Tim Allen was a well-known drug trafficker who was imprisoned in 1978 after the police caught him with almost a kilogram of cocaine. Later on, he made a deal that led to his transformation, and he became a famous star.

He played the dad in the movie Home Improvement, and you probably have seen him on the show. There was the incidence where he was caught with more than 650 grams of cocaine at the Kalamazoo airport.

In the show, he played a family man, and he was Tim Taylor. This role made him a known standup comedian. That’s how his popularity and fame emerged.

By 1991 Allen was airing on tv stations across the USA, and that year he was in more than eight seasons with 204 seasons in shows. The upcoming star became recognized across the state, and he became one of the successful actors.

The transformation from a drug dealer to a renowned tv star was incredible, and he became an inspiration to many people in the country.

Many would not believe the famous star featuring a family guy on the show was a previous drug dealer.

After the police found out that he was dealing with drugs for a while, he had been in the federal prison. The imprisonment term was two years and four months.

There is always a funny story behind every standup comedian’s success. Tims’s story is among the funniest but inspiring stories.

The Early Life Of Tim Allen

Tim was born in Colorado, a city called Denver, in 1953, June 13th. His birth name was Tim Dick.

That was his official name, but he was known as Tim Allen by many since his childhood because a lot of kids made fun of his second official name.

However, the title gave him the humor, which he used mostly as his defense mechanism whenever the kids teased him. His father was known as Gerald dick, but he died in a grisly accident when Tim was only 11 years old.

He was devastated after losing his dad because they were too close, and he taught his son a lot about cars before dying.

After losing his dad, Tim said that he was a loving, strong, and funny man who inspired him. He said that they had memorable moments with the dad, and he was a good disciplinarian.

Only that Tim ended up taking the path of drug trafficking later. However, he transformed and knew that his dad would have been proud of his star.

Later after their dad passed away, they moved to Detroit, and his mother remarried her high school boyfriend.

They had a conducive environment for Tim to grow without feeling his dad’s absence. Tim was raised well in the new home and his siblings.

Later Allen attended Central Michigan State University, and he met his wife later after transferring to Western Michigan State University.

Drug Trafficking Life

While at west Michigan State University, he started dealing drugs; he was caught after graduation in 1976, and that was the first time he faced severe crime.

He was sent to prison and became a known cocaine dealer. He was caught with almost a kilogram of cocaine, and he was arrested in 1978 at the airport.

The incident occurred in the battle Creek airport as he almost transported the cocaine.

The case made the Federal Bureau of Prisons a bit confused because Tim Allen’s case was among the common crimes at the time. However, he was sent to prison and faced a span of between 3-7 years imprisonment.

Luckily, he faced two years and four months of tough times in prison. He had to change for the better because life in prison is never enticing.

His Arrest

He was an amateur in the drug trafficking life, and things got a little bit out of hand for him when he was caught at the airport trying to smuggle cocaine.

Police swarmed him, and he didn’t resist the arrest; he handed them the package.

When the police opened the package, the contents shocked them because it was surprising that Tim had almost a kilogram of cocaine. Later on, during the hearing, he pleaded guilty and gave other dealers’ names to reduce his sentence.

The federal court had mercy on him after he started their names, so he got a sentence of two years and four months.

The Life-Changing Events

Being released from prison is usually the start of something new for many prisoners. In this case, Tim said that he decided to change after his sentence because he felt that he had a talent.

He started night stand up comedy shows in 1981 and began getting large audiences in the shows.

Everyone loved his shows In Michigan and beyond, especially when they heard that he was a previous drug dealer. He had transformed in a magnificent way, which resulted in him being a famous person.

To many, he was an inspiration as other drug traffickers admired him and changed their mischievous acts.

When the press asked Tim about his transformation, he said that he realized that life has many opportunities for everyone after going to jail.

Whenever he looked at the other prisoners, he thought that they were better than being only prisoners. He decided that drug trafficking couldn’t be his career for the next year because he would be in and out of jail.

It’s always good to give yourself a new chance and start over, he added. After getting out of prison, he started over and began his family life.

In 1989, he was blessed with a daughter named Katherine, whom he loved. He gained fame after the show Home Improvement caught the attention of the stage.

Everybody loved his performance after hearing his story. That’s how he gradually gained fame, and is a famous star nowadays.

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