Known for her resemblance to reality star Kim Kardashian and of course for the curvy figure, Claudia Felix was more than just a celebrity on Instagram.

Apart from her reputation as a successful woman who often boasted her extensive wealth, displayed extravagant lifestyle, and posted sensual photos of herself online, she was also allegedly a ruthless killer associated with Los Ántrax, one of the world’s most dangerous gangsters.

At a young age of 35, she was found dead on September 14, 2019 in her private residence located in Culiacan, in the Mexican state of Sinaloa.

The prosecutor general of the state said that there was no suspicion of foul play and therefore the manner of death was non-violent. Cause of death was ruled as overdose.

The nature of her relationship with the organized crime, or whether any relationship existed at all, remains unclear.

However the rumor had long been spreading even before her death, and some of Felix’s online photos do not help ease the suspicion either.

10 Typical Car Selfie

Any Instagram account looks incomplete without at least one selfie taken in the car – or more commonly referred to as “carfie” by those who are fond of it.

An Instagram search of #carfie will give you a couple of million collective results.

As far as carfie is concerned, Claudia Felix was just like any other girl, but of course she was not just another girl using the social app on her phone.

In this particular photo, she looks like an A-list celebrity with glowing red-pink lipstick and the glossy locks.

Add those with an oversized sunglasses, and what we see is the picture glamorous powerful woman almost every young girl could envy.

9 Non-Typical Car Selfie

For most girls out there, having a couple of flawless car selfies should be enough to attract a good number of approvals and “likes” from family, friends, and some strangers. For Claudia Felix, the freedom of expression went beyond making a duck face or sporting provocative hand gestures.

Her kind of non-typical car selfie apparently involved heavy makeup and most surprisingly a gun.

It is not just the type of gun you often see in movies, but a rare pink-colored AK-47 with some interesting graphics on it. When most girls take carfies with their pets and stuffed animals, Felix’s prop of choice was an automatic assault rifle.

8 B*kini Shot

In many popular Instagram accounts with hundreds of thousands of followers and millions of likes, there is one thing in common; they all have some s*xy photos.

Felix’s account is no exception. Among many of her photos, the b*kini shot is an obvious attention grabber.

Here she wears a pink cutout bathing suit with frilly top and makes a perfect pout as the icing on the cake.

The photo is both glamorous and provocative, showing that Felix – despite all the suspicions surrounding her personal life as an assassin – also had that superstar quality in her.

7 Simply Extravagant Style

The combination of bright orange mini dress and oversized pair of sunglasses are nothing out of the ordinary, but if you pay closer attention to what she’s holding, the photo suddenly has a different kind of appeal. In the photo, she seems to be holding a gold-plated hand gun.

Her two bodyguards may not look like true professionals judging by their wardrobe, yet they appear to be on alert with their own weapons.

Just next to the glass of wine, there is another handgun in case what they have on their hands are not enough.

6 Gun Show

The backgrounds in these two photos appeared to be a peaceful and calm greenery.

Even Felix looks calm in these pictures with her yoga pants.

But of course the focal point here are not her long black hair and what she wears, but what she holds in her hands.

Once again we see the pink AK-47, similar to (probably the same as) the weapon featured in one of her carfies.

But for sure it was not the only assault rifle she could handle in comfort.

5 Impromptu Kiss

It could be an impromptu kiss gone wrong because the man clearly was looking at the camera.

Perhaps it was meant to be a candid photo of her kissing the man, but even if the photo did not turn out as natural as Felix wanted it to be, all other details about her in the photo still give the fascinations viewers crave for.

The cropped strapless top in salmon color and the short shorts that seemed to have been passionately yet carelessly cut will always be the most eye catching details in this photo.

4 Brunette Ambition

These kind of photos gave a stark contrast between her account and most other girls’ on social media.

There is no telling whether the photo on the left was taken at a gun range or her own backyard; and the one on the right was almost certainly captured inside a car.

Felix looks different on those two photos.

She appears to be all casual with her long rifle in one photo, and ready to party while carrying a more discreet lethal accessory.

The clear message is not to mess with this girl. Message received and dully noted.

3 Wardrobe Adjustments

Skin tight romper is a true traffic-stopper when worn by a curvaceous woman, and this photo is a cold hard evidence of the matter.

The dress is meant to highlight the wearer’s curvy body, although many times the style comes with an ongoing battle of its own.

If you pull it up, you have to tug it down vice versa. If you have the body to wear it with confidence, however, tight romper is worth the hassle.

Felix doesn’t mind adjusting the dress in this picture; in fact, the very hassle of constant adjustment is part of the appeal.

2 Guns And Glitz

Taking a closer look Felix’s photos on social media, it is safe to say that there are four persistent aspects to see: guns, glamor, glitz, and sensuality. When you combine all those in a photograph, the only limit is your own imagination.

This photo has all four aspects in excellent balance with a contrasting silvery color of a twist dress and gold-plated assault rifle.

It features guns and glamorous fashion in one eye-catching glitz. The more surprising part is how Felix doesn’t look awkward at all with that sort of brazen flashiness.

1 Balcony Babe

It is not easy to take a good balcony shot.

In addition to making sure that the main subject is properly highlighted, the photographer must also include the beauty of the background whether it is mountain range, ocean, woods, and so on.

In this photo, Felix is overlooking an urban landscape while facing the camera backward.

The photo was captured from such an angle to also showcase her curvaceous body.

It seems like an easy shot but that is only because Felix made it look that way.

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