eastern Newfoundland and Labrador, Sam Rose had also stated that the crime is more of a serious threat to tradition than any other thing.

He said to Munchies:

“When someone buries their loved one in a garden, there is the assumption this will be their final resting place as we say in the liturgy. So when this happens in such a shocking violation of that sacred act, it was shocking for me, personally.”

Together with her husband, Samantha Hawley has described how disturbed they have been since the incident happened, especially when they can see the graveyard from their back deck.

She stated:

“You read about this kind of things down in the States but to happen so close to home…it’s pretty crazy.”

She also confirmed to have met the suspect on the same weekend he allegedly committed the crime. She confessed, “The thought of it is quite disturbing.

With all the robberies in town and Conception Bay South, for this to happen on top of all that, Newfoundland and Labrador are worrisome. To be asleep so close to something so disturbing – in C.B.S. of all places.”

Hours after expressing their fears, their back deck was demarcated from the graveyard with police tape and has since been guarded by an R.N.C. officer. 

In a later conversation, Reverend Rose further showed his surprise by saying, “this is the type of thing you never can imagine happening. You kind of hear about it happening in sort of fairy tales and stuff.”

It’s quite an unfortunate situation in which a young man with troubles (allegedly) decided to take this action.”

When asked about the actions he would take on the skeletal remains, Reverend Rose revealed that the scattered remains of the corpse would be buried again with a special burial ceremony as soon as the R.N.C. is done using them as evidence.

He stated:

“It’s certainly our intention once this investigation is concluded, these remains will be reinterred with the proper dignity and respect that they were when they were initially interred many, many years ago.”

While many had wondered if Dawe’s actions were dangerous to members of the society, the police assured that his actions posed no danger to the public even though there were weird and uncalled for.

Reverend Rose also confirmed that people in the community have remained calm towards the incident and the criminal.

He said:

“It’s a sad, sad situation. We certainly want to pray for this young man in this time of distress in his life. We don’t hold any ill will against anyone struggling with his issues. Certainly, this is an unfortunate event. It’s just that – it’s an unfortunate event.”

Lucas Dawe Charged To Court For His Crimes

Initially, the police began to investigate the activities going on in the cemetery after they saw human remains, but continuous investigation revealed the involvement of Lucas to unprecedented happenings.

Forgoing against tradition and for being inhumane, Lucas Dawe was charged to court and has since been asked to get a lawyer.

In one of his court appearances, he was seen to have placed his head underneath his coat to avoid people seeing his face.

While no one knows the motivation behind Dawe’s story, concerned people have hoped that he recognizes the errors in his ways and works on retracing his steps.

For as long as his crime is reasoned, nothing will change the fact that going to a cemetery to dig out a body is not only disrespectful to the corpse but inhumane, illegal and sacrilegious.

Nothing will change the fact that boiling the bones and drinking the broth is ridiculous.

Nothing will change the fact that his act is similar to that of cannibals

As far as concerned, there is no rule against drinking bone broth.

There is no rule against obtaining bone broth from the right sellers, but there is a strict rule against obtaining bone broth through means that will put one in jail.

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