Making accurate prediction of the weather is a difficult undertaking.

In spite of sets of data and patterns to analyze, weather condition is not exactly like a math problem with only one correct answer.

Wind direction can change, humidity level goes up and down, rain comes and goes, clouds move about under the sun, but weather girls are here to stay.

Even when the forecast is incorrect or different from what you expect, the person who delivers the prediction can always brighten up your day.

Every TV channel has its own weather forecast, usually delivered in a separate segment during the morning news.

Although many channels use roughly the same set of data and come out with the same forecast, each weather girl brings her own unique appeal to the screen.

Whether or not you actually care about the weather, tuning in to watch the talented and beautiful weather casters is an enjoyable way to start any day of the week, especially if the forecast is delivered by one of the following beauties.

10 Yanet Garcia

If the number of Instagram followers is any indication of a weather caster’s popularity, Yanet Garcia sits at the top of the list with more than 13 million.

But then again it is not surprising considering how gorgeous she is.

Before landing a job as weather caster for Televisa Monterrey, Garcia was better known as a model.

From her works on TV, she has earned the proud nickname of “the world’s hottest weather girl” which sounds just about right for a person who doesn’t shy away from showcasing her figure on social media.

9 Naile Lopez

Just like what Yanet Garcia did, Naile Lopez started her journey from modeling work.

Lopez pursued a career as professional model right after high school, but then she decided to embark on a new journey in 2012 by taking the job as weather caster also for Televisa Monterrey.

When Lopez is not busy flaunting her unmistakable beauty in a weather report, she is taking acting jobs for Televisa San Angel studio in Mexico City.

She doesn’t have as much followers as Garcia, but they’re equally eye-catching.

8 Jackie Guerrido

Born in Puerto Rico, Jackie Guerrido has a tough childhood witnessing how her father mistreated her mother.

She eventually escaped the unfortunate circumstances (with her mother) and moved to the Bronx, New York City.

Guerrido finally settled down in Miami, where she landed a job at WRMA. She has also worked for WSCV as traffic reporter and radio host on WRTO.

Soon enough Univision took notice of Guerrido, and the TV network has been making her one of its prominent anchors.

7 Evelyn Taft

It takes more than just good-looking and ideal body to become a popular weather caster; take Evelyn Taft as example.

She learned Russian from her Moscow-born parents, but Taft also speaks English, French, and Hebrew.

Her interest in traveling and international culture led her to San Francisco where she landed a job as show host at Mid-Peninsula Community Media Center.

Taft has lived in London and France, travelled throughout Europe, Asia, and America, and spent a long period of time in Israel. She is now working as chief weekend meteorologist for KCAL-TV.

6 Cristina Blackwell

Born to a Mexican mother and American father, Cristina Blackwell is blessed with beauty.

Her fluency in both English and Spanish has led her to plenty of unique career opportunities. Blackwell is a professionally-trained chef as well, having spent a year learning at a culinary institute in Paris.

Her cooking career didn’t work out all too well, and so she decided to pursue another line of work, this time in broadcasting.

She worked at KENS-5, hosting Great Day SA for three years before announcing her departure from the TV station on November 2019.

5 Chita Craft

Starting her tenure at KHOU in 2011 after spending time at KRCR in California, Chita Craft has now been an important part of the news scene in Houston for many years.

Her weather forecast has filled up TV screen and the massive NRG Stadium’s video board on regular basis.

Not only is she a talented weather caster, but also a certified scuba diver. She is on air weekday morning on Channel 11 and on the colossal screen at NRG stadium during Texans home games.

4 Bri Winkler

Beauty and intelligent is a dreamy combination to find in just about every person you know, and Bri Winkler has both.

Graduating from the University of Miami with a Bachelor of Science degree in Marine and Atmospheric Science, she began working at KAMR-TV (an affiliate of NBC) in Amarillo, Texas.

At a young age of 24, Winkler suffered a stroke caused by vertebral artery dissection. She survived and recovered for the condition.

In addition to her works forecasting weather at ABC7, she also is an active advocate for American Heart/Stroke Association.

3 Magda Palimariu

Born in a small town in Transylvania in 1979, Magda Palimariu is one of the most well-known weather casters from Romania.

She started working in Bucharest (where she is still based until now) soon after getting her Master’s degree in journalism.

She is quite an active professional; besides working as weather caster, Palimariu also is a model for popular magazines including Pro TV and Playboy.

Palimariu said that she didn’t mind posing for Playboy because her pose contained no nudity; even if it had contained nudity, she was fine with it as long as nudity did not lead to vulgarity.

2 Sugey Abrego

Born in Mexico in 1978, Sugey Abrego has made her name not only in the world of weather forecasting, but also on TV and theater.

During one of her weather forecasting appearances, a wardrobe malfunction quickly made her an online sensation.

It was when she wore a tight denim shorts on the screen several years back; the shorts looked so tight that some sections of it gathered around her crotch area, creating a camel toe.

She didn’t seem to notice, and viewers happily didn’t mind either.

1 Sheena Parveen

Coming from India to the United States to study meteorology at the Florida State University, Sheena Parveen is now a meteorologist at NBC.

She had been once a host at WTVT network, before she moved to NBC 10 Philadelphia in December 2011.

Since early 2019, she has been part of NBC 7 San Diego. You can see her on News Today and News Midday shows.

Sheena Parveen is considered one of the best meteorologists in the US with an estimated annual income of around $1.7 million.

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