Makeup can do wonder to anybody’s appearance, regardless of profession or how much money they have.

When applied properly (or even better, by professionals), even a simple set of makeup tools can make you look completely different from your own natural self.

Some people actually apply a large amount of specific cosmetics to cover almost the entire facial area, such as what you see in clowns and scary-looking characters in horror movies.

For the vast majority of us, makeup simply is a tool to enhance appearance with which we can highlight our best facial features and somewhat conceal the less flattering parts at the same time.

This is the most common usage and benefit of makeup; a function embraced and loved by people from just about every walk of life.

While there is nothing outlandishly weird about men wearing makeup, biggest consumers of this product category are women, including many A-list celebrities.

Some of your favorite celebs actually look a bit different when they don’t have anything applied to their faces, and thankfully most of the time they do look better without makeup.

10 Jennifer Lawrence

Winter’s Bone is a mystery drama film in which Jennifer Lawrence played as Ree Dolly and made her major breakthrough.

It was a decade ago, and she has come a long way since.

At some points in her swift-advancing Hollywood career, she was once the highest-paid female actor in the world.

It seems that she can only continue to grow better in the profession, but one thing will always remain true about Lawrence: natural beauty.

Although she is not one of those celebrities who constantly post their bare-faced photos on social media, some of her candid photos circulating online give a glimpse on how naturally beautiful she really is.

9 Lady Gaga

For too many times we see Lady Gaga in some of the most unusual and often downright bizarre public appearances thanks to her unconventional approaches to makeup and fashion.

This is why it feels quite pleasant and refreshing to see her bare natural face every now and then.

We have seen her dressed in a pile of meat, sporting a hairdo that looked like bird’s nest, and even wearing ghost-like makeup, but her preference for outlandish style seems to have slowed down.

Many of her more recent photos showcase her natural beauty, and what a relief that is for many people.

8 Sofia Vergara

At the age of 17, Sofia Vergara made her first appearance in a Pepsi commercial that was aired in Latin America. Her career continues to move forward and in 2012 she was the highest-earning woman in U.S. television. When it comes to natural beauty, Vergara has plenty that deserve admiration.

She has appeared so many times on red carpet events with her face all covered in makeup, so it is nothing strange if you cannot instantly recognize her in a more casual setting.

Now that you’ve seen her bare face, your only complaint is that you don’t get to see it more often.

7 Gwyneth Paltrow

Perhaps you’ll be surprised to learn that Gwyneth Paltrow’s acting career began in 1989, because she had not gained a lot of attention until she appeared in the movie Seven alongside Brad Pitt, and later in Shakespeare in Love, which won her an Academy Award.

Paltrow always looks amazing on movies and TV, and now we know that it is not just because of the makeup she wears; the makeup does play some role, but the truth is that Paltrow is blessed with naturally pretty face already.

Whether or not the products from Goop, a company she funded, help her maintain the natural beauty is a question remains to be answered.

6 Amy Schumer

There was a time when Amy Schumer dated a professional wrestler and actually compared herself to one. Now she is a busy A-list celebrity.

When she is not busy making jokes for stand-up performances, she writes movies, hosts a podcast, and appears on TV shows.

She is more of a comedian than a movie star, and so don’t be surprised if you see her laughing as her own makeup-free look.

That being said, it is only true that she looks stunning either with or without makeup. And if you have that kind of trait, you may find little sense in applying an expensive set of makeup tools anyway.

5 Cameron Diaz

The world knew Cameron Diaz for the first time when she appeared in advertisements for Levi’s and Calvin Klein at the age of 16. She made a debut film five years later in The Mask (1994), a superhero comedy film starring Jim Carrey.

It didn’t take long until her career began to climb up, and it would just continue to rise until her retirement from acting in 2017.

Cameron Diaz has become one of the more recognizable faces in the entire Hollywood, so even without her makeup you would recognize her right away if you’re lucky enough to see her on a grocery store.

4 Katie Holmes

No one will blame you for saying that you practically grew up with Katie Holmes, especially if you are hardcore fan of Dawson’s Creek.

After the show ended in 2003, there was no more Joey Potter, but the person behind the character has kept on going to appear and star in many other works on TV and movies.

People used to seeing Katie Holmes with subtle makeup, so when she began flaunting her natural beauty in public appearance, it was a pleasant surprise.

3 Anne Hathaway

PEOPLE magazine named Anne Hathaway as one of breakthrough stars in 2001, following the success of The Princess Diaries in which she played the main character. Hathaway actually portrayed princesses over the next several years.

Her acting skill certainly was an important attribute that helped her land the roles, but her natural beauty must have been a major contributing trait as well.

Hathaway’s natural beauty is an object of admiration, even if we only get to see it in pictures.

2 Kirsten Dunst

The 10 year old child who had been turned into a vampire in the Interview with the Vampire was played by none other than Kirsten Dunst.

The movie helped her gained worldwide recognition at just the age of 12. And if you are good at remembering faces, she also appeared in Jumanji as Judith “Judy” Shepherd.

You’ll instantly recognize her easily each time you see her on a movie of TV show, but she does look a bit different without makeup. This is not necessarily a bad thing because she is just as beautiful (if not more) bare-faced.

1 Kylie Jenner

It is amusing (to say the least) to see Kylie Jenner with a bare face because we all know that makeup is a big part of her TV personality and business empire.

In 2018, Kylie Cosmetics reportedly has sold around $630 million worth of makeup.

You probably will not see her anywhere without makeup of any sort these days, but thankfully there was a time when Jenner was not as big of a celebrity as she is now; a time when she let you see her makeup-free face.

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