When the Titanic sank in 1912, a legend was made that wouldn’t soon be forgotten. It feels like yesterday to some, but in reality it’s been more than 100 years since this horrific event took place. The day the Titanic sank remains to be one of the saddest days in human history.

It was a night of horror, tears, anguish, despair, and dismay. On that night, both the poor and the rich onboard the seemingly never-ending ship stared man’s greatest fear in the eye, death. This terrifying event has had books, articles, and even a feature film produced around it.

Not even the best of gamblers could’ve placed a bet on the Titanic sinking, especially during its first voyage. The ship was said to have been unsinkable. It was an engineering masterpiece that was designed to carry more passengers than any other previous ship could.

It was supposed to change the way people travelled. Instead, it caused an event so shaking that the memory of it will remain forever engraved in the history of man.

In the dark of the night, the ship clashed into an iceberg. The collision bore a large hole in the ship that wasn’t in the slightest recoverable. Despite the sailor’s best efforts, it became evident that there wasn’t anything that could be done to save the ship.

Due to the fear of failing to control the influx of people, the doors to the third class hallways were locked by the crew. Therefore, poor passengers and some foreigners were denied any chance of survival.

Since the White Star Line didn’t provide enough lifeboats to rescue every passenger on board, a policy to save women and children first was enforced. At the end of the day, the unprecedented happened, the Titanic’s first voyage was its last. The ship was lost alongside 1,500 passengers. Only about 700 people on board survived.

Some of these survivors were willing to share the detailed memories of this traumatizing event. Here is their testimony.

10 Mrs. Peter Reniff: The Last Woman Standing

Mrs. Peter Reniff boarded the Titanic with 8 of her loved ones. The journey began in excitement for her and her family. She was traveling with her husband, two brothers, several of her friends, and a cousin.

However, little did she know, she’d wind up being the only surviving passenger amongst the group after the ship sank. When Mrs. Reniff returned home, she was became so ill that she merely escaped death by her whiskers.

Due to the fear of aggravating her condition, no one told her about the death of her loved ones until she was in good health. She had been made to believe that another ship had picked them up and that they were just fine before she was well again.

Saying of her fellow passengers, “One of them told me that when the Titanic sank he was drawn down into one of the funnels and that he was shot out again when the air rushed from the ship. He said that he swam sixteen miles before he was picked up.”

9 William Carter: A Story Of Separation And Reunion

Most people who boarded the ship with their relatives didn’t all make it home together. However, there were some passengers onboard who were lucky enough to survive, along with every other member of their family.

The Carters were one of such lucky few. William Carter, his wife, and two children all walked away unscathed. William’s cousin, Joseph, gave a press review about the fate of his family.

According to Joseph, William’s wife, Lucille, and two children, a 14-year-old and a 10-year-old respectively survived the disaster. Williams’s wife and children were initially placed onto lifeboats. However, after leaping into the sea, he was noticed by another lifeboat.

He wound up alongside Bruce Ismay, onboard the infamous tenth boat. The Williams were able to reunite upon their arrival in New York. They were safe, but most of their belongings were lost at sea. The clothes themselves weren’t nearly as important as walking away with their lives.

8 Benjamin Peacock: Father And Son That Never Met

Unlike the Carters, Benjamin Peacock and his family weren’t so lucky. Their story is a classic example of how this horrific disaster tore families apart. Unlike William, Ben wasn’t on the ship. However, his two brothers, two children, and wife were. It was a tale of what could’ve happened. The money he sent to his wife to board the ship had arrived just a day before the Titanic set sail.

He was able to confirm that she had boarded the ship after the list of passengers had been published. He was waiting for his wife and children in New York, as well as his friend of his who’d been one of the crewmen.

However, he was only ever met by his friend who announced eventually broke the worst news he’d ever possibly hear, they have all gone down!

One of Ben’s two kids that drowned with his wife was his 9-month-old son. Unfortunately, this meant that the two never even had the chance to see one another in person. Things could have been different. It was nothing but an unprecedented catastrophe.

7 Archibald Gracie: Extremely Lucky To Survive

Archibald should consider himself an extremely lucky man. He had survived the disaster due to sheer luck and bravery. Just before the final plunge, a wave swept over the Titanic.

Out of all the people that were on the deck, he was the only one who survived. According to him, he jumped with the wave just like he has always done with breakers at the seashore.

He somehow managed to hold on to the brass railing on the deck above. He hung on to it with every ounce strength and determination in him. When the ship plunged down, he had no choice but to let go. He lost count of time as he was continuously swirled around until he found his way to a cork raft floating at sea.

According to him, “When dawn broke there were thirty of us on the raft, standing knee deep in the icy water and afraid to move lest the creaky craft be overturned.

Several unfortunates, benumbed and half dead, besought us to save them… but we had to warn them away. Had we made any effort to save them we all might have perished.”

6 Elin Hakkareinen: No Way Out

Elin had planned to begin a new life in America, but she’d wind starting it in a way she never would’ve though possible. She planned on beginning her new life from within the loving arms of her husband, Pekko.

