Some people are evil to the core. They will seem like simple people, but then all of a sudden, they would do something to send shivers down your spine.

There is no shortage of gruesome crimes in this world. Some of them happened a long time ago, while others are relatively recent.

Most of these cases make the news and become a cautionary tale that people share for centuries.

While there are tons and tons of such cases, one that stood out the most involved a seemingly normal mother who was down on her luck most of the time, her name was Mitchelle Blair, and she lived in a small house with her four children.  

A History Of Financial Instability

Most people in Mitchelle Blaire’s neighborhood that she was a kind and loving woman who did everything possible to provide for her children.

Some of them knew her for years and had nothing wrong to say about her.

However, as time passed, a few people living close to her house saw her personality change.

She lost her temper quite frequently and was having loud arguments with her landlords and police officers often.

No one knew the reason behind this change of personality.

However, some neighbors realized that there was something wrong going on in her personal life.

After doing some inspection and asking around, they realized that Mitchelle’s landlord was evicting her.

The woman wasn’t the most financially stable person living in the neighborhood, but she used to pay her rent on time.

Unfortunately, it seemed like those days were no more and that apparently, Blair failed to pay the rent for several months.

Initially, the landlord gave her some time to get her life together and find a job.

Sadly, things did not work out for her, so she asked the homeowner for some more time.

The householder thought that he gave her enough chances and that it was time to evict her.

He gave the lady her final notice, telling her that not emptying the house on time could get her into legal trouble.

Mitchelle did not follow the eviction notice and stayed home.

As you would expect, police officers came to her house demanding her to vacate the premises at once.

Initially, the woman begged and pleaded. Later on, however, her behavior became increasingly aggressive.

So much so that one of the officers suspected that something was wrong.

Horror Ensues

After several minutes of a heated argument, police officers decided to bring a warrant to enter Mitchelle Blair’s home to make her empty the house forcefully.

They went to the station, received the card, and came back immediately.

Upon entering the house, they noticed that something was very off about it.

The place seemed unusually untidy, which led one of the officers to investigate the premises.

They started removing the furniture to unload it into a truck.

After two or three cupboards, they found something strange.

It looked like a large white box hidden inside one of the living rooms.

Upon getting closer, the officers realized that it wasn’t a box. Instead, it was a massive, deep-freezer.

The place where they found this freezer had a pungent smell, which led them to open the appliance.

What they saw inside it petrifiedthem, unlike any other thing they had seen on duty.

There were two bodies wrapped with plastic placed over one another.

The officers were not able to identify the bodies and decided to take Mitchelle Blair for questioning.

Surprisingly, she had escaped before they could have a word with her.

The officers looked around the house and its nearby areas to find the woman.

Luckily, one of the neighbors spotted Mitchelle and immediately told the police about her whereabouts.

She was hiding inside the house, bordering her place.

They went inside and found her along with two of her children.

However, two of them, Stoni and Stephen, were missing.

After conducting some thorough investigation, one of the inspectors arrested Mitchelle on suspicion for killing the people inside the freezer.

Evil Incarnate

The investigators took the body to a coroner for identification and determining the cause of death.

They had to thaw the bodies for almost three days because they allegedly were in the freezer for over a year.

The medical examiner informed that the people wrapped inside the plastic bags were Mitchelle Blair’s missing children.

He also stated that their bodies showed all signs of torture.

There were hundreds of marks, and bruises indicated that someone made them suffer a slow and painful death.

Mitchelle confessed to these murders, claiming that she was sorry, which was quite shocking considering the nature of her crimes.

How Did She Murder Them?

After admitting to the murders, Mitchelle began to share how and why she committed them.

She informed the judge that she took her sons’ life after discovering that demons were “s*xually violating” him.

No one was able to substantiate those claims, but that is what the reason the mother provided.

She explained that she caught her son performing s*xual acts on dolls.

He answered that Stephen, his brother, made him do it.

She immediately went to the boy’s room and started beating him.

Her anger grew, and she decided to give Stephen a punishment that he remembers.

Mitchelle tightly wrapped his head with a plastic bag, making him lose consciousness.

She tied him up and tortured him for more than two weeks by forcing him to drink Windex and pouring boiling water over him, peeling his skin off.

The poor boy died after going through unspeakable torture.

Almost a year after murdering Stephen, Mitchelle took her daughter’s life.

Her reason for killing the teenager was that she found her violating her youngest son.

She beat her to a pulp and starved her for weeks, which eventually led to her demise.

The judge sentenced to the murdering murder for life.

She now resides in a correctional facility with no hopes of receiving parole for good behavior.


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