On any regular day, people in the vicinity of the Mid-City Inn – a motel in Euless, Texas – would come across Jason Alan Thornburg reading a bible or distributing religious fliers and inviting people to go to his room.

There is a biblical verse written in his Facebook profile, too. Many knew him as an ordinary friendly man of Native American descent and a good neighbor.

Those people did not realize that behind the cordial sociable façade, he hid a twisted belief in human sacrifice ritual.

Last September, his mask of benevolence fell apart when the police linked him to burnt bodies found in a dumpster miles away from the motel.

Now the police have enough evidence to charge Jason with the murders of three people whose bodies were discovered in the dumpster.

Within just a matter of days, he killed and dismembered the victims one at a time before transporting and burning the remains about 25 miles away from Mid-City Inn.

It was not immediately clear what triggered his inner killer, but he described to the police that the victims needed to be sacrificed.

Fort Worth Police Department

10 /10 A Million Dollar Bond

Jason Alan Thornburg, a 41-year-old Navajo residing in room No. 113 at the Mid-City Inn in Euless, Texas, was arrested on September 27, 2021, in connection with the deaths of three people whose bodies were found dismembered and burnt in a dumpster in Fort Worth.

He has been charged with capital murder and held at the Tarrant County Jail on a $1 million bond.

During a press conference on Tuesday afternoon, Sgt. Joe Loughman of the Fort Worth Police Department’s homicide unit said they could track Jason’s possible involvement in the deaths based on the suspect’s vehicle movement.

9 /10 Trash Fire

On Wednesday, September 22, at around 6:15 a.m., the Fort Worth Fire Department responded to a report of a dumpster fire located at 3120 Bonnie Drive in Tarrant County, Texas.

Once the fire had been put out, firefighters discovered dismembered human bodies inside the dumpster. Subsequent investigation revealed there were three bodies in total; one male and two female, all adults.

Each was cut in pieces and severely burned. Somebody parts were missing. The dumpster appeared to have been recently emptied because nothing was found apart from the human remains.

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8 /10 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Surveillance video from across the street showed that an SUV made multiple stops at the dumpster Tuesday night.

The male driver took out a container from the vehicle and emptied the content into the dumpster during each visit, except in the last one where he also ignited it using an unknown substance which started a large fire just seconds later.

Detectives determined that the vehicle was a black Jeep Grand Cherokee of 2005 – 2010 model years with a roof rack and chrome accents and rims.

7 /10 GPS Locator

Going through all Jeep Grand Cherokees registered in Tarrant County, detectives found one of the model years 2008 with unique-looking chrome rims and temporary tag 24465P9 that matched the vehicle in the surveillance video.

Records showed the car was registered to Jason Alan Thornburg. The police contacted the lienholder of the SUV and obtained its GPS locator.

Historical location data indicated that the SUV was repeatedly parked at Mid-City Inn.

Later on, the motel manager confirmed that the person of interest was indeed a registered occupant. Surveillance video from the inn showed Jason leaving with several large containers.

6 /10 Bodies Identified

Two bodies have been identified. One was David Lueras, a Hispanic male born on October 29, 1978. During an autopsy at the medical examiner’s office, David was found to have a penis implant.

One of the female victims was Lauren Philips (34), who knew Jason after receiving his religious flier. She needed a place to stay, and that was how she ended up in Jason’s room.

Fort Worth police said during the news conference that the other female victim had been identified too, but they declined to name her.

5 /10 Human Sacrifice

Carrying an arrest warrant, three detectives visited where Jason worked as an electrician in Arlington on September 27. He was taken into custody without much of a drama.

He agreed to come to the police station and speak with investigators. He told the police that David had come to his room and stayed with him five days before the bodies were found.

Jason described himself as having in-depth knowledge of the bible and believed he had been tasked to perform human sacrifices. Jason killed David by slicing his throat then cutting the body to pieces.

4 /10 Female Victims

A female, whom Jason described as small and Hispanic, showed up at his door about two days later. He “sacrificed” her in more or less the same fashion as David.

After cutting her throat, Jason dismembered the body and hid the remains in storage tubs. Another female came to the motel a few days later.

This time he strangled her to death then cut the body into pieces. He stored the remains also in the tubs.

When asked whether he had committed other sacrifices in the past, Jason admitted to having made two more killings before.

3 /10 Straight Blade Knife

Jason described the murders in great detail about how he killed them during the interview.

To dismember the body, he didn’t bother using any power tool like a chainsaw or modern equipment but simply a Milwaukee brand straight blade knife.

A box for such a knife was discovered when the police executed the search warrant for his room. Sgt. Joe Loughman said that throughout his time in the homicide unit, there had never been anything that resembled the case.

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2 /10 A Roommate And A Girlfriend

The police had investigated Jason Alan Thornburg earlier this year in connection with the mysterious death of his former roommate, the 61-year-old Mark Jewell.

The house that Jason shared with Mark was destroyed following a gas explosion on May 21. Initial investigation by the medical examiner did not rule Mark’s death as a homicide.

The finding was inconclusive, leaving the police with no evidence to link Jason to the case.

Now Jason admitted to having “sacrificed” his roommate before uncapping the gas line and lighting a candle. He had murdered his girlfriend in Arizona, too.


1 /10 Links To Unsolved Cases

Fort Worth Police Chief Neil Noakes admitted that the revelation was unsettling and shocking.

In a news conference, he reminded that it was paramount to bring the killer to justice.

Due to the crime committed in Arizona, where the murdered girlfriend was reported missing, the police are looking to determine whether to pursue any possible connection linking Jason Alan Thornburg with unsolved murder cases of missing persons registered all across Texas and the country. Before living in Texas, Jason lived in Arizona and Montana. 

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