Sylvia Browne was one of the most controversial public figures of her time. She is most famed for her appearance on a Montell Show.

During her fame, Sylvia authored many books and made millions of dollars annually. However, she would later lose it all and become infamous when her psychic abilities were exposed to be a scam.

Most people do not believe in psychics and see them as frauds who manipulate vulnerable people for some gain, especially money. Sylvia Browne was exceptional in her ability to lure and deceive her followers.

At first, her psychic abilities appeared legit, which contributed to her huge following and popularity. She spanned her psychic tale for remarkably four decades.

Sylvia Browne was born in 1936 on 19th October in Missouri. Sylvia was a noblewoman, an English unit holder, and practiced teaching for eighteen years. She also trained as a “trance medium.”

Sylvia destroyed the lives of so many distraught parents and relatives who sought to know what happened to their missing children.

She fabricated narratives that she would tell these parents during her time in the Montel Williams show.

She would lie that a child was dead or some other disturbing story such as child trafficking. She would do this with her talent of foreseeing what may happen in future events.

Her Boldest Predictions

Sylvia Browne claimed that she could look into past centuries and speak to the dead. She also claimed to have helped police departments solve some of their cases, which were refuted by the police.

A congressional intern, Chandra Levy went missing and was later found dead. Sylvia took credit for predicting the outcome of the disappearance.

In 2004, she told the mother of Amanda Berry, who had been kidnapped, that she was dead. Amanda would manage to escape from bondage years later, alive, thus proving Sylvia’s claims to be a force.

Amanda Berry’s wasn’t the only case Sylvia wrongly predicted. She often told parents of missing children that their children were dead and would sometimes specify where the dead child would be found.

She was wrong most of the time. Aside from the shows, she also made money from people who called her on the phone for psychic interpretations. The phone calls would set one back as much as $23 per minute.

Opal Jo Jennings

Opal Jo Jennings was a six-year-old girl who was abducted in her grandmother’s home in 1999. The little girl played in her grandmother’s yard before the incidence of being forced in a truck.

Sylvia predicted that the young girl was taken into slavery and taken to Japan. She said that Opal Jo was still alive. Opal’s grandmother, went on Montell William’s show, seeking answers from Sylvia Browne.

The audience at the show were amazed by the prediction. However, Opal’s grandmother was distraught, since Sylvia’s information was not of much help to reunite her with her dear grandchild.

Sylvia’s wrong predictions haunted people and mentally tortured parents whose children had gone missing. Interestingly, Opal Jo Jennings was found dead and had been buried in Texas.

Pathology exams conducted on her remains concluded that she had been killed the same say she was abducted. Therefore, Sylvia’s tale about slavery in Japan was all fabricated.

Sylvia Browne was good at making up stories and emotionally manipulating families of kidnap victims. She used these people’s turmoil to gain fame on television and expand her fan base.

The motive of all her wrongdoing was apparent. She wanted money and fame. And she sure got lots of both of those.

The FBI had been investigating her for fraud since her business engagements such as books and media appearances earned her millions of dollars annually.

She also claimed the Federal Bureau of Investigations had requested her to testify on the incident of the attacks. However, no single piece of documentation from the agency proved this.

Sylvia was a serial liar, and she lied her way through money and fame without flinching.

The FBI was once under investigation for violating federal law in the application of loans from federally insured financial institutions. The amount in question was stated to be over $1 million.

She even charged a police department $400 for analyzing a murder case, in which the police said her work did not impact the investigation in any way.

She used fraudulent documents such as financial returns and income tax returns to enhance her loan applications’ net worth. The loan proceeds were to support her extravagant lifestyle.

However, she was never prosecuted for the case, with the U.S attorney citing insufficient evidence to indicate criminal intent. Subsequently, the Bureau ceased its investigations.

End Of Blatant Deceit

Sylvia Browne published over 50 books. Twenty-two of those were listed as Best Sellers in the New York Times.

She claimed that she realized she had psychic powers when she was just a toddler. Her statement on faith, confronting death, and general wellbeing was strange.

When you listen to people’s perspectives on faith, you may end up feeling a lot of confusion.

Many people get blinded by beliefs that exist in the modern world, and that’s why the majority end up feeling lost and confused when it comes to choosing a faith.

Listening to her speak, one could easily tell why she had many followers who hang on her every word. Before she died, she told her followers that you would not fully live if you are afraid to die.

As long as you believe in a supreme being, there is nothing to worry about as a human being. Sylvia said that it doesn’t matter how one prayed.

She said that her prayers often started with ‘Hi God.’ All in all, her impact was felt positively and negatively by those who sought her services.

She encouraged those who were distraught to remain positive. However, lying to parents of missing, kidnapped, or dead children brought these parents anguish.

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