Researchers are hopeful that psilocybin will bring relief to long term sufferers of anxiety, depression and terminally ill patients

Psilocybin has been used effectively to bring relief to those who are in the final stages of death.

Now it is being considered as a treatment for other stress-related diseases.

Used as a hallucinogenic for centuries, psilocybin is now being clinically tested for use medicinal use.

Legislators are also considering the legalization of the drug.

A British company dealing in mental health treatments announced that the FDA has granted them “breakthrough therapy designation” so that they can officially begin trialing psilocybin.

It seems that the federal government is entertaining the idea of using magic mushrooms for therapy, according to Rolling Stone magazine.

Charles Grob, a psychiatry and behavioral sciences professor at UCLA, told reporters that this represents a significant development in the whole history of psychedelic research.

He has been researching the unique qualities of magic mushrooms for two decades.

Government Interest In Research Results

Despite the research being conducted since 1990, the United States Government has only been seriously considering the potential benefits of psilocybin since August 2017.

The u-turn in the thinking about the use of magic mushrooms in therapy is a significant breakthrough.

It came as a result of proof that has emerged about the benefits they offer for people who suffer from anxiety and depression.

Rick Doblin, of the Multidisciplinary Association of Psychedelic Studies (MAPS), has been campaigning relentlessly for magic mushrooms to recognized as a legitimate therapy.

He has been a pioneer in the struggle and believes that psilocybin could be legalized as early as 2021.

If Compass Pathways makes good progress with the trials, the FDA is certain to give their approval.

This will be welcome news to people who have endured suffering resulting from nervous tension.

For some, prescription antidepressants do not bring the relief they so desperately need. This welcome news comes with a health warning from Doblin.

As pleased as he is that sufferers of depression may soon see a light at the end of the tunnel, he does not recommend that it becomes the go-to method for every patient who suffers from depression or anxiety.

Psilocybin should only be dispensed by therapists who have been explicitly trained in psychedelic psychotherapy.

It is believed that the interest in trialing psilocybin has been fueled by the growing number of veterans suffering from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

When they return from active service, many suffer from mental breakdowns and have become susceptible to opioid abuse.

The trials conducted by Compass Pathways could solve these problems.

The statistics on the number of people suffering from depression are staggering.

There are about sixteen million sufferers in America and large numbers of them do not find relief from regular antidepressant medication.

America is not the only country where depression has reached epidemic proportions.

On a global level, the latest figures confirm that there are up to 300 million people with a diagnosis of depression, and that may just be the tip of the ice-berg.

What Is Psilocybin Therapy?

You may be wondering what the miraculous effects of magic mushrooms are.

Scientists have discovered that the psychoactive component of psilocybin does much more than bring about an altered state of consciousness.

It gives the sufferer an enduring sensation of wellbeing and elation that can be compared to the best experiences life has to offer.

Psilocybin Trip Lifts The Spirits

Many terminally ill cancer patients have testified to the benefit of the uplifting effects of psilocybin.

There have been significant trials at Johns Hopkins University, New York University, and UCLA which have produced encouraging results.

The documented results of rigorously regulated trials confirm that eighty percent of patients were in a better frame of mind after being treated with psilocybin.

Their depression and anxiety levels should a significant reduction after magic mushroom therapy.

Alicia Danforth, Ph.D. who has been researching the use of magic mushroom therapy, corroborated with the results produced by other researchers.

She found that just one session of the drug, supported by supplementary treatment, had a profound and lasting effect on patients.

She claims that her study shows that patients had reduced levels of anxiety and despair that was sustained over time. Her records show substantial changes in anxiety scores.

Another positive indicator was an improved quality of life, and she is now confident about the safety of administering this type of therapy.

There were no serious adverse side effects in patients and she is excited about the prospect of widening the study.

Fortunately, Compass Pathways was able to use this positive data as part of its strategy to gain FDA approval.

Compass Pathways believe that psilocybin could benefit a much wider range of patients and should not be restricted for use with terminally ill patients or those with severe PTSD and depression.

They want to be the trail-blazers who bring relief to people suffering from depression around the world.

Receiving the support and financial investment from Silicon Valley entrepreneur, Peter Thiel, has given Compass Pathways an enormous boost.

He has announced his confidence in the trials and this has given kudos to the British company.

There is nothing new about the use of magic mushrooms for inducing a psychedelic experience or “trip.” Since the beginning of time, people have been using them as part of their rituals and ceremonies all around the world.

Now, lawmakers in Denver have approved the legalization of psilocybin mushrooms for personal use by adults over the age of twenty-one. 

Magic Mushrooms Mother Nature’s Medicine?

As life becomes more stressful, many are turning back to the natural environment for answers to our 21st-century problems.

All our research and technology are only proving what our ancestors established centuries ago.

Hopefully, many sufferers of depression and anxiety will benefit from the meeting of minds regarding the benefits of magic mushrooms and the need to decriminalize the use of a remarkable natural medical resource.

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