As much as most of us avoid admitting it, everybody likes to listen to a good murder story. The mystique and fright that surround these stories are interesting yet scary at the same time.

Quite a lot of people have made a career out of their morbid interests with murders. Look at the thousands of movies and novels around based on murders and you will know precisely why the murder genre is so in demand.

That being said, the reality behind murders is often sad and scary. It makes you wonder why the murderers do what they do and if there could have been something to avoid them from taking action.

However, questions like these will often remained unanswered especially when the murderers follows through with their deeds.

Murders have been happening for as long as mankind has existed. All killers have various motives behind their actions – some do it because of jealousy, some do it because of greed, love, or lust, while there are those who kill people just for the thrill of it. As strange as it may sound, all of this is true.

Most killers tend to think that they can rest easy after taking someone’s life; it is why they commit the act to begin with. In reality however, even if some of these murderers avoided the police, what some of them were not able to avoid was – the ghosts of their victims who haunted them every day.

Now, whether they were haunted by real ghosts or their memory is debatable, however, the murders mentioned below firmly believed that the ghosts of their victims were adamant on destroying their peace.

10 Terry Childs

Terry Childs killed a seventeen year old girl in 1987. The girl was named Lois Sigala and she was stabbed to death by Terry. Fortunately, the police successfully captured Terry and sentenced him for more than forty years in prison.

During his time in the prison, he started to confess about numerous other murders as well with one of the victims being another woman named Linda Ann Jozovich. Terry stated that he kidnapped Linda in 1979 and strangled, beat, and stabbed her to death, after which he buried her body inside the Mountains in Santa Cruz. It took more than ten years to unearth the remains of Linda’s body.

Childs stated that the reason for his confessions was to make his inner demons disappear. He claimed that his victims’ ghosts haunted him every day. He saw them inside his prison, looking at him and keeping him awake. Due to the confessions that he made, his prison sentence was increased to life without the chance of parole.

9 Daniel French

Daniel French was in a desperate search to earn some easy money back in 2012. This desperation led him to rob an elder’s home inside a retirement community. Daniel entered the community posing as maintenance professional and went inside the house of one Barbara Howe, who was 87 years of age.

He tried shocking Barbara using a stun gun on her neck but to his surprise, it did not affect her too much.  Scared that she would scream, Daniel grabbed her by the neck and began to check her as hard as he could; however, Barbara still remained conscious.

French continued to choke her which eventually led to her sad demise. Confused, French hid Barbara’s body by concealing it under her belongings. While hiding the body, Daniel came across a diamond ring which he tossed out of the window of his car.

Barbara’s murder remained unsolved for a couple of years. However, after some time, the police started to put together some evidence that they came across which eventually led them to Daniel. Upon questioning him, Daniel confessed immediately. He stated that he felt guilty about murdering Barbara and even saw her ghost regularly.

8 Mark Bridger

Mark Bridger was the quintessential example of a lowlife. He spent most of his time consuming alcohol, doing hard drugs, and looking at p*rnographic videos, some of which even involved images of kids.

After spending a typical day in 2012, Mark drove his car and came across a young girl. This girl was only five years of age. This girl’s name was April Jones. Bridger took April inside his car after which no one ever saw her again.

The authorities arrested Bridger the very next day. He claimed that he was responsible for killing her but also said that it happened because of a car accident. The police called a forensic expert to take a closer look at the case and upon investigation, the forensic expert came across blood and bone fragments inside Bridger’s house.

These fragments matched April’s DNA. The police immediately rejected Bridger’s story and jailed him. They firmly believe that he assaulted her s*xually and later on killed and scattered her parts. Bridget was sentenced to life. During his time in prison, he claimed that she saw April’s ghost appearing inside her cell every night.

7 Adrian Daou

In 2010, a woman named Jennifer Stewart was murdered inside a parking lot. She was mercilessly beaten with an axe to death. No one was able to solve Jennifer’s murder for almost three years. What’s more surprising was that there were not any leads either.

Later on however, Adrian Daou, who murdered Jennifer, confessed to his crime. The police however were quite skeptical about his admission as some of his statements were quite different to the actual crime. That being said, Adrian did mention a couple of things that only the murderer would have known.

The police told him to reenact his actions on a cardboard tube and the motions he made matched the crime. Daou stated that he murdered Jennifer in order to kick start his career in music. In his mind, murdering someone was a good basis of becoming a successful rapper. Daou also saw Jennifer’s ghost twice a day which led him to make the confession.

6 John Nkuna

John Nkuna along with two of his friends kidnapped a person by the name of Bob Ruel Baloyi. The group used a piece of cloth to tie Baloyi up and beat him relentlessly.

