8 /10 Making It Work

Michael filed for divorce from his wife just two weeks after meeting Dalia and proposed to her instead. They were married, and things seemed to be going well, somehow.

A conman formerly convicted of fraud and a call girl made a great couple.

According to Dalia, they were a perfect couple, and she was very public about her affection toward him. Michael was less enthusiastic but still happy. They stayed together for about six months.

7 /10 For Rich Or For Poor

Things started to go south very subtly when Michael was accused of selling steroids and ecstasy by an anonymous source. Police investigated and found no evidence.

He was examined again and cooperated after claiming he was not doing anything of the sort. Two weeks later, yet another anonymous source informed police that Michael had cocaine, which he did, hidden in a place he didn’t know about.

He had a nervous breakdown and swore he was innocent. The police backed off to investigate further on their sources, leaving Michael wondering just who was doing this to him and why.


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