Two of the greatest drivers in life are being motivated to do something and being inspired. Inspiration is something that makes you have more passion in life, it makes your life more exciting and more interesting. Losing inspiration is something that is very normal and happens to the best of us, finding inspiration can either take a few seconds realizing what is happening around you, or it can be a long journey of discovery.

Get out of the comfort zone:

Humans love the comfort zone, it’s safe, it’s predictable and it does not require too much thinking. In fact, most of us love the comfort zone and we strive to create one, however, this zone can be a bubble that distorts our vision from outside. Unfortunately, if you live with a few select people that live in a tiny bubble, your thoughts will also resemble their thoughts and you will eventually live in a tiny little bubble as well. It’s very important that you go out of the comfort zone to seek inspiration from other people who have different skills , these are the people that are going to make you question your thoughts, actions and motives and will even give you drive in life.

The same idea of learning from someone else or a different group of people goes the same way when it comes to hobbies and passions. Learning something completely new to you can be intimidating since you think that it can be a waste of time, you might not be good at it, and it might deter you from your main path. Nevertheless, finding a new hobby or passion you have always wanted to do is one of the best things you can do to awaken your inspiration, it can help you expand your mind and horizon as well as fortify your already existing skills.

Detach your mind:

Although the concept of taking a break is very popular and a lot of people are taking too many breaks, the way people are taking breaks is totally wrong. Most people are getting distracted from their daily life by playing video games, partying, working out, or binge watching videos. The best way to take a break is to detach your mind from the activity you were doing. Going to nature, the beach, taking a few days off, or doing something completely different such as learning a new skill is much more efficient. This is also a great time to unwind, breathe, and meditate. Getting in touch with nature is a great way to relieve stress and anxiety accumulated over the weeks and months.

Find inspiration in yourself:

Although this doesn’t seem as exciting as going out to the nature, trying out something new or challenging yourself, but journaling your life can be one of your best inspirational moments. You need to spend some time away from everything and everyone to discuss what you want in life. However, this can’t be done without journaling, documenting your thoughts, feelings, and reasoning. Journaling should be done regardless of the situation you are in whether it be happy or sad. Our thoughts are travelling so fast and if we don’t take a time to at least capture what we remember and immortalize it in a piece of paper that we can go back to, then we’ll lose it forever.


Inspiration is what adds to your life and mission the excitement and passion, it can be very hard to gain or maintain, and it’s very easy to lose because of the nature of our lives in modern life. Discover new limits, unchain your mind from the mundane lifestyle, find out about new people and new ideas, and you will get there. It’s also very important that you give it some time because inspiration is very unpredictable. 


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