Modern life these days forces people to be uniform in their daily life whether it be in work, the street, or with friends. This is not only true in behavior, but also in the way we dress, think, and act with one another. Although being uniform with everyone else and being like society wants you to be can help you look normal in the eyes of everyone else, it can be quite draining. Not only that, it can strip away your identity day by day until it slowly homogenizes with everyone else’s.  This is why it’s very important to be yourself and cherish your identity.

Being yourself vs. being like everyone else:

Being like everyone else is very predictable and easy to understand, everyone is having a regular 9-5 job with a month to month salary, everyone struggles with payments and wants to get the hottest fashion items, everyone listens to rap, try to be hip and act unique, dresses the same way that makes them almost seem like they are invisible with no touch of identity or originality. On the other hand, being yourself can be very intimidating. While not everyone is going to enjoy your personality, you are certainly going to find people who truly enjoy your company exactly for what it is with no faking it. If anything, you should never even seek to get everyone’s approval.

Ways to be yourself:

  • Stop caring about what others think:

Most people seek a lifestyle that makes them either look popular and interesting, or a life that makes them look like everyone else so that they don’t stand apart. This is something that’s innate in us and most people can’t control it. It’s simply very scary to be different and be yourself. Caring about what others may think is one of the biggest reasons why most people never achieve anything outstanding. You should not be constantly thinking about what others may think of you and how every step you take is viewed in the mind of others. First of all, you can never predict what people think of you because they might just be acting, and secondly, getting feedback from someone is not going to help you in any way.

  • Cherish who you are:

You first have to get to know yourself, most people never even spend time alone because it’s either scary or boring. You have to discover yourself and know who you truly are, your passions, your dreams, and your emotions. No matter how weird you are or how weird you think you are, just simply accept it as a part of who you are because it’s your identity; instead of making it a bad part of your personality, make it the quirky part that makes you unique.

  • Spend time alone:

It’s a universal rule that spending time with people for a given amount of time is going to make you like them. If you live with someone who goes to the gym every day, is all about health and performance, you will slowly start to see and appreciate it. Eventually, you will at least try it and make it a part of your identity. The same goes for bad habits, if you spend time with people who are negative or have a negative attitude, it will eventually affect you in some way. Believe it or not, the same goes for spending time with just yourself, if mimicking habits with others is always true, then being by yourself all the time is going to show you who you truly are. If you are an adventurous person, you will go out for adventures regardless if there is someone with you or not, if you are a negative person, you will spend time cornered with negative thoughts all the time.


Being yourself is something that is very hard to pull off these days, most people are just trying either look cool or conceal themselves in society blending with everyone else. If you do not take pride in your personality, you will fall into the trap of blending in and losing your identity. This is why it’s important to discover yourself and cherish who you truly are.


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