Pablo Escobar was one of the most powerful drug kingpins in the world.

At the height of his power, he controlled nearly eighty percent of all the cocaine traffic in the world. Although he started from humble origins, smuggling cocaine into the United States in his own plane, he quickly grew in infamy.

In 1976, Escobar founded the Medellin Cartel, which was the organization responsible for smuggling huge amounts of cocaine into the United States.

One of the most powerful drug lords of all time, Escobar also amassed a huge personal fortune.

In fact, it was estimated that he was one of the wealthiest men in the world on account of his drug smuggling operations.

In fact, he even served as an alternate to the Colombian Chamber of Representatives. Such was the amount of power and influence that Escobar was able to wield from his operations as a drug smuggler.

This article will delve into some of the creepiest and most disconcerting images of Escobar. All ten images show a different aspect of his life, but they all show one feature of Escobar’s life too—the immense power that this Colombian drug lord wielded in his life.

Even when seen performing everyday tasks, Escobar exuded an aura that he was not to be trifled with, and that he was always in control of nearly every situation he found himself in.

Here are 10 images of Pablo Escobar that give us the chills.

10 Outside The White House

This picture is, simply put, remarkable. Taken in 1981, we see Pablo Escobar standing a stone’s throw from the White House.

It is important to note that the photo was taken before Escobar reached the height of his power later in the 1980s. Regardless, it is a striking juxtaposition—a future drug kingpin standing outside the symbol of American power.

Thinking of Escobar standing so close to the White House epitomizes the power he would later grow to wield. A few short years after this picture was taken, Escobar would come to control approximately eighty percent of all cocaine distribution in the world.

He would see nearly unimaginable amounts of money flow through his cocaine empire and his power would be nearly unrivaled. This picture shows him just outside the White House, showing him next to a symbol of an institution that tried desperately to hunt him down.

9 Watching The Race

Even though he was the head of the Medellin Cartel, Escobar still found ways to get out and have fun. He was pictured here with the Ochoa brothers, with whom he ran the cartel. Looking at this picture, we see all three of them out in public, not concerned that they are in any danger at all despite their lives as criminal overlords. Instead, they are just sitting, enjoying a local race.

You can see, though, the menace in Escobar’s expression. Although he is still just sitting in the stands to watch a race, you can see that he is not sure why someone is taking his picture.

There seems to be some mental calculations going on in Escobar’s head, determining whether this one photographer is a threat to his power and if he needs to “deal with” the incident. Everyone else in the race is oblivious, but Escobar is intent on figuring out if the photographer is harmless.

8 With The Microphone

There’s nothing particularly striking about this image. Taken out of context, it just looks like a normal guy using a microphone to talk to a large crowd. It could be a local politician, some well-known local figure, or even someone at a local party. The chilling nature of this picture comes only from knowing who the figure depicted in it is.

Knowing that this image shows Pablo Escobar brings him down to earth. Even though he looms large in legend, seeing him shown here as just a normal person reminds us that anyone could have a dark side to them.

Seeing someone known to have ordered the deaths of thousands of people and the kingpin responsible for running the largest cocaine smuggling ring in the world look just like an average person hammers this point home. Next time you are walking and you see people who look absolutely ordinary, just think what stories this quotidian veneer could be hiding.

7 Mug Shot

Typically, when you see mugshots in the media, the subject is not smiling. Being arrested usually puts a damper on one’s day, but this was not the case for Pablo Escobar.

Instead, he looks like he could not care less that he had just been arrested. He has a little smile on his face that shows how he knows that his arrest does not matter in the least.

Escobar had a well-known strategy of paying off police. This tactic meant that he knew that whenever he was caught by the police, he would not have to stay in jail for too long.

His smile in this picture betrays that calm confidence that his stay in jail was temporary at worst—he was not going to be behind bars for too long. Another feature of this photograph: Escobar maintains his everyman appearance. If we saw this face in another context, his appearance would not look out of place in the slightest.

6 Escobar Imprisoned

We looked earlier at Escobar’s mug shot. That one showed Escobar smiling for his mug shot, belying the gravity we usually associate with pictures of individuals about to be imprisoned.  This photo has a similar disconnect with reality—Escobar is in no way truly captured or are his abilities diminished just because he is seen here in this photo behind bars.

