The celebrities you see today can be entirely different from what they used to be. Just like the rest of us, they are people who have to go through natural process of aging (and actually growing up) to achieve their stardom status and earn what they have now.

A typical part in Hollywood stars’ stories is how they began in small roles, sometimes made money from odd jobs in the process, and eventually landed an important part in successful movies and TV.

Many celebrities also changed how they look over the years because of fashion trends, realization that past style-preferences are no longer seen appropriate due to their social status, or just for the fun of it.

Changes can be subtle such as a new hair style or more subtle makeup, but of course fans all over the world will always notice even the smallest details when it comes to Hollywood personalities.

Here are some celebrities who have transformed over the course of their career.

10 Avril Lavigne

Long before Avril Lavigne became an outspoken anti-Hilary Duff, she was just another Canadian kid.

She would get involved in fights in the hockey ring and made extra money as landscaper.

Lavigne also taught herself how to play guitar.

She made her way to prominence with her “Complicated” single, which was followed by two more successful hits “Sk8er Boi” and “I’m With You” that reached top ten on the Billboard Hot 100.

Now she has moved on from her typical tomboy skater girl image to the more casual fashionable woman with well put together wardrobe in most occasions.

9 Mariah Carey

While Carey was working as a coat-checker in 1998, she met with Tommy Mottola, a Sony Music mogul who also happened to notice her five-octave range.

Mottola signed her and oversaw the growth of one of the best female singers of all time.

Carey went on to sell more than 200 million records and became the best-selling artist. Life wasn’t always great for Carey and she has always been open about her hardships in the days gone by. Now she is a diva and living like one.

8 Dwayne The Rock Johnson

The talent of professional wrestler is in Dwayne Johnson’s blood as he is the grandson of Peter Maivia and the son of Rocky Johnson, both made their ways to WWE Hall of Fame.

Before he became known in professional wrestling as The Rock, he had actually attended the University of Miami to pursue a dream to become a footballer.

Due the back injury, he moved on from the plan and joined the WWF instead. He started a notorious feud with Steve Austin, and the world was all for it.

Throughout his journey from WWE to big screen, Johnson has for sure transformed a great deal.

7 Angelina Jolie

Young Angelina Jolie was pretty experimental, bold, nutty, and just basically self-destructive.

During her teenage years, acting career was not kind to her because her demeanor was often considered too punkish and dark.

She began acting as professional in 1993; her first major film was Cyborg 2 alongside Jean Claude Van Damme.

It was pretty bad.

She landed some roles in smaller movies for which she received critical praise, although the movies were far from commercially successful.

Now she is true Hollywood star, and in fact has been named Hollywood’s highest-paying female actor multiple.

She was once a bad girl, but now she has proven that she could be glamorous too.

6 Jennifer Garner

The all-American girl moved to New York after college. She landed small parts in several TV shows such as Law & Order and Spin City; when she was not in TV shows, she worked as a host at an Upper East Side restaurant.

At one point, she also played as woman in the elevator for Woody Allen.

A major breakthrough was Pearl Harbor in which she played as Nurse Sandra alongside Ben Affleck; the couple married in 2005. She has quite an impressive journey from playing small roles in TV shows to become an A-list celebrity.

5 Brad Pitt

Anybody can say that there is parallel universe somewhere in which Brad Pitt completed his journalism study at the University of Missouri or that he went back to school to turn his obsession with architecture into a lucrative professional career. Luckily for fans in this universe, Brad Pitt moved to Hollywood instead.

He had worked odd jobs in his early adult life including chauffeuring a limo before he landed a role on Dallas in 1987.

There were multiple times in the past where Brad Pitt showed poor hair style choices, but it seems that growing up only helps him make better decisions in the style department.

4 Jennifer Aniston

In her childhood, Aniston attended an elementary school that encouraged students to refrain from watching too much TV.

However, it did not stop her from pursuing professional acting career.

She even skipped college and worked as female waiter in Manhattan and Hollywood for a time.

Her ticket to becoming an A-list celebrity was Friends in which she played Rachel Green.

For the show, she had a layered haircut that sparked national trend and turned her into fashion icon.

Aniston will always have a natural beauty, but she has managed to transform the image of average pretty girl into an extra-ordinary great-looking Hollywood star.

3 Beyoncé Carter Knowles

Spending her childhood dominating talent shows in Texas, Beyoncé’s teenage years were filled with remarkable journey to become a full-fledged phenomenon, beginning with her part in Destiny’s Child.

But her talents and stellar voice wouldn’t be limited to the group, and so she quickly learned to become an independent artist and engaged in solo career that launched like a rocket.

Her total net worth is now the range of $470 million accumulated from various business ventures, and she has solidified herself as one of the greatest fashion icons.

2 Miley Cyrus

When Billy Ray Cyrus returned to entertainment industry in 2003 after years as a recluse, Miley Cyrus decided that she was going to pursue professional acting career as well.

Her stage name is derived from her nickname “Smiley” and so far it fits the person quite well.

In the same year, she had a part in Tim Burton’s Big Fish before landing a lead role in Disney’s Channel’s Hannah Montana in 2005.

She has long been regarded as Disney teen queen, and in the attempt to shed that image, she is often seen to have taken quite a dramatic approach with her makeup.

1 Madonna

Often referred to as “The Material Girl” and ‘The Queen of Pop” Madonna was once a struggling dancer.

She took classes for piano and ballet during her early age, and was active in artistic activities in school.

Madonna actually earned a dance scholarship and attended the University of Michigan, albeit for only two years.

She quit and moved to Queens, New York to perform professional dancing and acting career.

While she did not fail entirely in her dancing career, she is now better known as a vocalist and has sold more than 300 million records worldwide.

Throughout her long career, Madonna never ceases to be a genuine trendsetter.

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