Serial killers are some of the most fascinating people in history in the way that they are so far off from the norm and yet so hard to discover until their actions have been done.

They are psychological singularities, one-offs of mental instability made through a corrupted upbringing or born in a moment of sudden inventiveness gone wrong.

Some of the worst killers in recent history have so little in common with how ordinary people think it’s not comforting to consider the same species. But there’s one thing that unites them with us right at the end of their lives: they eat.

Female serial killers are significantly less frequent than their male counterparts.

Though there have been plenty of them with their motives and goals, not unlike a male counterpart would have, female killers, get notably less attention than men.

Their last meals show a brief window into their human soul, a glimpse at what might be considered the most basic need as a human being that proves they are, or at some point were, just like everyone else.


10 /10 Double Dining

Kelly Gissendaner was put to death for the planned murder of her husband Doug with her boyfriend, Gregory Owen.

Owen ambushed Doug while Kelly was out with friends, then drove out to pick her up as an alibi. They then stabbed Doug to death and burned his body along with the car and the evidence.

Her last meal was a massive order of two Whoppers with fries, popcorn, cornbread salad with buttermilk dressing, lemonade, and cherry vanilla ice cream.

However, her death date was postponed, giving her a second set to order. Before lethal injection in 2015, she ended her life with a platter of chips with cheese dip, Texas fajita nachos, and frosted diet lemonade.


9 /10 All That And

Wanda Jean Allen was put to death in 2001 for killing her lover, Gloria Jean Leathers. They met in prison, where Wanda was serving a sentence for killing another former lover years prior.

Wanda shot Gloria outside the police station, where Gloria was trying to report Wanda for domestic abuse. She had a bag of chips as her last meal, and when she was in the execution room, she stuck her tongue out at reporters.


8 /10 Classic Diner Death

Betty Butler was killed by electrocution in 1954 for killing her lover, Evelyn Clark. She was seen strangling Clark at the country park in a canoe and finished her off drowning the body.

She had a full diner-style breakfast: scrambled eggs with cheese, toast, two glasses of milk, and – feeling fancy – a dish of apricots.


7 /10 Comfort For Killers

Teresa Lewis chose fried chicken, peas with butter, apple pie, and Dr. Pepper, a savory and sweet selection for a woman who hired men to kill her husband and step-son.

She offered to pay two shooters in sexual favors of herself and her 16-year-old daughter if they helped her collect the life policy on her son. She was executed in 2010, making her a frighteningly recent example.


6 /10 Martin's Mystery Mealtime

Rhonda Bell Martin killed her mother, two of her husbands, and three of her children. She was executed on the electric chair in 1957.

She gave no motive as to why and even went as far as donating her body to science so they could find out what made her a killer after she was dead.

She had a hamburger, mashed potatoes, a cinnamon roll and coffee, a family meal for an ex-family woman.


5 /10 Cordial Punishment

Dovie Dean was executed for putting rat poison in her husband’s milk in 1954. They were only married for three months, and she managed to collect a sizable insurance policy on him when he died, which was cited as her motive.

She had a roast chicken with potatoes, asparagus and a green salad with French dressing for her last dinner, and a coconut cream pie with angel food cake and a coffee for dessert.

She even offered it to the reporters, saying she had too much to finish herself.


4 /10 Vegan Villain

Karla Faye Tucker was the first woman executed in Texas since 1863. She killed two people with her accomplice Daniel Garrett in 1983, and it took 15 years for her to get her turn on the killing table.

Her murders were ruthless, which she even described as giving her a sexual thrill, but her last meal was humble, reflecting her state as a self-proclaimed harmless born-again Christian. She had a banana, a peach, and a salad with dressing.


3 /10 Bad Breakup BBQ

Lois Nadean Smith killed her son’s ex-girlfriend and was executed in 2001. She reportedly did this in pseudo-self defense, as Cindy Baillie, the victim, was rumored to be arranging the murder of Smith’s son.

So, Mrs. Smith shot Baillee multiple times and stomped on her corpse. She had a southern hospitality spread of barbeque ribs, onion rings, a strawberry banana cake, and cherry limeade for her last meal.


2 /10 Velma's Vending Machine Snack

Velma Barfield was the first woman killed by lethal injection after the death penalty was reinstated as legal corporal punishment. She admitted to killing six people with arsenic poisoning, including her fiance and her mother.

As if in an afterthought, she requested a Coca-Cola and Cheez Doodles before dying in 1984, which could have just as easily come from a vending machine in the prison officer’s lounge.


1 /10 Monster's Last Meal

Aileen Wuornos is one of America’s more famous female serial killers, made so by a movie based on her bizarre story.

Monster, in which Charlize Theron portrayed her, went into detail about the necessary evils behind what drives a woman to kill.

She killed seven men in Florida who picked her up as a prostitute, and she claims her murders were in self-defense.

She had one cup of coffee, turning down other suggestions like barbeque chicken. Not everyone looks for comfort when facing their end.

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