Everybody stands equal before the law, and so they pay for the crimes they commit.

While the justice system is not perfect in many respects, the rule of law is pretty clear and straightforward in the way it demands that all perpetrators of criminal activities be penalized with punishments proportionate to the weight of the crimes.

For the justice system to work as intended, the law enforcement must serve its function first.

In an ideal world, all criminals can never escape, will be arrested, and shall be put to justice. But no one lives in an ideal world where no crime goes unsolved.

In fact, in recent years the police’s crime-solving rate is having a decline. In 2017, the clearance rate for murder was 61.6% and even lower for other crimes including aggravated assault, r*pe, and robbery.

There are even murders from many decades ago, which today remain unsolved. In many of those unsolved cases, the victims were celebrities as follows.

10 Barbara Colby

After making some successful ventures on the Broadway stage, Barbara Colby made her way west to the city of Los Angeles.

She actually managed to acquire small roles on TV shows such as The Odd Couple, Columbo, Gunsmoke, and Kung Fu.

She made a career breakthrough in her appearance as a pr*stitute opposite Mary Tyler Moore.

In July 1975, Colby was leaving an acting class with James Kiernan.

They were shot by two men while walking the street. The killers were never identified.

9 Thomas Ince

Not only was he a celebrity, but a pioneer in movie production. He built Inceville, one of the earliest movie studios in the entire United States. He was responsible for making more than 800 films and known as the Father of the Western.

He was found dead in his room on William Randolph Hearst’s yacht following a party in the evening before.

It was a party to celebrate Ince’s birthday and finalize a business deal that allowed Heart to begin production on Ince’s studio.

Cause of death was ruled as heart failure by a licensed physician Dr. Daniel Carson Goodman who also happened to be Hearst’s film production manager. Hearst was rumored to have murdered Ince, but it has never been proven.

8 Jill Dando

Spending most of her professional career working as journalist, newsreader, and television presenter at BBC, Jill Dando was the Corporation’s Person of the Year in 1997.

On April 26, 1999 Dando was shot in the head at the front door of her house in Fulham.

She was actually in the process of selling the house and did not visit it frequently. She was 39 years old and living in her fiancé’s house in Chiswick. There were some suspects, but the case remains unsolved.

7 George Reeves

After taking the role of TV’s Superman in the 1950s, George Reeves acting career skyrocketed.

However, he was known to have some kind of dissatisfaction of his portrayal of Superman and wanted to find other works.

This was most likely one of the main reasons that the manner of his death on June 16, 1959 was conveniently ruled as a suicide by gunshot.

Nobody was buying the story.

The police found no gunpowder residue on Reeves’ hands and there were no fingerprints on the gun Reeves had supposedly used to shoot himself.

6 Tupac Shakur

On September 7, 1996, Tupac Shakur attended the Bruce Seldon vs. Mike Tyson boxing match at MGM. He was there also to celebrate the birthday of his business partner Tracy Danielle Robinson.

After the match was over, Shakur walked down the lobby and was involved in a fight in which he attacked Orlando Anderson, an alleged Crips gang member.

Later in the same night at 11:15pm, Shakur was brutally shot multiple times when he was in his car. He was pronounced death the next morning.

Orlando Anderson was prime suspect, although he was eventually released after being interviewed by Las Vegas police. The crime remains unsolved.

5 The Notorious B.I.G.

On March 8, 1997, Christopher George Latore Wallace (professionally known as The Notorious B.I.G.) was having a party at the Petersen Automotive Museum after presenting an award to Toni Braxton at the 11th Annual Soul Train Music Awards earlier that evening.

Due to overcrowding, the fire department closed the party. While on the way back to his hotel, Wallace was shot four times at a red light stop.

The circumstances appeared to be similar to the shooting of Tupac Shakur. The case remains unsolved.

4 Christa Helm

In 1972, Christa Helm had s small role in a feature film Legacy of Satan. In 1973, she landed the main role in film Let’s Go for Broke but it was not well recieved.

Just few months later, she moved to Hollywood where she (again) landed only small roles yet this time on more popular shows including Wonder Woman and Starsky & Hutch.

On February 12, 1977, Helm was found stabbed and bludgeoned to death on a street in West Hollywood.

She did not find success in Hollywood, but she was rumored to excel at parties and bedrooms where she consorted the likes of Warren Beatty, Joe Namath, Mick Jagger, and the Shah of Iran.

Police suspected Helm was killed for what she knew. It is now a cold case.

3 Natalie Wood

For a time, Natalie Wood was one of the biggest Hollywood stars and about to become even brighter, but death came to her first.

She died at the age of 43 during the making of Brainstorm while on a weekend trip onboard of her husband’s yacht.

On the evening of November 28, 1981, Wood spent the time with her husband Robert Wagner, Brainstorm co-star Christopher Walken, and yacht captain Dennis Davern.

On the morning of November 9, 1982, authorities found her body about a mile away from the yacht.

Apart from drowning, circumstances of her death are still largely unknown. Autopsy report revealed she had bruises on her body and arms as well as abrasion on left cheek.

2 Bruce Lee

During the making of Game of Death, Bruce Lee met with producer Raymond Chow at 2 p.m. at home. They had a discussion for about two hours, before driving to Lee’s colleague Betty Ting Pei.

The three of them went over the script of the film again, and then Chow left after dinner. Later on Lee complained he had a headache and so Ting gave a painkiller called Equagesic.

Around 7:30 p.m., Lee took a nap from which he never woke up. Bruce Lee died at the age 32.

Official ruling was a “death by misadventure” but of course Lee’s untimely death and iconic status fed a lot of unsubstantiated theories, including rumors involving triad and a curse of Lee and his family, which persist to present day.

1 Marilyn Monroe

There are very few (if any) female Hollywood stars that could keep up with Marilyn Monroe’s stardom, even today. But her bright career came to an abrupt end on August 4, 1962.

She was found death the next morning with empty medicine bottles next to her bed.

Accidental overdose was ruled out because the dosages found in her body were at least several times higher than lethal limit. Cause of death was ruled a “probable” suicide.

There have been many theories about her death that still make their way round the Internet even today, decades after it happened.

The publication of Marilyn: A Biography in 1973 launched the theory of murder into public attention.

If you believe Marilyn Monroe was in fact murdered, then you may need to read the book to feed your curious mind.

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