You may have heard about some relationships which are outrageous and scandalous.

Most people ignore these stories and don’t believe it.

But when a popular celebrity claims to have had a s*xual relationship with her father, it makes you feel disgusted and urges you to know the details and find the truth.

This happened with Mackenzie Phillips, and her story was shocking for the entire world.

She made the shocking revelations in her memoir “High on Arrival,” published in 2009.

The harrowing details show how her parents’ negligence led her to a years-long battle with substance abuse.

This is not all; her father dragged her into darkness, raping her when she was 18.

Although John’s followers couldn’t decide what was true, but Mackenzie Phillips’s book certainly made them think about their favorite guitarist from the 60s.

Read on to find what happened to that poor girl Mackenzie Phillips and how she moved on in her life.

Mackenzie Phillips Hollywood Career

Mackenzie Phillips was born in 1959. She is the daughter of the popular guitarist of the Mamas & the Papas, John Philips.

He worked in the band as the guitarist in the late 1960s and early 1970s and earned a lot of fame.

Mackenzie Phillips’s stepmother Michelle Phillips was also the vocalist of the band with the other two famous singers Cass Elliot and Denny Doherty.

Like many other kids of stars and celebrities, Mackenzie Phillips decided to follow the footsteps of her father at the age of 12.

She formed a band, and soon a talent agent spotted her skills. She got a role in the popular film American Graffiti in 1973.

This was the first step of her successful career as an actress. From then on, she did some spectacular work as a star kid.

She won a role in the television show called “One Day at a Time” at the age of 15.Mackenzie Phillips got the character of Julie Mora Cooper Horvath, which earned her tremendous praise, fame, and of course, money.

But you may have heard that not every person can handle fame, especially at such a young age.

The same happened with Mackenzie Phillips; her fame and popularity had a negative effect on her personality.

Mackenzie Phillips got arrested in 1977 for disorderly conduct because of suffering from substance abuse.

She became intolerable on the set and soon got fired because of her erratic behavior.

Due to drug abuse, Mackenzie Phillips had to enter rehab.

Later she rejoined the “One Day at a Time” cast, but she collapsed again. Hence, once again, she had to leave the show.

Heart Breaking Truth

When she got fired from the show, she joined her father in his tours. She went to different tours as part of the New Mamas and the Papas with John Phillips and Denny Doherty.

But her life entered a dark phase at this time, which she has discussed in her autobiography published in 2009.

According to her, the tours have something dark, which was impacting her.

High on Arrival, the book of Mackenzie, states that she was involved in a s*xual relationship with her father for over ten years.

This was a bombshell memoir from the popular child-celebrity of the 70s.

The book states that she was 18 when the dreadful thing first happened.

Her father r*ped her, and when she woke up, she confronted John about his action. But her father had some different thoughts and said that it was the action of love.

Not only this, but she also had cocaine with her father when she was only 11.

From then on, they entered into a shocking long-term s*xual relationship. According to Mackenzie, they had done it many times over the next ten years.

But you will feel surprised to know that the relationship became consensual after some time. This left scars on the young girl’s soul.

According to Mackenzie, she started to sympathize with her abuser, relating it to a kind of Stockholm syndrome. Moreover, drug abuse remained part of her life.

What’s more disturbing is that John even tried to stop her marriage and showed up at the event.

She claims that she took lots of pills with her father and passed out on John’s bed.

This abnormal relationship ended when Mackenzie became pregnant and feared it could be her father’s child.

Mackenzie Phillips also revealed that John romanticized the relationship calling it love.

He even wanted to elope to a country where no one would judge them, and they could spend life together, she claims. But this never happened because of Mackenzie was under immense mental pressure.

In her book, she mentioned that this relationship tore her apart, and it took her decades to repair.

She gathered courage and forgave her father when he was on the deathbed.

Mackenzie Phillips’s Story: People’s Support And Rebuke

John Philips died in 2001, and the book came in 2009, so he never responded publicly about the claims of his daughter.

Chynna Phillips, Mackenzie’s half-sister, believes the story of her sister.

Chynna said that she believes her sister and father have had an incestuous relationship for ten years. But don’t have an idea if John was raping her.

John’s two ex-wives are skeptical about the claims and believe he was a “good man” who was an alcoholic and drug addict.

According to John’s third wife, Genevieve, he was a good man who was a drug addict.

Genevieve believes that John was not a person who could have a relationship with his daughter, no matter how drunk he is.

Mackenzie Phillips gets both praises and negative reviews about her story. But no one knows what she has gone through all these years.

By telling her story to the world, Mackenzie Phillips took the first step to put her past behind.

Moreover, she is also working in the entertainment industry at the same time.

Mackenzie Phillips is working hard to help drug addicts through books and counseling so they all can live a good life, which she couldn’t have.

Bottom Line

Mackenzie Phillips’s story is painful. Of course, she has had a dreadful childhood, but she is still trying to work for others.

Mackenzie is working as a manager and counselor at Breathe Life Healing Centers, West Hollywood, California.

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