Over time as we get older, and our children eventually have their own children, we will take on the role of grandparents.

We stop having the fun our younger life offered, and are stuck being the sweet grandparent that children and grandchildren alike, cherish so dearly.

Unfortunately, society believes that all grandparents are destined to lives as homebodies, whose only social lives include their frequent doctor’s appointments. But some older people are able to defy these expectations. Some grandparents, like fine wine, have only gotten better as they age.

We can only hope that we can all turn out as youthful-looking, and active as these grandparents have done so gracefully.

Maybe these are a special breed of grandparents, who time can never truly take hold of. Whatever the case may be, these grandparents leave us all hoping we too can turn back the hands of the clock.

Here are 10 grandparents you won’t believe exist.

10 Glenn Quillen

When most people hit 100 years old, they usually want to cherish their time with dinner, cake, and quality time with their friends and family.

Glenn Quillen, however, wanted something more extreme than a simple gathering.

Quillen asked his grandson, Michael Welch, to set up a tandem skydiving trip for his 100th birthday.

His family didn’t know of Quillen’s plans until the day before the trip when invitations were extended.

Glenn’s dive was from 13,000 feet in San Diego, California, and was eager to have another go immediately after.

9 “G-Unit”

Charleston, South Virginia Police Department has one special crime-fighting unit consisting of grandmothers, residents at the YWCA, who are victims of domestic abuse or elderly abuse.

These women were sworn into their duties with the promise to protect their community from the violence they faced with the power of love.

Unlike other police units, this unit of grandmothers, also known as the “G-Unit,” don’t use weapons such as guns or mace.

Instead, they are dispatched to different communities in Charleston to give love and hugs in an effort to reduce violence.

8 Kenneth Harmon

In March 2016, Kelsey Harmon tweeted a photo of her grandfather, Kenneth Harmon, sadly eating a hamburger, after 5 of his 6 grandchildren didn’t show up for his dinner.

The picture rapidly went viral on Twitter, and just about everyone wanted to do something to make his day.

Around 10 days after the photo went viral, “Sad Grandpa” hosted a cookout with hundreds of guests showing up, wanting to show up and make Harmon’s day.

7 Baddie Winkle

Baddie Winkle is a 90 years young great grandmother, who is the very definition of the phrase “Young at Heart.”

Baddie Winkle was born Helen Ruth Elam Van Winkle, and her amusing tag line is “Stealing Your Man Since 1928.”

Baddie’s strong social media presence earned her celebrity status and has even earned her some modeling gigs.

Her social media is often filled with her wearing little or suggestive clothing, along with a few controversial references.

6 Anthony Varrecchia

While he technically is not really a grandfather, our next unbelievable grandparent is in his 50’s and sports his grey hair and silver beard as only a champ could.

Anthony was fueled to workout and improve his appearance after his late husband passed away in a tragic car accident. Not long after he drastically improved his physique, Anthony began a modeling career at his late age.

Currently, on social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram, he has over 100,000 followers.

Originally from Manhattan, New York, Anthony Varrecchia has earned himself the name “Silver Fox,” and is open to possibly find love once more.

5 Yasmina Rossi

It’s hard to tell by just looking at her, but Yasmina Rossie is nearly 60 years old with an appearance that looks nearly half her age.

It’s no surprise that countless other women would do just about anything to have a body like Yasmina’s. She began her modeling career in her mid-twenties but didn’t get her big break until she reached 45.

Her secrets to looking so good include a healthy diet, exercise, rapeseed oil, an avocado a day, and daily body scrub.

4 Neal Unger

For Neal “The Dude” Unger, skateboarding is much more than just a sport.

It’s something he has dedicated his life to. To him, skateboarding is a method to keep his life and mind balanced.

His old age can’t stop him though, and Unger continues to train, try, and invent even more tricks.

Different to many other skateboarders, “The Dude” didn’t begin his skateboarding career until later in life, and he still proclaims himself as a beginner.

He continues to inspire many people wanting to try something new in life.

3 Winifred Pristell

Winifred “Heavy Metal” Pristell is a great grandmother who boasts two powerlifting world records under her belt. She began powerlifting in her 40’s as she was searching for an effective way to lose way and improve her fitness.

It wasn’t until her 60’s when she began powerlifting competitively. Astonishingly, at the age of 68, Winifred began to break records when she bench pressed 176.2 pounds and crushed 270 pounds in the deadlift.

It’s unarguable that this is an incredible feat for her age, and this is where she made a name for herself.

Despite dealing with arthritis and joint issues, Winnifred continues to work out for 3 days a week. Winnifred’s perseverance inspires us all.

2 Ding Bingcai

For most of his long life, 85-year-old Ding Bingcai worked as a farmer. He had never even worn a suit before.

Ding Bingcai’s lifestyle changed after moving to the southeastern city of Xiamen in China, when his grandson, Ding Guoliang, wanted to do something special for him.

Guoliang works as a fashion photographer, and he wanted to showcase what he had done for a living to his grandfather, so he put a suit on Bingcai, and got to work.

When the photos went viral, Bingcai quickly earned the name “Hipster Grandpa.” Guoliang used this project not only to honor his grandfather but to bring awareness to caring for the elderly.

1 Johanna Quaas

Johanna Quaas is in her 90’s and is known internationally for being the oldest gymnast in the world.

Born in 1925, Quass began training at an extremely young age and began to compete in 1934.

As she grew older, Johanna continued her passion for the sport by training and coaching other gymnasts.

Johanna went viral when in 2012 at the age of 86 when a video of her training became extremely popular.

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