Later on, the group of friends spilled gasoline on top of Baloyi and burned him in fire. A few days later, a cattle herder came across Baloyi’s remains and reported about it to the police. The murderers fled to different cities in order to avoid the charges.

But, the main culprit Nkuna started to see Baloyi’s ghost. His ghost told him to tell the victim’s family that he was responsible for murdering him. This terrified Nkuna to no end, which is why he eventually went to the family and made his confession.

Nkuna and his allies were arrested; however, the court withdrew the charges from the friends. Nkuna pleaded not guilty; however, the court still convicted him on the basis of his confession and sentenced him for fifteen years.

5 Victor Amewugah

Back in 2013, Victor Amewugah acquired a taxi driver’s services to take him on a long journey. Unfortunately, Victor had a menacing plan for this journey which he acted out halfway through the trip. He took his gun out and shot the driver inside the cab. He pushed his body outside and drove away.

Victor repeated this crime again after some months and got away once again. Slowly however, people started to suspect that he was responsible for these murders which led him to run away.

However, no matter where Victor hid, the ghost of his second victim started to haunt him. He even slapped victor while he was asleep. This torment was becoming unbearable which caused victor to talk about his troubles with a friend.

This friend informed the police about the Victor’s murders which led to his eventual arrest. Victor showed deep regret over his actions and advised other criminals to make changes to their life to achieve mental peace.

4 Jose E. Ferreira Junior

When Joseph Ferreira was just 17 years old, he came across a girl named Carrie Ann Jopek. Carry was just 13 years old at the time when they met. Jose and Carrie shared a joint at a party after which Carrie asked him to follow her to the basement. Walking down the stairs, Carrie started to have second thoughts.

She told Jose Ferreira that she did not think it was a good idea. Ferreira however was quite adamant and pushed her down the stairs. Ferreira broke her neck and ankle after falling down, giving Jose the opportunity to have his way with Carrie.

After a few minutes however, Jose realized that Carrie broke her neck and lost her life. Jose took Carrie’s body outside the house and hid it below a porch. It took more than seventeen months for someone to discover Carrie’s body.

The case remained open for several years as the police did not have any leads. Three decades later however, Ferreira confessed to murdering Carrie claiming that her spirit haunted him every day since her death.

3 Al Capone

On the 14th of February in 1929, seven members of the infamous North side Gang which included one James Clark had a rendezvous inside a garage. 4 people, two of whom wore a police outfit approached these men. These 4 people were actual policemen – they lined all the gang members up and shot all seven of them.

Although, this massacre never came to a conclusion, quite a lot of conspiracy theorists believe that Al Capone was the mastermind behind it. The police did end up arresting Capone on another charge after some months.

Some of the prison guards who were stationed near Al Capone’s prison claimed that he would shout at scream at night in fear.

Capone thought that he was being haunted by a ghost. He even hired a medium to force the ghost away but there was no success. One of Capone’s guards claimed that James Clark’s ghost haunted Capone even when he was wide awake.

2 Ah Fong

During 1983, 3 members who were in a secret society kidnapped Fan Man Yee. They said that she owed them a massive sum of money. These members spent more than thirty days torturing the poor women, after which she eventually died from the injuries that she sustained.

They cut her body into small pieces and threw it in the trash. One of the members had a young girlfriend who aided them in capturing Fan Man Yee. Her name was Ah Fong and she started getting nightmares since learning that Fan had died.

Not being able to handle the pressure, Ah Fong eventually reported the police about the crime that she and he triad members committed. Initially, the police thought that she was just a deluded teenager; however, after investigating further they came across some parts of Fan’s body.

The police arrested all of the members. They were taken to court and imprisoned for life, as the court found them guilty for manslaughter. Ah fond however received immunity because she testified.

1 Bhim Shankar Giri

Bhim’s brother Jeetendra used to constantly harass his wife. This upset him to no end. Eventually Bhim asked his brother to stay away from his wife but Jeetendra would never listen. This made Bhim extremely angry’ – initially, they had violent fights after every few days.

One day however, Bhim had enough and planned to kill his own brother. He did this by luring him in an isolated area, promising him that they were going to a party.

He even gave him alcohol to make sure that he was too drunk to defend himself. Once they were alone, Bhim cut his brother’s throat and ran away. His family immediately noticed Jeetendra’s and Bhim’s absence and immediately reported it to the police.

After a week passed however, Bhim started to hear his dead brother’s voice regularly. He even saw him in his dreams. In one dream, Bhim saw his brother choking him and threatening to haunt him for as long as he lived.

This caused Bhim to go to his family and confess about the murder of his brother. They took the murderous brother to the police station and got the police to arrest him.

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