Teenagers have more or less the same idea of the perfect prom night: attending the occasion in the best dress and dancing with their crush as if there’s no one else in the room.

For sure, some teenagers have much simpler expectations like sneaking some adult beverage in, hanging out on the roof with some buddies, and taking a long walk home.

But prom night is getting more sophisticated over the years; students now have harder times earning the King and Queen titles because everyone shows up with super fancy suits and gowns in their rented limousines.

Few of them take it to the next level and ask A-list celebrities to be their dates at prom night.

The idea of creating a campaign on social media where you publicly ask a superstar to be your date is actually not uncommon these days.

Teenagers use all sorts of creative contents to grab the world’s attentions online. And believe it or not, sometimes it works. The following celebrities can tell you all about it.

10 Kylie Jenner

If you ask someone of a stardom status like Kylie Jenner to be your date at prom night, most of your friends will applaud you for being that courageous, yet at the same time they think you’re out of your mind.

As it turned out, one student did just that and got what he wanted.

In 2015, Albert Ochoa attended his prom with the reality star along with her best friend Jordyn Woods.

He was a junior student at Rio Americano High School. Of course the photos and videos of them dancing together quickly went viral.

9 Joe Jonas

In times when the world still had no idea who Justin Bieber was, there had been the Jonas Brothers.

With multiple movies and series revolving around the boy band, Disney Channel made sure everyone knew about them through various tours and carefully staged publications.

One member of the band, Joe Jonas, quickly moved on from the image of squeaky clean well-mannered boy after leaving Disney.

In one interview, he actually admitted to asking a girl fan out on a date and they spent a night making out. It remains unclear who this lucky girl was.

8 Elle Fanning

A heartwarming prom night story happened to Elle Fanning in 2016. She could not attend her prom night because she had to be in France for the Cannes Film Festival to promote The Neon Demon, her new film at that time.

Her date apparently did not want Fanning to miss out the important event, so he arranged to take the experience to where she was.

He travelled to France and recreated the typical prom night photoshoot for Fanning, more specifically the part when they were supposed to give each other flowers back home.

Fanning shared the photo on Instagram and everybody was happy.

7 Demi Lovato

A promise is never meant to be forgotten no matter how long it has been, which was exactly what happened to Demi Lovato and her kindergarten friend Nolan Nardecchia. As a child, she promised him to be his date at prom night.

So when the time came, Lovato made sure she kept her word and went with Nardecchia to his prom on a Saturday night in Dallas, Texas.

Back then Lovato was already a big name in the entertainment industry. She came up with a long red dress, and posed proudly with her old friend.

6 Miley Cyrus

Matt Peterson was 17 years old when he stood on Camelback Mountain nude, bringing a bouquet of roses and a large foam finger to strategically cover his most private part.

He had only one thing in mind: making a video to ask Miley Cyrus to be his date at prom night.

Peterson was a student of Arcadia High School in Arizona. He posted the footage to YouTube, where it garnered at least 2 million views pretty quickly.

Miley Cyrus said no. Instead she asked Peterson to come to her sow and hang out with her, which he of course did. Peterson even brought a corsage.

5 Nina Agdal

A 17 years old Jake Davidson probably didn’t have much to expect when he took the courage to ask Kate Upton to be his date at high school prom night in Santa Monica.

He posted a two-minute video on YouTube and hoped the Sports Illustrated model would notice. Well, she did.

Several people on behalf of Upton then contacted him and said that she would not be available. Luckily for him, Nina Agdal – also Sports Illustrated model – was interested.

At prom night, Davidson stepped out of a limo with a supermodel on his arm.

4 Taylor Swift

Whit Wright attended his prom night at Hillcrest High School with Taylor Swift in 2008.

Swift selected him over about 50 participants and found him to be sweet and down-to-earth all American teenager. It was part of MTV’s Once Upon a Prom.

She showed up with beige BCBG long gown and picked up Wright in her tour bus.

She quickly realized that Wright was wearing a pink tie and vest to honor a friend’s mother who was battling breast cancer, so she ran back to the bus and changed into a matching dress designed by Sue Wong.

3 Rihanna

In another edition of Once Upon a Prom, Rihanna attended a prom night with a shy teenager named Richard at Jefferson High School in 2007.

As bewitching as always, Rihanna showed up and conquered the atmosphere to the point where Richard was unable to properly function, but in a certain cute way.

She even posed for a photoshoot with him in front of a star-scattered curtain that perfectly matched her prom dress.

When another fan attempted to ask Rihanna to go through the experience again in 2015, she bluntly rejected the proposal, probably because this particular fan also is too fond of Beyonce.

2 Drake

With the help of social media, Kennedy Brown finally had the chance to meet with R&B star Drake in April 2014.

Brown was 15 years old and a student at Carnegie Vanguard High School.

She couldn’t finish the school year due to brain tumor. Her friends threw a special early prom and graduation for her, all in one day.

Everyone teamed up to get the hashtag #DrakeForKen trending in an attempt to reach the star. It actually worked. Drake visited Brown and her family in Houston within just few days.

1 Tupac Shakur

In 1996, social media was still in its early infancy. Even AOL Instant Messenger was not here yet. But Tupac was alive.

A high school student named Kia Chenelle wrote a letter to Tupac’s fan club to ask him to be her date at prom night.

About a month later, someone knocked on her door and Tupac was there.

More surprisingly, Tupac came all by himself. Not only did he come to the prom, but also gave her $1500 for her to get a proper prom gear.

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