In the Rolling Stone cover story of Jim Morrison on September 17, 1981, the magazine wrote a headline some very vivid descriptions of the late rock star.

It said “He’s Hot, He’s Sexy, and He’s Dead” because, of course, by then, Jim had been gone for more than a decade.

Like many other rock stars adored and worshiped by fans all over the world, Jim’s legacy has been long-lasting beyond his death.

Some would argue that Jim may be more popular today than ever, primarily thanks to his music and partly because of the mystery surrounding his demise on July 3, 1971.Β 

Anybody who listens to music knows Jim Morrison through his association with The Doors.

Everyone else who has even the slightest interest in his history also is aware of Pamela Courson, the woman with whom Jim was romantically involved for most of his adult life.

Many believe this relationship played a specific role in starting the chain of events that eventually led Jim Morrison to his tragic end in Paris.

The Doors

10 /10 Rock N' Roll Relationship

Jim was, to a large extent, the epitome of the defiant generation of his time. He was wild, rebellious, and addicted to drugs.

His lifestyles and excesses have been well-documented in several books and the 1991’s biopic “The Doors” directed by Oliver Stone.

He was heavily criticized for inaccuracies by former members of the band themselves. Jim’s love life with Pamela was incredibly intense, but often not in a good way.

The relationship was filled with infidelities, break-ups, reunions, drug-fueled fights, and alcohol indulgence, among other problems. As tumultuous as it might seem, Pamela was ever-present in Jim’s life.

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9 /10 A Bathtub In Paris

Jim Morrison was found dead in a bathtub in his Paris apartment, presumably of heart failure, on July 3, 1971. Pamela’s constant presence around Jim suddenly became an object of conspiracy theories following his death.

It also did not help that no autopsy was performed. While the cause of death was listed as heart failure, the lack of an autopsy report at the end of a rock star of Jim’s prominence was only an invitation for many questions.

Many theories surfaced, questioning whether he overdosed or perhaps was murdered. Some probably thought Jim was still alive that day.


8 /10 Something To Gain

The person who found Jim lifeless in the bathtub was none other than Pamela Courson. Tabloids over all the country ran damning speculations about her possible role in her boyfriend’s death.

She found the body and no one else to corroborate what she needed to say about the event. Jim left his estate to Pamela in his will, creating an even more considerable suspicion because she had something to gain from his death.

There would be a series of lawsuits, later on, contesting the legitimacy of the will, although, in the end, Pamela won the legal battle.

7 /10 Mrs. Morrison

Despite the newly obtained wealth, Pamela’s drug addiction was borderline suicidal. Combined with the suspicion of her being involved in Jim’s death, her state of mind grew even more turbulent.

Her behavior turned from bad to significantly worse. In the latter part of life, she referred to herself as Mrs. Morrison and often told people she was expecting a call from Jim.

Three years after her boyfriend’s death, her self-destruction reached a point of no return. Pamela Courson died of a heroin overdose on April 25, 1974. Like Jim, Pamela was 27 when she died.

The Doors

6 /10 Kindred Soul

As far as the behavioral tendency was concerned, Jim and Pamela were undoubtedly alike. Pamela was likely described as a rebellious person with little (if any) sense of self-preservation and no concern for the future.

She embraced the counterculture movement and focused on pursuing pleasure. In 1965, the two met and found a kindred soul in each other at a Hollywood nightclub, London Fog.

Pamela fell for a rock star, while Jim was fond of her hedonistic nature. Ray Manzarek, the former keyboardist for The Doors, described Pamela as “Jim’s other half” and that she was the only person who complimented his bizarreness.


5 /10 Aggressive To Life

Jim was at the height of fame. He was exceedingly good at being a rock star but bad at almost everything else in life. Jim had all attributes of severe alcoholics; he was at times reckless, unpredictable, and selfish.

Former drummer John Densmore said that Jim seemed like an average person on the outside, but at the same time, he had some aggressiveness toward life and women.

One such instance was when John went to pick Jim up from a woman’s house and found him brandishing a knife while holding her hand.

4 /10 Jim Morrison On The Decline

By 1967, Jim and Pamela were living together in Los Angeles. Their intense romance was everything but harmonious. There were reports of infidelities and arguments that escalated into violence.

There was a disputed instance when Jim locked Pamela in a closet and set it on fire. Jim was undoubtedly on the decline, taking alcohol daily and high on opium.

In 1970, Jim had a handfasting ceremony with Patricia Kennealy, meaning they were declared married although they didn’t file the necessary paperwork for legal marriage. Even after the wedding, he was still seeing Pamela.

3 /10 Off To Paris

When his addictions were getting out of control, Jim and Pamela decided to move to Paris to change scenery. Upon hearing that Patricia became pregnant, Jim turned cold.

In Patricia’s mind, the coldness might be because Jim never took the marriage seriously. During a trial in Miami after Jim was arrested for indecent exposure and inciting riot, Patricia once again noticed the changing nature of his behavior.

Jim was eventually sentenced to six months and ordered to pay a $300 fine. He was released on a $50,000 bond.

VanoVasaio /

2 /10 Self-Destructive Ways

Jim once wrote a letter to Patricia, saying that he was planning to return to New York City. Patricia was skeptical and not wrong. Instead of going to New York, Jim was back in Paris with Pamela.

If their original intention to move to Paris was to get a change of scenery and somehow curb their substance abuse problems, they failed miserably. Jim remained a severe alcoholic and in poor health.

In Paris, they never stopped indulging in alcohol and drugs. Jim’s self-destructive manner finally caught up with him on July 3, 1971.

1 /10 Insufficient Evidence

The official cause of death was declared heart failure. However, it would be difficult to rule out substance abuse as a contributing factor considering his history with drugs.

The police investigated Pamela for possible involvement of foul play in the death of Jim Morrison.

The investigation went nowhere, for the police had insufficient evidence to make an arrest. In the several years that followed, Pamela became delusional and died of an overdose in 1974 in a Los Angeles apartment with two male friends.

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