If you are an enthusiastic Disney fan, if you love the movies, theme parks and the pretty Disney princesses you see, you may have only been experiencing a distorting effect on your memory and beliefs, or it could be that you have been riding the attractions at the theme parks with the ashes of the dead.

Since its inception, Disney movies, theme parks and attractions have become some of the most entertaining things of life. When Disney entertainment companies started, Walt Disney was all about entertaining people.

He was all about making people smile whether they learn something along the line or not. However, that company that started as a small group has now become one of the most thriving companies in the world.

Each year, the Disney companies spend over $2 billion on adverts and make over $52 billion in return. The attraction and theme parks generate $16 billion annually, the movies and entertainment generate over $7 billion annually, and their merchandise generates over $2.5 billion every year! This success in every section of Walt Disney Company shows that Disney is now in charge.

However, you may be left in awe if you later realize that land which is supposed to be the “happiest Place on Earth” is one that holds so many dark secrets.

And here, we have listed 15 Disney myths and urban legends that may leave you startled. By the time you are done reading this, you would have to think twice before visiting Disneyland or Disneyworld or even getting any of their merchandise.

Of course, we do not want to ruin your preconceived and conceived fantasies about Disneyworld, neither do we desire to ruin your childhood, but these myths and urban legends will surely shake you off your tables. If you are ready, brace your heart!

Here are 10 of the most disturbing Disney myths and urban legends.

10 Disney Murdered Hundreds Of Lemmings

1958, Disney Studios produced a documentary centered on nature. White Wilderness as titled featured Lemmings – adorable creatures who are known to jump off cliffs to their death intentionally. Although it had been established that Lemmings are suicidal creatures, it is pertinent to ask if this claim is valid.

Notable sources have however claimed that the fact established in White Wilderness is nothing but a myth. Instead, the documentary was staged to force those creatures to jump off the cliff to their death.

A bid to find out the truth behind lemmings, people found out that the documentary was filmed in a region where lemmings do not even exist. Instead, the directors bought the creatures from Inuit kids to stage the scenes.

Animal biologists and conservationists have also disagreed with the fact established by Disney. Till date, we do not know whether Walt Disney knew about this manipulation or not. Irrespective, it is essential to understand that Lemmings do not commit suicide but migrate and die during migration.

9 Abuse Of Workers In China

While a lot of people have stood against cheap labor, it is quite surprising to see Disney outsource cheap labor from China. In Shenzhen China, workers work three times beyond limit every month in an unsafe and unhealthy working condition.

On several occasions, there have been reports of child labor, and of an employee who took his own life at the Chinese factory. At Haowei Toys which produced Disney merchandise in Shenzhen, workers were exposed to dangerous chemical fumes, forced to work extremely hard for 15hrs a day except for just 2days in a month and subjected to a salary structure that is below the minimum wage.

When asked, Disney stated that the suicide case was an “isolated event.” The company also noted that investigation as regards the working conditions for workers in China would be conducted and adjusted as appropriate.

8 Scattering Of Ashes In The Park

One of the things that have repeatedly happened at the Disney theme parks is people sprinkling powdery substance – ashes of their loved ones around the park.

Ashes of dead relatives on the Haunted Mansion Rides and Pirates of the Caribbean have been repeatedly sprinkled around. This act has become so rampant that employees need to go through specialized training to learn to clean up safely and promptly.

Usually, employees would have to close down the park and wear special suits to pack the ashes so that guests would not have to breathe them in. This practice has started since 1990, and in 2007, a woman was caught in the act. When interrogated, she stated that she had sprinkled baby powder and not the ashes of the dead. What a weird twist!

7 Post Mortem Instructions

Although Walt Disney died in 1966, his memory and wishes still live on. Sources claim that Walt prepared an instructional video for his employees before his death.

In the video he left behind, he addressed his workers by name and gave specific instructions on what to do at the Disney theme parks and how to effectively actualize those plans for the next five years. Although this is an urban legend, we do not understand why Walt’s brother Roy decided to make Disney World a center of attraction rather than a region.

