People can be quite vile at times, and there are thousands of incidents throughout history to prove it.

From robberies to murders, there have been tons and tons of violent crimes over the centuries.

However, there are some things so disturbing that merely discussing them can enrage you. One of those things is bestiality.

S*xual intercourse with animals is the lowest a person can get, and sadly, incidents like these are more common than you would imagine.

What’s worse, most people who perform such acts do not get their due punishments.

While bestiality cases have been prevalent all across the globe, there is one, in particular, that will anger and disgust you simultaneously.

Pennsylvania police officers arrested three men for terrorizing children and having s*xual intercourse with various animals.

The news made waves across the world and shed light on how cases like these go under the radar when authorities do not priorities them.

A Perverted Trio

Pennsylvania used to be a haven for families and their pets. Quite a lot of people in this state are farmers.

Therefore, most of Pennsylvania’s families own massive barns where they keep various animals such as cows, goats, horses, dogs, chicken, etc.

There was little to no criminal activity in this state a decade ago.

However, things are quite different, as this state has become a massive hub of illegal activities. 

Sadly, the crimes happening in Pennsylvania are much worse than robberies. Bestiality cases are becoming more and more common here.

Most of the incidents happen with the animals that people keep in their backyards.

Perpetrators often sneak inside barns at night and perform s*xual acts on various animals.

They make sure they aren’t in danger while they do these activities by monitoring the nearby vicinity.

Sometimes, however, people catch these perverts in the act. Most of them make a run for it while other criminals terrorize them, often with firearms.

It is a significant reason why most of them do not get caught and repeat their crimes several times.

What’s more disturbing is that authorities in Pennsylvania do not prioritize bestiality cases.

With the increasing amount of s*xual perversion against animals, this state’s residents took a stand and decided to protest. They wanted authorities to take better care of them and their animals.

The number was too significant to ignore and indicated that there could be more groups like these terrorizing the people of Pennsylvania.

Initially, their pleas fell on deaf ears. However, the police force had to take serious action after discovering that a trio of men molested nearly 1500 animals.

A History Of Violating Animals

Police arrested Mathew Brubaker, Marc Measnikoff, and Terry Wallace recently.

A sixteen-year-old boy tipped the authorities off about these immoral people after seeing them having s*xual intercourse with some animals in a backyard near his house.

Other people also reported local police stations about these criminals, but there was no response.

Luckily, because of the staggering amounts of protests happening every week, officers had to take action.

They arrived just a few minutes after the call and arrested Terry, Mark, and Mathew.

The officers were quite lucky as the trio was about to escape.

The sirens alerted them, which is why they tried to run away from the backyard.

Fortunately, the police were quicker and prevented the criminals from escaping.

Investigators interrogated the felons separately. Initially, none of them admitted to their crimes.

They also stated that they weren’t trying to escape and were only speeding home because of an important task.

The officers cross-questioned them and tried to make the criminals slip up.

After a few hours, one of the men slipped-up and admitted to the group’s crimes.

It led to their arrest and also helped reveal some other skeletons in their closet.

The investigators learned that these men have a vast history of committing s*xual acts on animals.

As discussed earlier, people made several complaints about them and offered them sketches to identify the criminals.

It helped the police officers realize that the culprits most likely violated thousands of animals.

Furthermore, people also accused Mark, Mathew, and Terry of terrorizing children and trying to groom them – although there wasn’t enough evidence to confirm these allegations.

However, looking at their depraved behavior, it wouldn’t be surprising.

Things Get More Interesting

If you thought the events discussed until now were not shocking and disgusting enough, wait until you find out the identity of another person who called the police on the suspects.

It was one of their sons. He revealed that he was subject to a lot of mental and physical abuse for several years and that his childhood was quite different from what one would expect.

Allegedly, the criminals forced the boy to hold animals down and tie them up before they had intercourse with them.

Upon learning about these details, police officers issued a warrant and broke into the suspects’ houses to investigate them thoroughly.

They stumbled upon an overwhelming amount of evidence which would help jail the trio for decades, and quite possibly, for life.

Authorities also added, “Endangering the welfare of a child” to the list of this trio’s crimes and ensuring they suffered for their vile acts.

Since the boy had no immediate family aside from his dad, the leading inspector sent him to child services, ensuring that the boy got to live a better future. 


As you would expect, the news regarding this incident became viral on the internet, and almost everybody who saw it offered their opinions.

They expressed their anger, having strict laws against animal abuse would have been better and helped avoid this predicament.

People also voiced their concerns regarding the fact that several other similar cases are pending in Pennsylvania.

That said, judges sentenced the trio to prison and set a 1 million dollar bail for each of them.

It doesn’t look like anyone would want to spend their hard-earned money to let these creeps free.

Hopefully, they remain jailed for the rest of their lives to serve as a cautionary tale to anyone thinking to commit the vile acts that these suspects committed.

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