When he was captured, Escobar placed certain conditions on his imprisonment. This alone is a sign of his power—despite being the one about to be jailed, he was able to dictate the terms of his jail term. Escobar was allowed to pick the guards watching him all on his own.

He also designed his own prison. Naturally, given these circumstances, he was able to run his drug empire while behind bars. Eventually, when the government threatened to move him to a different prison, Escobar just walked away without a second thought.

5 Escobar’s Island

Pablo Escobar naturally had an enormous amount of wealth, but he started out with relatively humble origins. He started his operation by flying drugs into the United States himself.

As he grew his operations, he was able to hire others to fly shipments for him. Eventually, he came to own a whole fleet of small aircraft and helicopters that he used to smuggle drugs.

Alongside his fleet of aircraft, Escobar bought a mostly private island that he used as a base of operations. This picture shows one of the islands that Escobar himself owned. At the top of the entrance gate rests one of the planes that he used to use when he was flying the drugs into the United States on his own.

It showcases the immense resources that this kingpin had at the height of his power. Despite starting out running everything on his own, he eventually built his power up so that he owned a private island with an airstrip.

4 A Man With A Beer

This picture is one of the rare instances showing Escobar =being casual and friendly. He was sitting atop a Jeep, enjoying nature while chatting with his friends. He looks completely relaxed and at peace in this image.

However, this image strikes fear in most people, and not because it shows the face of a murderer and criminal, but due to the fact that it shows just how casual he can be and how easy it is for him to blend in.

He looks just like any other person, drinking beer outside, enjoying themselves on a sunny day. He was donning a button-down and at the time had a mustache. He’s nearly unrecognizable and inextinguishable from any other person around him, because nothing about Escobar appears out of the ordinary.

However, more than likely on this same day, he ordered out murders, transported cocaine, and gave troubled authorities while having a casual beer and getting tipsy with his friends.

3 No Smiles

This image shows how the cartel kingpin doesn’t smile, even with family. He does occasionally give a grin here and there, but he always emitted that aura of intimidation. However, this photo brings back the memories of his daughter while they were going through bad times.

Since Pablo was always surveilled by the police, he had to seek shelter in hideouts throughout the mountains to protect him and his family. This picture was taken during a time where Pablo only had access to a few resources and his daughter Manuela was feeling cold.

Since he had no way of obtaining logs to burn or blankets to give her warmth, he proceeded to burn whatever cash he had on hand. He burned over two million dollars just to keep prevent his daughter from getting cold.

Although Pablo was known for being ruthless to police, military, his enemies, and nearly the world, he always kept a soft spot for his family. He willingly burned his money just so his daughter would feel comforted.

2 Wanted Man

Pablo Escobar was globally seen as a dangerous man, it’s true that he was known as the Robin Hood to the slums of Colombia, but eventually, he caused more harm than good. This poster was one of the many posters made of Escobar. It also shows that his 4 main subordinates in the cartel were also wanted for over 100,000,000 pesos.

However, the bounty price on Escobar’s head was for 2.7 billion pesos, and it was to be rewarded to anyone who could provide information leading to his whereabouts. The government was very serious about the capturing of Pablo Escobar, in fact so serious that they devoted a large amount of the economy just to take him out.

His wanted poster was famous for having such an outrageous amount of money as the reward that people began suspecting that the poster was merely a bluff and no one would actually ever receive the money. However, the government replied by confirming that they’d dish out this promised fortune and possibly more to anyone who successfully lead police to where Pablo was located at that time.

1 Final Resting Place

This, technically, is not a picture of Escobar himself. Rather, it is a picture of a plaque marking his final resting place. The dates of his birth and death show that he died just one day after his forty-fourth birthday. Dying at this age may seem young to most of us, but think about the business he was in—cocaine.

Running the largest illegal cocaine operation in the world comes with certain risks, and most people who entered it died well younger than Escobar. The nickname “King of Cocaine” was well deserved for him.

Indeed, throughout his life, he seemed almost invincible. In fact, he was even an alternate member of Colombia’s Chamber of Representatives in 1982. Another chilling part of this picture—notice the flowers left by the plaque? Even though he was in a life of crime, he nonetheless had some ardent admirers.

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