Not all marriages are meant to last. Some people pick the wrong partners and stick around a little too long.

It’s unfortunate, but there is an ever-widening gap between the marriages that last through good and evil, sickness and health, and all that other stuff promised before an altar.

A lot end up in divorce. Some are clean, simple, just a quiet separation where two adults live their own lives again. Not everyone can get used to it.

Some splits are much messier. The messiest, unhappiest endings of all come with the death of one spouse and the inheritance of all of their goods to the other.

It’s a cliche for a reason, insurance scams and arranged “accidents” are still things. However, they require meticulous planning and direction to go off without a hitch.

In Dalia Dippolito’s case, her entire plan hinged on avoiding one crucial pitfall which landed her in jail.


10 /10 New York Girl, Florida Woman

Dalia was born in NYC as Dalia Mohammed, but her story begins with her in Florida.

There she went to Catholic school, a public high school, and got a real estate license before, of all things, she settled on being a call girl.

This profession was how she met with her future husband and target, Michael Dippolito.


9 /10 Meeting Mike

Michael was a man of reasonably stable reputation but with a dark side to his success.

He was a conman with several failed ventures in which he intentionally siphoned money out of investors for himself.

They met when he called her from an escort service while his wife was out of town for the day. So he was also a cheater. Under the surface, they were perfect for each other.


8 /10 Making It Work

Michael filed for divorce from his wife just two weeks after meeting Dalia and proposed to her instead. They were married, and things seemed to be going well, somehow.

A conman formerly convicted of fraud and a call girl made a great couple.

According to Dalia, they were a perfect couple, and she was very public about her affection toward him. Michael was less enthusiastic but still happy. They stayed together for about six months.

7 /10 For Rich Or For Poor

Things started to go south very subtly when Michael was accused of selling steroids and ecstasy by an anonymous source. Police investigated and found no evidence.

He was examined again and cooperated after claiming he was not doing anything of the sort. Two weeks later, yet another anonymous source informed police that Michael had cocaine, which he did, hidden in a place he didn’t know about.

He had a nervous breakdown and swore he was innocent. The police backed off to investigate further on their sources, leaving Michael wondering just who was doing this to him and why.

6 /10 Love And Business

His first suspect was Dalia. She was the only one that seemed capable of planting evidence and getting the cops to their doorstep so frequently.

So he asked her while they were out on a drive. Dalia got upset with him, accusing her, and showed her frustration by speeding.

They reached 190 miles an hour before he apologized, and she slowed back down to safe limits. It was apparent then that Dalia was up to no good.

5 /10 The Ex-Con

Dalia announced to Michael that she was pregnant, which got him excited. Which may have been against her goals since her aim at the time was to take control of his property, not start a family.

So she employed the aid of one of her ex-boyfriends named Mike Stanley. He pretended to be a lawyer and called Michael to consult him over his probation, advising him to sign his house to his wife’s name, which he did.

So she had the house, but she had to share it while he was still alive, which led to her final mistake.

4 /10 Exed Out

Dalia wanted to hire a hitman to kill her husband. She already knew that he had enemies, people that didn’t like him, con victims from his past fraud.

She figured such a thing could be passed off as a personal lousy blood grudge while she took his house, his bank account, and everything else following his death.

She asked another ex-BF, Mohammed Shihadeh, to do the hiring for her. Instead, he called the police and told them about her scam, which allowed them to prepare a sting operation.


3 /10 The Hitman Hire

Dalia was set to meet with a hitman in a parking garage. The hitman was an undercover cop who was using a hidden camera and microphone to get evidence of her willingly attempting to pay for her husband’s murder.

Once the part was played, she just had to wait, expecting the crime to occur on a scheduled date while she was at the gym.

It didn’t, but she received a call from the police informing her that her husband was dead, which she masterfully acted as a bereaved widow.

When she was brought in for questioning, they laid it all out: her Ex’s betrayal, the set-up, and topped it all off with calling Michael to confirm that he was alive.


2 /10 Just A Prank, Bro

Dalia’s initial excuses were weak, insisting that she had nothing to do with it.

The videotape showed her, clearly, even had her mention her relationship to Michael by name and confirm in verbal agreement and by advanced payment to the “hitman” that she wanted Michael dead.

Once innocence was off the table, she attempted to claim she was doing it “for the show” and cited Cops as the program she assumed the skit was for.

She tried to get out, saying she was just an actor playing it up for the cameras. It didn’t work, and she was found guilty after several years of appeals and retrials. Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office[/caption]

1 /10 Doing The Time

In 2016, Dalia was formally charged with conspiracy to commit murder and sentenced to a minimum of 16 years in jail.

During her house arrest, she became pregnant and could only see her son once a month as he grew up without her.
After 2020 and Covid lockdowns, however, she hasn’t been able to see him despite restrictions lifting and no prison outbreaks where she’s being held.

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