For a lot of people the past was a wonderful time where life was much simpler and easier; for some others it was a strange period of the world when weird things happened all the time.

Some people who are lucky enough to live a long life would say that the past was a really different time.

Many things they did in the past are now considered weird, dangerous, or plain and simple inappropriate.

Sometimes you hear only stories, and other times you actually see some strange events taking place in vintage photographs.

In today’s age of Photoshop and Instagram, it is quite easy for anyone to alter images and photos.

With just a little bit of practice, even small kids can surprise you as they show what they can do with your photos.

In the past there was no computer, Internet, or photo-editing software, so the likelihood that some creepy images were the results of edit and manipulation is pretty slim.

Sometimes the photos themselves were not bad. It is just that people really did some strange things in the past.

Here are just some of many peculiarities that happened in years gone by and immortalized in photographs for your viewing pleasure and bewilderment.

10 Advertisement With Women Abuse Subject Matter

Unless you have been living completely off-the-grid without TV and radio let alone the Internet for the past several decades, the first thing that comes across your mind after seeing the image is the MeToo movement.

Even in modern western society, many women still have to deal with abusive behaviors from men at work or schools and just about every place and situation. In the past, however, things were a lot worse.

For example in advertisement as shown in the image, a man is depicted as an abusive husband beating his wife just because she doesn’t serve him fresh coffee.

Apparently the abuse of women in marital relationship was considered nothing more than casual situation. It was sexist; no company in modern times would dare design an advertisement for any of its products with the same approach or subject matter.

Otherwise it would make the business go viral in a matter of seconds, for all the wrong reasons. As soon as people repost the ad, there is no way the company survives without publishing a formal apology. Even with that, the image lingers on consumers’ mind, who from now on will not want to be associated with the product anyway.

9 Gathering Around Dead Rodents

Other than destroying crops, stealing foods, and terrorizing homes, rats do not really seem to serve other purposes. In the past rats were considered dangerous species responsible for spreading infectious diseases that almost wiped out an entire civilization in Europe.

People had difficult times controlling the pests too. But people constantly learn from their mistakes, and now rats are much more manageable.

In addition to welcoming more hygienic lifestyle, many tools and medications we have today were not available centuries (or even decades) ago.

Now you can spray the house to get rid of rodents and prevent them from invading back. We are now better utilized to design buildings in a way that rats cannot easily get inside as well. In general, now you can stay clean while trying to control rodents.

In the old days people often had to gather in masses to kill rodents and basically control rat population using their bare hands. A group of people could probably kill a hundred or so, but the method they used certainly could not keep up with the rats’ rapid reproduction rate. It was ineffective, inefficient, and unhygienic.

8 Freak Shows

Circus has always been fun, but the term “fun” had a different meaning in the past. Some of the shows and entertaining acts in modern day circus are still the same with those in the past, for example acrobatic performance, unicycle rides, rope-walking, clowns, trained animals, juggling, and so on.

There is, however, one thing you will never see today in any circus show anywhere in the country, or perhaps around the world: exhibition of biological rarities or oddities – more commonly referred to as “freak show.”

Once a regular exhibition in circus, a freak show typically featured physically unusual people for example those with uncommonly large or small size, patients suffering from extraordinary medical conditions or diseases, humans with secondary sexual characteristics, heavily tattooed individuals, and basically anyone with physical differences or disabilities.

Let us not forget that circus was a major form of entertainment in the past; freak show was considered a regular feature on the entire set of entertainment.

It was a blatant attempt of exploiting vulnerable people. Nowadays no circus or any other live performance would get away with such thing.

7 Medical Experiments

Here is the not-so-shocking truth about the medical world: despite many decades of on-going studies conducted by renowned scientists from all over the world, we still don’t know everything about human anatomy and how some organs – including brain – work.

Many of these scientific studies are conducted on animals for examples rats or monkeys, and just about every animal with organ function similar to that in human. In the past medical experiments were not as humane as today.

Many of them were conducted directly on human, most notably the minorities and those living in poverty. Now we understand better about which procedures are and are not humane.

We think about potential consequences of the experiment of the subjects’ life and avoid unwanted outcome at all cost.

Make no mistake; medical scientists have accomplished a great deal of successes. For example we now have heart pacemakers, dialysis machine, chemotherapy, and organ transplantation procedures.

We also have a lot of medicines to fight against viruses that were once considered lethal. Medical studies are almost always expensive undertaking costing millions of dollars and months (if not years) of meticulous data analysis, without guarantee of fruitful outcome.

6 Early Form Of Dating App

In modern days, any person looking to build romantic relationship with anybody else can just post a picture along with profile on a dating application.

