Bad times often strike when you least expect them to haunt you.

There have been millions of cases since the dawn of time where people were living happy lives when all of a sudden, tragedy struck.

Some people live through these predicaments and find a way to regain their happiness.

Meanwhile, some unfortunate souls don’t see any lights at the end of the tunnel.

Life, for them, is full of misery and pain. Sometimes it becomes too much of a burden on the sufferer, leading them to make irrational decisions.

The mental anguish causes some people to inflict self-harm.

Some people take their self-damaging behavior to an entirely different level and end up causing irreversible physical damage.

Suicide is also quite common among people who suffer from depression.

There are no shortages of cases where people lost hope from life and end up killing themselves.

However, few are as sorrowful as the incident we are about to discuss.

It involves a mother and her struggle to provide her child with a happy life.

What Happened?

A couple of years ago, a thirty-two-year-old single Colombian mother and her son went missing.

People who knew them told the authorities that they had not seen them for several days, which was quite unusual as they always used to be nearby and easily approachable.

What they found out later on, however, devastated them, unlike any other news.

Few hours after receiving the report of the missing mother and child, police officers found out that they killed themselves by jumping off a bridge.

They got the news by some of the bystanders who watch these people plunge to their death.

Who Were The Deceased?

Initially, nobody knew the people whojumped off the bridge.

All they knew that the mother was under a lot of stress and had given up on life.

Bystanders did their best to talk her out of jumping, but it seemed like she wasn’t ready to listen to anybody.

Some people also tried to tug her emotional strings by asking her to spare her child, but she was adamant in taking him too.

Ultimately, their tries were unsuccessful, and the two jumped off the bridge.

A few people attempted to pull them out of the water, thinking that they could still be alive, but sadly, they weren’t able to find the bodies on time.

The child and his mother drowned deep, and it took several hours to retrieve their bodies.

Rescue teams had to swim in different directions to find the two, and it took a lot of effort in determining the location of these bodies, mainly because the tides were quite rough.

Upon retrieving the corpses, the rescue team sent the dead-bodies to the authorities for identification.

After a few hours of investigation, they determined that the lady was a single thirty-two year old Colombian named Jessy Paola Moreno Cruz.

After identifying the bodies, the lead inspector opened an investigation to determine why the lady committed suicide with her son.

What Did The Investigators Find?

Detectives were hard at work to determine the cause that led to Paula Moreno’s demise.

Fortunately, they did not have to dig up too much as they came across a note written by her.

It detailed the reasons and events that caused her to take her life.

In the letter, Paula expressed her anguish, stating that she was growing tired of everybody around her.

The love of her life left her unceremoniously and left her and their child to fend for themselves.

The lack of financial resources was too much to handle, especially because she was unable to provide necessities like food or education to her ten-year-old son.

To make matters worse, no one came to help Paula when she needed them the most.

People who she thought were close to her abandoned her during troubling times.

The lack of financial and emotional support led the lady to believe that her mistake of trusting the wrong people led her to this phase of her life.

She felt like a loser and couldn’t bear the humiliation and agony for much longer.

Harassed By Loan Sharks

In a desperate attempt to get her life back on track, Paula approached some shady loan organizations.

She received a generous amount of money, but there was a catch – there was a sizable interest rate attached to the money she had to return.

Initially, the lady from Colombia thought that she would get a decent job and have no difficulty repaying the loan.

People who she thought were close to her abandoned her during troubling times.

So, when the time came to repay the money, she had to ask the loan sharks to give her an extension.

They agreed but increased the interest rates as well. Sadly, this cycle continued for an extended period, after which things got worse.

The loaners realized that Paula was incapable of paying their money back and started to terrorize her. They would harass her on the streets in front of friends and relatives, humiliating her every time they saw her.

The loan shark’s henchmen took some of Paula’s valuables away as collateral, leaving her with nothing.

Eventually, her landlords also became fed up, as she was not paying rent for a few months.

They evicted her, leaving her homeless.

All of these events sent the poor woman into a deep depression, which made her think of dark thoughts.

After resisting negativity for quite a while, Paula succumbed to the pressure and decided to jump off a bridge with her son.

Her letter also stated that she didn’t want her ten-year-old boy to be in danger, which is why she planned to take his life too.

Suicide Due To Financial Instability

More and more people are taking their lives because of being unable to provide for their families.

Lack of financial resources often sends people into a depression, making them think they’re unworthy of living.

Paula went through the same predicament and decided to end her misery by committing suicide with her young son.

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