8 /10 In The Dark

George was apprehended along with his older brother John. While under apprehension, George ended up confessing, alone in a room with white police officers at a point when his parents didn’t even know what was going on.

He was then confined in jail for 81 days without any potential or possibility of release. They had no bonds or bails; they had their confession and were moving forward as fast as they could with a trial.

His father was also fired and forced out of their company-provided housing. While they were relocating, they couldn’t even see George in prison until the trial.


7 /10 Fast Trial

Most murder trials can go on for days. There is often extensive evidence to go over and witnesses to testify. The charge of murder is steep and extreme.

It requires equally steep, extreme measures to ensure that a jury can make the most informed decision before verifying a verdict against a man with potential innocence.

George’s trial lasted one day, and the jury spent ten minutes deliberating before issuing their decision.


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