Whether or not the attempt brings any positive result is another question, but the point is that having the option to do so opens the door to a lot of opportunities. And not just dating, depending on the application you can even describe your professional experiences and business specialties to expand the network.

People in the past also had the same idea, although with the absence of Internet they had to look for other media to do the same thing. The best possible option was of course newspaper. They had to buy an ad slot in local newspaper to publish a photo and a short description.

It really was a good idea until you realize that people who advertised their profiles were not looking for long-term relationship but nothing more than casual encounters.

Although it was not entirely different from today’s dating app or websites, a date-related ads featuring a person in newspaper would be considered inappropriate these days.

5 Body Modification

Let us first clarify something: body modification is different from plastic surgery. It is true that people do many things to appear more acceptable in the society for examples getting a haircut or using dental braces.

Many of those procedures are for aesthetic purpose, although there are those who undergo the process for medical reasons. There are also reconstructive and cosmetic plastic surgeries.

Body modification is rarely (if ever) a medical procedure. It is a deliberate attempt to alter natural human anatomy or physical appearance. People undergo body modification for many different reasons for examples religious beliefs, sexual enhancements, a display of affiliation with certain groups, self-expression, etc

Some of the most common body modifications include tattooing, piercing, and circumcision. The more extreme procedures may involve foot binding, a compression of the foot to make it smaller and supposedly help define the muscles in the upper section of the leg. It is a painful and difficult process. Body modification is still practiced to this day.

4 Panty Raids

This section has the same subject matter as the coffee product advertisement discussed earlier. The idea of a panty raid is for a group of men breaking into girls’ homes, going through their personal items, and stealing the girls’ undergarments.

The image above shows how happy and proud some fraternity young men are after they have successfully stolen girl’s underwear from a sorority’s house. Panty raid was considered a tradition, and even the girls of the sorority house most likely knew that it would happen every now and then.

Such tradition today would be regarded as offensive, abusive, inconsiderate, and inappropriate to say the least. Today’s fraternity and sorority houses in many campuses probably still maintain many other traditions set by generations of the past, but something like panty raid would make the whole country in a terrible shock now. Bad reputations shall fall not only upon the boys (and probably the girls), but also the universities.

3 Plastic Surgery Of Days Gone By

Almost every medical procedure in the past was much more difficult to do than today due to limitation in equipment and poor understanding of human body’s anatomy.

Plastic surgery is not particularly a new thing, but today plastic surgeons have much better knowledge of how human body works and they also have a lot of modern tools to help minimize mistakes. There are medications to help ease the pain and recovery process. A century ago, plastic surgery was a scary thing to perform.

People did not choose to have plastic surgery merely for cosmetic reason; some actually needed it for medical purpose. For example syphilis used to eat away patient’s nose, and if left untreated, the patient had to endure living without a nose.

The person could still breathe but the face would look peculiar enough to cause bewilderment. The plastic surgery of the past to handle such situation was to cut a skin from the arm and sew it to the face. Today, plastic surgery and syphilis barely appear in the same sentence.

2 Halloween Costumes

Everybody tries to be as creative (and scary) as possible on Halloween. People make all sorts of costumes inspired by popular figures of all sorts such as characters from movies or comics. In recent days, many people also wear “sexy” costumes of otherwise typical characters for examples sexy police, sexy devil, sexy nurse, sexy skeletons, and so on.

Those who celebrated Halloween decades ago had some different ideas. They stayed true to the actual meaning of Halloween and used actually spooky costumes. One of the main reasons people wear scary costumes on Halloween is to blend with the dead because it is the only time in a year that the dead walk the Earth again.

So many years ago people tried to look as scary as possible, to imitate the dead. Some costumes from past Halloween were just too terrifying by today’s standard. One costume in the image is scary in a whole different way now.

1 Headless Photography

Disturbing pictures are not necessarily hidden away in boxes and kept as archives in a police station now. You can just Google “disturbing photos” and see pictures you immediately hope to un-see.

Some of them were probably manipulated or not actual photos but rather edited image of an existing picture.

One of the first successful attempts was the headless photography. It was a popular phenomenon in the past, partly because most people never realize the photo was a fake.

Of course not everybody had a camera or knew that photo manipulation actually existed. The technique involved putting the negatives of two different photographs on top of each other to create a new image.

You can do the same thing with Photoshop or similar software now, but the vintage appearance of the photo adds the scary effect.

Even in modern day, the photo above is still up there in scary-meter; imagine when people saw it 50 years ago when they did not have anybody to answer their question.

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