Although everybody is generally fond of surprises, there is one thing of which they want to know precisely what they bargain for – food.

No matter what you are about to eat, you will want to know precisely what is inside the food or don’t want to find any unpleasant surprises in it.

Some people indeed enjoy eating adventurously, meaning they are willing to try seemingly strange menus made from unlikely ingredients, but at least they are aware of the fact beforehand.

When you heard the 2011 story about a woman who tasted a sample of yogurt mixed with human sperm, almost immediately you became suspicious of every food you have bought from anywhere.

It was not just a hoax; the man who ejaculated into the yogurt was arrested, convicted, and imprisoned.

As it turned out, the sperm-flavored yogurt was not an isolated incident. There are many horrifying stories about ready-made meals, even from your favorite fast-food chains.

10 /10 Soup N' Safety

Long before the sperm-flavored yogurt happened, there had been one case involving a condom. About 20 years ago, four women were having a good time eating clam chowder they ordered from McCormick & Schmick’s in Irvine, California.

One of the women, named Laila Sultan, suddenly realized she bit into something rubbery. She spat it out and saw an unwrapped rolled-up condom.

The seafood restaurant chain had no explanation for it and sued the company that supplied its clams. A judge ruled in favor of the supplier in 2003.

9 /10 Gelato Poop Mystery

Stephen and Jessica Whyte, along with their three sons, went to the Coogee Bay Hotel in New South Wales, Australia, to watch the Rugby League Grand Final in October 2008. They ordered a gelato dish with four scoops of varying flavors, including vanilla, chocolate, and hazelnut.

The chocolate ice cream sat at the bottom of the dish. Jessica Whyte wanted it, so she immediately went for it. A few seconds later, she realized that she had just taken a giant bite of human excrement.


8 /10 A Rodent In A Pool Of Caffeine

Ron Morais of Fredericton in New Brunswick, Canada, ordered a cup of coffee from a local McDonald’s restaurant on his way to work in one morning in October 2014.

He had a habit of opening the lid before taking his last sip from the cup, and thankfully he did precisely that. Once the lid was opened, it became clear that he got more than he bargained for when purchasing the cup of coffee.

At the bottom of the cup was a rodent, big enough to fill the base yet small enough to get into the cup in the first place.

7 /10 McMaggots

One Mayfield resident named Madison Stephens shared a story with WPSD-TV about an unpleasant experience with a local McDonald’s.

On a Sunday in August 2017, she visited the restaurant with her son to get some food. When she was about to take a bite into a hamburger, a live worm fell out.

At another McDonald’s in Draffenville about 25 miles from Mayfield, Lacey Jo Lovett also said she found a worm in her burger on Tuesday. Stephens contacted McDonald’s about the incident, and she received a $10 gift card in return.

6 /10 Mixed Fillings

In January 2017, Taco Bell CEO Greg Creed responded to a class-action lawsuit filed by a California woman named Amanda Obney, who claimed that the fast-food restaurant’s claim of “seasoned beef” was misleading; it did not contain enough beef to earn that label. Creed’s response suggested the inaccuracy of that claim and lawsuit.

Obney believed 65% of the beef comprised binders, extenders, additives, preservatives, and other agents.

She wanted Taco Bell to stop calling it “beef” for that reason. She dropped the lawsuit in April. It remains unclear why she dropped it.


5 /10 Bloody Topping

There have been many stories of people getting victimized by errant pizza toppings. Some see slices of meat in their otherwise vegetarian pizza or the other way around.

What happened to Ken Wieczerza of Ballston Lakes, New York, was a tad too much, even for food typically sprinkled with seemingly random things.Β 

When he ordered a supreme pie at a Pizza Hut located in Clifton Park, he wasn’t aware of an additional extra ingredient hidden under the bottom crust.

He didn’t like it because it was a bright blue bandage with some red spots that looked like someone’s blood.

Grzegorz Czapski /

4 /10 A Sweet Tooth

Even if eating a chunk of a chocolate bar is not healthy for your teeth, it can probably brighten up your spirit during the lunch break on a busy Monday.

When Sue Calhoun discovered that the snack could damage her dental health, she wasn’t too happy, probably because she had to experience it first-hand.

While Calhoun was munching on a Milky Way bar sometime in January 2010, she bit into something much more rigid than what any usual confectionery would be. She took the hard thing out of her mouth and saw a tooth. Even worse, it was not her own.

3 /10 No-Brainer Dinner

Renaldo Ramirez had an unusual inspiration to start cooking and enjoy homemade meals. It all began in November 2006 when she bought some food from a mobile kitchen in Houston, Texas.

He experienced a light yet persistent headache after eating the takeaway. Ramirez fell asleep after taking prescription high-blood pressure medication and woke up only eight days later.

The doctor’s exam revealed a cyst of tapeworm in Ramirez’s brain. The brain-eating tapeworm entered his brain because he ate contaminated food from the mobile kitchen.

2 /10 Sharp Ice Cream

On a Saturday night in February 2011, Stephanie Granger was all prepared to enjoy the evening on her sofa with a movie, and a carton of Great Value “Peanut Butter Starts” ice cream. Great Value is a Walmart brand.

As she ate the ice cream, suddenly, she felt something sharp biting the inside of her lip.

It turned out to be a broken razor blade. When she called Walmart about the incident, she received a simple casual response and nothing else.

1 /10 Mac N' Nails

Breadcrumbs on top of mac and cheese would be a delightful snack any day of the week.

Rebecca Shorten didn’t ask for the extra breadcrumbs when he bought the meal from a Tesco. She didn’t add them herself either. That said, she had something crunchy in her macaroni cheese.

The crunchy things were not breadcrumbs; they were not even foods at all but a handful of nails. Her pasta contained three nails, two-inch each. She swallowed one and had to be taken to the hospital.

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