8 /10 A Genuine Unpleasant Surprise

In the party scene in Bruce Wayne’s manor, Joker appeared seemingly out of an elevator to look for Harvey Dent. Our villain then learned about the connection between Batman and Rachel Dawes.

To prepare for this particular scene, Ledger intentionally hid away from his co-stars with one sole purpose: to make a shocking entrance. He nailed it.

The location was the first time Maggie Gyllenhaal saw Ledger’s Joker, and it was – to say the least – unsettling for her and perhaps some other actors.


7 /10 Joker Directed A Batman Movie, A Bit

Christopher Nolan directed The Dark Knight, but there are some little scenes in which Ledger took his role. There are some random videos played on TVs all over Gotham in the movie. Heath Ledger directed those.

In one of those videos, Joker kidnaped a fake Batman and killed him. In another video, a reporter was reading a statement from the Joker.

Ledger had a small directing part in the former, but everything in the second video was his idea.


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