More so, Walt had laid down several plans for EPCOT, but none was achieved before and after his death. Instead, it became a thriving park in Disneyworld. Rumor also has it that Walt was cryogenically frozen and placed beneath Cinderella’s castle as he had instructed.

6 The Tower Of Terror Ghost

The Tower of Terror attraction opened on July 22, 1994, and it was founded on the popular TV series – The Twilight Zone. The attraction features park guests in an elevator, hearing a story of supernatural beings or ghosts, causing visitors to vanish into thin air. By the time the guests are done hearing the story, the elevator transforms into the Tower of Terror.

Rumor has it that the tower is called the tower of terror because of the various stories associated with it. One of these is the story of an employee who died while working on the tower. It is said that his ghost has appeared on cameras and maintenance footage several times. Other terrorizing effects include ride shutting down unexpectedly, unstable light supply and unnecessary malfunctions.

People believe that all of these are the doings of ghosts. What we do not know is if the ghost is a friend or an enemy.

5 Extremely Scary Attraction Centre

On August 9, 1969, the Haunted Mansion was opened for people to experience the haunted mansion ride.

However, rumor has it that the scary mansion ride scared one of the first riders to death. Now, Disney warns people with heart conditions to stay away from the ride even though it is not as scary as it used to be.

The Haunted Mansion Ride has now been recreated in other parks, and its effect has inspired movies and cultural references. To date, Disneyworld has never publicly admitted that the ride scared one of the first riders to death.

4 Walt Disney’s Ties With Illuminati

So many people are of the opinion that Walt Disney is a part of the Illuminati. They have also stated that his favorite number – 33 signifies his upper rank in the occult society.

It is also said that his movies do not only reference Illuminati, but Walt himself had a relationship with at least 13 members of the group.

Supporters of this opinion believe that Walt Disney used his movies to project the desires of Illuminati, one of which is to tell kids to become more s*xually free rather than being conformed to their family values. Some of the notable Disney movies with insinuations and subliminal s*xual messages include the topless woman in The Rescuers and the “Phallic Palace” on the cover of The Little Mermaid, 1989.

3 Racism And Anti-Semitism Claims

Walt was not only an anti-Semitic, but he was also a chronic racist. In one of his works – Dumbo, a black crow was stereotypically considered as black and was called Jim Crow.

Wao! Other movies also featured characters like Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. In some of these Disney classics, Mickey was seen wearing blackface, Aladdin portrayed the Middle East as primitive and “barbaric” and the relationship between Peter Pan, the Native Americans and the “red man.”

In wisecrack, Disney employees have called their work environment “Mousewitz” or “The Unhappiest Place on Earth.”

2 Gender Discriminatory Policy

It is safe to say that Disney Studios promoted gender inequality at a time. While men were permitted to work on Disney animations, women were not. In 1938, Mary Ford, a known animator applied for the post of an animator but was turned down immediately. At that time, Disney Studios only allowed women to trace characters on celluloid sheets.

Some individuals also claim that the bias at Disney Studios is evident till date. The bias according to them, explains why the female characters in Disney movies are s*xualized and submissive.

We can only see few changes with strong female leads like Merida in Brave. But does that change anything? What is your opinion? Do you also think that Disney is s*xist?

1 The One-Way Ghost

On January 3, 1975, the famous Space Mountain roller coaster ride peed at Disney World. If you go there now, you might come in contact with Mr. One way. Rumor has it that there is a ghost at the ride and the ghost happens to be a park guest who died on the ride.

People nicknamed it the ghost Mr. One Way because he never got off the ride! Those who have supposedly seen him have described him as a portly man with red hair, rosy complexion and a friendly attitude.

It has been speculated that Mr. One Way starts the 3-minute ride with other guests, but he never completes it. Other fatalities that have occurred at the Space Mountain have also involved people with heart conditions. A notable case is that of a 73-year old man who died at the attraction ten years ago.


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