Most (if not all) of us have our own interpretation of what constitutes the “ideal” physical appearance and body features.

We are somewhat hardwired to develop the inclination to achieve that particular image of perfection by engaging in physical exercise or therapy, apply makeup, or even undergo cosmetic surgery.

Unfortunately for some people, it is nearly impossible to make a successful attempt at that because their non-ideal body features are genetic-related and incurable medical conditions.

Surgeries may improve quality of life, but they still have to live with something that the vast majority of people consider “peculiarities” or “oddities” perhaps.

That being said, a lot of women with their own peculiarities in physical appearance have demonstrated persistent determination to live their lives to the fullest.

They turned unusual body features into motivations to achieve more in life. Here are some of them.

10 Sara Geurts

Having wrinkles are not entirely unusual, especially when you’ve reached middle-age or older.

Wrinkles also are natural parts of aging, so in most cases there is nothing peculiar abut that; they are not symptoms of a certain disease or any life-threatening medical condition.

Sara Geurts, however, has wrinkles of an entirely different type. When Geurts was only 10 years old, she was diagnosed with a rare skin condition known as Dermatosparaxis Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) syndrome, which affects collagen and connective tissue.

The condition causes excessive sagging and wrinkles almost all over her body.

Despite the condition she is a determined model.

9 Marimar Quiroa

If you are a keen Internet surfer for everything makeup related, you probably have seen Marimar Quiroa in one of her videos about cosmetics on YouTube.

Quiroa was born with a condition called cystic hygroma, which caused an abnormal growth on her head, leading to disfigurement of the face.

She is unable to speak due to the condition, so she communicates using sign language.

The condition never stops her from appearing in public through her channel on YouTube, which has more than 600K subscribers. She is also training to become teachers to deaf children.

8 Tanesha Brown

You’ve heard a lot of people complaining about how difficult it is to find the right foundation for their skin tone.

Now imagine how they would react after learning that Tanesha Brown actually has developed two different skin tones.

Her condition is known as vitiligo, which causes patches of the skin to lose pigment and therefore becomes white.

She has endured years of cruel remarks and spent years trying to hide her peculiar appearance. But that was long ago as she now embraces the condition instead; she has come to realize that beauty comes in different forms.

7 Rose Geil

When most women worry about growing hairs on their hands and legs, Rose Geil has to accept that she has quite extensive facial hair, like a lot of men.

She was devastated at first and so spent every day shaving her face before going anywhere.

After years of daily shaving and plucking, not to mention laser hair removal procedures, Geil eventually gave up and came to terms with her own condition.

While it remains unclear what causes the facial hair growth, she believes it is a combination of genetic and excessive male hormone level in her body.

6 Sari Rezita Ariyanti

Until she reached two years of age, Sari Rezita Ariyanti looked just like any other normal girls of the same age, which was why her parents didn’t realize anything unusual about their daughter.

As the years went on, however, they began to see something peculiar about her posture or size. She looks like a toddler despite being an adult woman. She struggles to communicate and walk.

By the time Ariyanti was 13 years old, doctors discovered that she suffered from hormonal growth disorder associated to Turner syndrome.

There is no cure for the condition but doctors believe she will make physical improvements with time.

5 Alia Nasyrova

It is only common for women, adult and young, to want to have the characteristics or physical features of their favorite Disney Princesses.

A woman from Riga, Latvia named Alia Nasyrova seems to have that goal achieved, if her favorite princess is Rapunzel.

Nasyrova’s hair is more than 90 inches long. That’s 7.5 feet or 2.3 meters.

Her hair is longer than herself, and thanks to appropriate yet mundane regular treatment, the hair indeed is storybook beautiful. Combing is a full-hour chore, while washing her hair is an all-day event.

4 Elisany Da Cruz Silva

At 6’7” tall, very few people can tower Elisany Da Cruz Silva. You probably think she is tall now, but it actually is an inch shorter than she used to be.

Doctors discovered that she had a tumor on her pituitary gland, causing the overgrowth; with treatment, she was able to shrink about an inch of her height.

Due to the incredible height she suffers from aches in knees, chest, and spine.

Her dream to become a model has to wait until she can find a modeling agency to accept her despite the imposing height.

3 Emily Schlenker

One thing that makes Emily Schlenker stands out from the crowd is her tongue.

She is in the Guinness Book of World Record for being the woman with the widest tongue in the world. Her tongue, at its widest point, is approximately the same width as a credit card or about 2.89 inches.

In case you’re wondering who actually has the widest tongue overall in the world, it is her own father Byron Schlenker so it seems that the peculiar physical trait runs in the family.

2 Kelly Lee Dekay

Driven by her intention to become real-life Jessica Rabbit, Keely Lee Dekay wore a corset for about six months, during which she managed to shrink her waist line from 30 inches down to only 16 inches; it is a massive reduction of 12 inches within a relatively short period of time.

Just like any other kind of body modification she often receives mixed reactions from people each time she goes out in public. That being said, she is proud of her exaggerated hourglass figure.

1 Chase Kennedy

Similar to Elisany Da Cruz Silva with her extensive height, Chase Kennedy stands at 6’4”. About 51 inches of her total height are made up of legs length alone.

She is a model now, but at first she struggled to find a modeling agency to accept her because of height restriction.

She stands out from the crowd, quite literally, as she still stands taller than most girls wearing 3-inch heels.

Kennedy once battled the feeling of embarrassment for her legs but now she has learned to love them.

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