8 /10 They Were Obsessed With Food

Though their abuse first started as absolute neglect, ignoring their children’s necessities to the point where they became malnourished and dirty, things eventually took a more sinister turn.

The Turpin parents would often eat out, bringing back pies and other food that they left exposed on purpose, as an exercise of control over their starving children.

If any of the children disobeyed their orders, they would chain them to their beds while the food was left to rot away in their pantry.

Later, while imprisoned and awaiting trial, David and Louise Turpin would write letters to each other detailing their meals of each day.

7 /10 They Had Been Visited By The Police Twice

Once in 2001, and then again in 2003, the sheriff’s deputies of Hill County, Texas, had visited the Turpin home for animal-related incidents, apparently not noticing anything strange during their visits.

These were just two of the instances in which the authorities failed to realize that the children were being abused: the state in which the eldest, Jennifer, attended school should already have raised concerns.


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