They say that if you have a job you love, it seems like you never have to feel like working a single day in your life, which can be entirely true, especially if the job also is financially rewarding.

But you can say with almost certainty that the vast majority of people do not have their dream jobs although this does not necessarily mean people hate what they do for a living.

Professions come in all shapes and sizes; some are the typical 9 to 5 office works, others are field jobs where you have to spend hours each day commuting from point A to B, a good portion is freelancing work, and there is a very small percentage filled up with what we call “dream jobs” in which working feels like playing all day long or in some cases, sleeping.

The following professions go beyond any typical job categories, because they are so rare that those who actually get hired to do the works can be considered some of the luckiest people in the entire workforce.

10 Island Caretaker

If a company or someone advertises a job opening and call the vacant position as “the best job in the world” on the Internet, you have every right to be suspicious about it.

For Ben Southall, however, things were exactly like what the ads said.

In 2009, Tourism Queensland opened a recruitment to fill the position of “Caretaker of the Islands” to house-sit the islands of Great Barrier Reef.

Benefits included large salary and free-lodging in a multi-million dollar villa.

After several months, there were more than 34,684 applicants from more than 200 countries. Mr. Southall won the competition and got the job.

9 Professional Snuggler

The world has changed, and a lot of people in it often feel intense pressures from social life and high level of stress from day after day of hard works.

In case you are on the brink of emotional and physical exhaustions, professional snugglers are here to help.

The concept of hiring professional snuggler to help reduce stress level came to surface first in Japan, but now the same professions have made their way to North America.

While some conservatives probably despise the idea as they see it as gateway to pr*stitution, professional snugglers are available for hire.

8 Chocolatier

Anybody who loves chocolate wants to be chocolatier. And because this is chocolate we’re talking about, let us assume billions of people would gladly apply for the job.

A chocolatier is not responsible for making chocolates, but turning the delicacy into works of art.

As pleasant as it may seem, the profession requires someone with strong culinary experience, steady hands, and significant amount of creative mind.

The job is like creating something out of clay, but you are using chocolate instead. When the job is done, the creation still has to taste like chocolate.

7 Unexploded Ordnance Technician

For the more adventurous soul, being an Unexploded Ordnance Technician sounds like a dream job indeed.

The works involve detonating active explosive in a “safe” location away from people and other objects.

In many places of conflicts where bombs, land mines, or artilleries are still often found all over the place, it is the technician’s responsibility to mitigate the threat entirely by finding a space to set those devices off.

Only those with high level of UXO training are allowed to apply. Salary is in the range of $50,000 per year.

6 Voiceover Actors

Animated characters display their unique personalities on screen using body language, facial expressions, and of course voices.

Although animators can design every single movement of every part of the body, creating a distinguishable voice for each character is a monumentally difficult task.

An easy way to do that is by hiring a voiceover actor. The profession does not require you to memorize every line in the script or actually act in front of the camera.

You can just read the line, but with all the appropriate emotions you can muster.

5 Waterslide Tester

One of the first companies to open requirement for “waterslide testers” positions is First Choice, a UK-based holiday tour operator.

Testers are responsible for quality control of waterslides in 20 world resorts managed by the company. The job sounds like getting paid to enjoy a vacation, because that’s exactly what it is.

Of course you cannot just play around and go home as you are required to make a comprehensive report of your fun experience.

Think of it as going on a holiday free of charge, and getting a good salary for writing how you feel about the destination.

4 Netflix Tagger

Without the hard-working people who work as Netflix Taggers, you probably find the movies/series recommendation more ridiculous than it already is today.

As the name suggests, the taggers put descriptive words for each show into the system.

It allows subscribers to search for a specific show using some basic keywords only. As for the taggers, they are getting paid to watch premium TV channels.

There are only about 50 Netflix Taggers in existence, so as the company grows bigger, it perhaps needs some more.

3 Gumologist

Candy companies like Wrigley and Cadbury will not just make and market new candies without some rigorous research and professional testing first; this is where gumologists come in.

The companies need professional testers to try new line of gums and figure out if the flavor, texture, color, and everything else are just right.

Before somebody can be a gumologist (or gum tasters), the employer will have to make sure that the person has the exact level of senses required for the job. It is believed that only 10% of Americans are qualified.

2 Guide Book Writer

Even if you don’t like following someone else’s recommendation on what places to visit in a country, chances are you still need a guidance on finding the best hotels, restaurants, bars, markets, shopping centers, and transportation companies that offer the best services for the prices they ask.

In short, you need a guide book to know the best and worst parts of every destination.

A guide book does not just appear out of thin air; somebody has to write it, and the best person to do that is one that has wandered the place inside out.

Many tourism organizations prefer hiring someone to travel and write a guide book to running a recruitment process.

1 Professional Sleeper

What if you are lazy but you need money to make a good living? The answer is advertising yourself as a professional sleeper.

Believe it or not, the profession does exist; some people are getting paid just to sleep for a wide variety of purposes including scientific research.

Some professional sleepers, however, work to test the comfort level of a bed in a hotel or a couch if needs be.

The challenge is making a good analysis on how well you sleep when you wake up.

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