However, eventually she was forced to create this new life on her own. She had boarded the ship with her husband as third class passengers. Her husband had gotten out of bed to check out what was going on, when a shuddering ran through the ship.

Unfortunately for the two lovebirds, that was the last time they’d ever see each other again. While she waited for over an hour for her husband’s return, sadly, he would never made it back. She struggled to leave initially, but in the end had no choice, given she wanted to survive.

Recalling, “I grabbed my purse and life jacket and ran out to the passageway. The door was locked! All of the doors were locked.”

She continued searching for her husband as a steward assisted her in escaping safely to the dwindling number of lifeboats alongside other frantic passengers.

Stating, “I slowly realized the last words I might ever hear from my husband were, ‘I’m going to see what has happened.’ I remember standing at the railing for hours, looking out to the open sea and hoping upon hope that I would discover just one more lifeboat.”

5 Dr. Washington Dodge: Unfortunate Control Measures

Long before the boat sank, some people had died due to being shot by the sailors. If you’ve seen the feature film, you would remember this heartbreaking scene.

Out of desperation to survive, some people jumped frantically over others to get into the lifeboats and were shot by the sailors to maintain control and prevent anything from spilling over. This story was confirmed to be true by Dr. Washington.

According to him, when the ship hit the iceberg initially, there was no cause for alarm. The people were calm. However, when they noticed that six boats had been lowered, things began taking a turn for the worst.

When the seventh boat was lowered, some people fought to save their lives, but sadly, wound up losing it. The sailors were forced to shoot them.

Describing the horrific scene, Dodge said, “Some of the passengers fought with such desperation to get into the lifeboats that the officers shot them, and their bodies fell into the ocean.”

Dr. Washington also confirmed that a certain couple, known as Mr. and Mrs. Isidor Strauss had refused to let go of one another. Instead, they choosing to die alongside each other. Dodge himself was saved in the thirteenth boat, which contained a small amount of women and close to 20 or 30 children.

4 Mr. Hoffman’s Sons: Horror And Hope

Two French kids had escaped from the Titanic disaster. Their father, Michel Navratil was in the middle of a divorce with his wife. He had abducted the kids to take them to America so that his wife didn’t have the ability to claim them. However, he had to let go of the two kids he so desperately craved as he perished with the ship.

His two sons were taken on a lifeboat to America. Those on the Titanic did not know Michel Navratil’s real name. They only knew him as Mr. Hoffman.Hence, it was difficult to find their relatives. On top of this, the two children could not speak english, and were described in the newspapers as the “Titanic Waifs.”

Fortunately, their mother recognized them in the newspapers. She sailed to the United States in search of her two children and was luckily reunited with them.

She had previously believed they’d been taken away from her for good. However, the disaster gave her hope and wound up turning her kids’ and her future around.

3 Caroline Brown: The Sacrifice Of A Heroine

While some people fought desperately to survive, others chose to allow for more survivors at the expense of their own lives. Such an example was the case with Caroline Brown.

She survived thanks to the heroics and sacrifice of 36-year-old Edith Evans. Evans was next in line to board the last boat to leave the Titanic. The boat was known as Collapsible D.

Evans, however, pushed Caroline onto the boat, saying that Caroline has children waiting for her at home. Caroline was in shock but at the same time grateful to him for his unusual sacrifice in such a fast-paced and traumatizing situation.

Unfortunately, Edith Evans didn’t survive the disaster. She perished with the boat. People like Edith deserve to be spoken and praised for their bravery selflessness.

2 Rose Icard: Further Report Of Heroism

Rose Icard reported that the collision of the ship against the iceberg was so strong that it threw her right out of bed. She was on the ship as the maid of Martha Stone, a first class American passenger.

According to her, she told one of the officers that it appeared water was flowing directly into the ship. However, either out of ignorance or wanting to calm her down, the officer told her that there wasn’t any reason to worry.

She was sure that something wasn’t right and continued to tell the officer about a very loud noise, but again was told to return to her cabin. She was asked to recover the jewelry of her employer when she accidentally came back at the right time.

She showed up during the time lifeboats were being loaded and passengers were being rescued. She reported that there were people who gave others their safety belt. According to her letter, a particular man had given an old woman his safety belt in order to save her. He told the old woman that she would pray for him as he let go.

1 Rhoda Abbott: I Would Rather Die Than Let You Go

Just like the case of Mr. and Mrs. Isidor Strauss, there were other people onboard who also chose to perish together. However, this time around, they didn’t wind up dying together.

Rhoda refused to board Collapsible C because her two sons, 16-year-old Rossmore and 13-year-old Eugene were considered too old to be classified as children. She eventually was forced into jumping into the water with her two sons.

She managed to get into Collapsible A but her two sons never made it. She was the only woman in the boat and was sent home in tears and anguish.

She never made a full recovery from the traumatizing even and eventually passed away in 1946. She had suffered injuries from the exposure and jump and couldn’t go on any longer with the heartache of losing her two sons in the same night.

The Titanic disaster is a catastrophic event like no other. Every single saddening and heartbreaking emotion was on full display during this unfortunate occurrence. However, there were people who displayed noteworthy humane qualities even in the face of the horror that surrounds death.

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