S*xual identity and orientation are private matters. Nobody else in the world, except the loved ones, should care about such things let alone question someone’s s*xuality in public.

Love is complicated enough to just about every person whose personal life is not constantly under the peeking eyes of paparazzi and media at large.

Celebrities do not have the same luxury; all that they do and say are aggressively scrutinized by billions of eyes and ears from every corner.

Being in the public eye brings a lot of complexities into many otherwise usual situations, especially if the situation involves love relationship.

If a celebrity is caught in public together with someone else doing anything, gossip publications will undoubtedly go into a frenzy.

They jump to conclusions and say a lot of things as a result, whether or not the story is true. Things get worse if that “someone else” is of the same s*x.

Celebrities mentioned in the following list have gone through the experience, and in some cases rumors are true.

10 Bella Hadid

Many people are aware of the on-and-off romantic relationship between Bella Hadid and The Weeknd.

According to a publication by The Sun, however, the former also had a brief fling with Stella Maxwell, a fellow Victoria’s Secret model, at a party hosted by Love Magazine in London five years ago.

Both women were seen at a table in the party and kissing passionately; the story continued by describing how they looked to have a lot of fun doing it.

At that time, Bella was not yet the star she is now.

9 Miley Cyrus

If the story about Bella Hadid had not been true, the she must have gone to the wrong party with the wrong person, because Stella Maxwell was also involved in a same-s*x relationship with Miley Cyrus.

It seemed the relationship began on Instagram when Cyrus and Maxwell met through mutual friends on the social app.

Long story short, the pair ended up having photo shoots together in some provocative poses.

One of Cyrus’ song She’s Not Him is rumored to be about her leaving Maxwell for Liam Hemsworth.

8 Carmen Electra

Soon after her split from Dave Navarro was finalized in 2017, Carmen Electra reportedly began to involve in a romantic relationship with Joan Jett.

Electra met Jett when the former performed in one of the latter’s music videos.

Electra actually admitted to having had a crush on Joan Jett since she was just eight years old after seeing Jett in a video where she wore a bikini and rocked a guitar.

In March 2007, both were caught red-handed kissing backstage at a Jett’s concert.

7 Michelle Rodriguez

Although Michelle Rodriguez rarely speaks of her personal life, she has been in a heavily publicized same-s*x relationship with Cara Delevingne.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly in 2013, Rodriguez explicitly said she didn’t want to talk about what she did with her genital.

She continued by saying both men and women were intriguing.

Her relationship with Delevingne was short-lived and she bounced back with Zac Efron.

She once claimed that being in a long-lasting relationship had never crossed her mind. The longest she was with anybody was no more than six months.

6 Whitney Houston

Despite her publicized marriage to Bobby Brown, some suggested it was the relationship (or the lack thereof) with personal assistant Robyn Crawford that brought Whitney Houston to her downfall.

Houston’s family just couldn’t accept the fact that she was either gay or bis*xual.

The complication in her life escalated because Brown and Crawford were not particularly nice to each other, even when Brown and Houston were married.

When the personal assistant finally left Houston in 1999, Houston’s well-being and health quickly deteriorated.

As it turned out, it was Crawford who had always managed to keep Houston together.

5 Kristen Stewart

First it was with a Twilight costar Robert Pattinson, then Kristen Stewart was caught cheating on him with director Rupert Sanders.

After the two men, Stewart began dating women including singers St. Vincent and Soko, producer Alicia Gargle, and of course model Stella Maxwell.

Up to this point in the list, Stella Maxwell is apparently a favorite.

While Stewart is openly bis*xual, she said dating a girl made her much happier and being in a same-s*x relationship opened her life up.

4 Evan Rachel Wood

Before eventually coming out as bis*xual in 2012 in an announcement via a simple tweet, Evan Rachel Wood had hinted the fact during an interview with Esquire about a year earlier.

It would take a couple more years until the public saw a glimpse of her publicly dating a woman.

In the fall of 2014, Wood began an online flirtation with Katherine Moennig, who portrayed Lena Burnham in Ray Donovan.

The virtual courtship turned out to make its way to the real world.

3 Aubrey Plaza

Claiming to have an androgynous thing going on in her, the Parks & Recreation star Aubrey Plaza has experienced falling in love with both man and woman.

In an interview with The Advocate, she made a bold statement of how girls were into them and that she couldn’t help falling in love with members of both s*xes.

The inclination for having same-s*x relationship runs in her family for examples she has a gay aunt, gay uncle, and lesbian younger sister.

However, she only has publicly dated men.

2 Sarah Paulson

Fans of American Horror Story know that Sarah Paulson doesn’t really discuss anything about her private life, romantic relationship included, in public.

When she began one with female actor Holland Taylor, something changed.

Lately Paulson has been more forthcoming about her same-s*x relationship, much more so than ever before.

Regarding her propensity for dating older person (Holland Taylor is about 31 years older than Paulson), she told New York Times her choices for romantic partners had not been conventional.

1 Amber Heard

Now everyone knows Amber Heard is Johnny Depp’s ex-wife, and then she was involved in a love relationship with Elon Musk for about a year.

When the two broke-up in early 2018, it did not take long until she appeared in public with another man, this time with Sean Penn.

As stories from her past keeps popping out in the media, she also dated photographer Tasya Van Ree from 2008 – 2012.

There are even legal papers showing that during the relationship Heard tried to legally change her last name to Van Ree.

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