8 /10 Hungry Like The Wolf

Sanchar wasn’t like the other boys at the orphanage. He was fully feral. For the first few years, he even refused clothing. He inspected his meals primarily by smell and refused anything cooked.

He mostly ate raw meat and sharpened his teeth with bones. He was, observably, a wolf first and a child second, even in how he moved.

7 /10 Bestial Habits

Sanchar served as the initial basis for the later proliferated studies of feral or wild children, many of whom came out of India and exampled very similar traits.

For one, despite refusing to be clothed, Sanichar was indifferent to heat or cold. He ate raw meat, but it never sickened him.

He also had no attachment to any humans. It was more in captivity than he was an adopted child by the mission.


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