What dark secrets hide behind all the glittery life of celebrities?

Are they all as polished as they appear when stepping on the red carpet or boarding their private jets? Not by far.

We’re all accustomed to the sex scandals many celebrities were involved in at one point in their lives, but here we’re talking about real crimes, the kind of crimes you go to jail for.

Or not, because the rich and famous are very talented when it comes to avoiding that.

See if you can find one of your idols on this not very righteous list.

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10 /10 Mel Gibson

How many times have you seen Mel Gibson in a mugshot? Plenty if you consider the number of times he was caught driving while intoxicated.

That’s nothing compared to the more severe offense of battery. In 2011, the famous actor was charged with assaulting his ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva. Gibson took a plea deal to avoid being investigated for domestic violence.

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9 /10 Martha Stewart

Millions of women look to her for advice in home style and, of course, cooking, but Martha Stewart is not as perfect as people think she is.

In 2004, Stewart was charged with insider trading and was sentenced to six months behind bars. Her biggest worry at the time? Not being able to choose the perfect jail and being sent to a drab place in the middle of nowhere!

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8 /10 Chris Brown

The American singer gained a lot of attention in 2009 when he assaulted his famous girlfriend Rihanna, leaving her with apparent bruises. Chris Brown was smart enough to take a plea deal and got off quickly with a little community service and counseling.

His short temper landed him in trouble many times after that famous incident. He was charged various times for assault, battery as well as a hit-and-run incident.

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7 /10 Felicity Huffman

Desperate Wives star Felicity Huffman was so desperate her daughter won’t make it to the right college that she hired someone to take the girl’s SAT for her.

Well, she wasn’t the only celebrity involved in the college admission scandal as many of these people believe money can buy them anything. The sentence? A mere slap on the wrist, just 15 days behind bars, and 250 community service for fraud.

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6 /10 Bill Cosby

One of the greatest scandals in the entertainment industry, no doubt. Comedian Bill Cosby’s problem started in 2014 when the first allegations of sexual assault against various women emerged.

It was revealed that Cosby had a long history of abusing women who came to him for career advice.

While those charges were not enough for him to stand trial, in 2018, Bill Cosby was convicted for raping a woman back in 2004, and he is now serving a ten-year sentence. Sad ending for such a career.

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5 /10 Christian Slater

Actor Christian Slater has a long list of criminal charges, starting with drunk driving and ending sexual harassment.

His most serious conviction was in 1997 when he was drugged to his eyeballs, and not only did he punched his girlfriend, but also the policeman who came to arrest him. He got three months in jail for that and served only tw0.

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4 /10 Danny Trejo

His case is slightly different as the serious crimes he was charged with were all committed in his troubled youth before he ever set foot in Hollywood.

Trejo was arrested for the first time when he was 15 years old, and he spent the next decade in and out of jail.

At the age of 23, he was charged with drug trafficking but was lucky enough to be released only two years later. And he completely changed his life after that, being involved to this day in many charitable organizations for troubled young people.

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3 /10 Nick Nolte

Looking back at the beautiful career of Nick Nolte, it’s a miracle it ever happened. The actor was arrested in 1965 when he was just 24 years old and later convicted for selling counterfeit documents.

His sentence – 45 years in jail – was fortunately suspended. He wasn’t allowed to enlist and go to Vietnam as he wanted. All that was left for him was acting!

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2 /10 Mike Tyson

Iron Mike has a reputation as a bad boy, and he was charged several times with assault and battery. And rape. In 1991, 25-year old Tyson was tried to rape a young woman, Desiree Washington, in a hotel room.

Despite summoning an army of influential lawyers, Tyson was sentenced to a six-year jail term. He served less than three and not in a real prison, but a Youth Center in Indiana.

Sterling Munksgard / Shutterstock.com

1 /10 Snoop Dogg

The American rapper has had multiple brushes with the law. To this day, the 49-year old artist has been charged with drug possession five times. As a youth, he went to jail several times for that crime.

His most severe troubles were in the early 1990s when Snoop Dogg tried to murder a rival gang member.

Nevertheless, he was acquitted, although this did not stop him from committing various other offenses, such as possession of illegal weapons.

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