8 /10 Incest

Josef raped his daughter many times from then on. His visits were almost daily. He brought food and supplies but still committed his evil deeds.

Just two years after imprisonment, she was pregnant for the first time. However, she had a miscarriage, and the unnamed child was never counted among the many that she spawned.

That did not deter Josef. He kept going, over and over, and in 1988 her oldest daughter Kerstin was born.

7 /10 A Captive Generation

Kerstin was the firstborn of Elisabeth’s imprisonment, and she stayed with her mother in their awful conditions until 2008.

Her first son, Stefan, was born two years later in 1990 and also stayed down there. To keep them all sealed away, he warned them that they would be gassed if they tried to get out and that the door was electrified if they wanted to force it.

They were lies, but the frightened Elisabeth believed them. Fritzl remained in control of their lives. He could turn off their power, no hot plate, refrigerator, or light at all, to punish them if they crossed him.


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