Loving oneself has become one of the rarest things, most people don’t even appreciate the fact that they are born living a miserable life full of regrets. Appreciating who you are and loving yourself is very different from being arrogant, loving yourself is about being confident in your ability and becoming the best version of yourself. The journey to self-love can be very long since we are socialized into thinking a certain way, behaving a certain way and introduced to role models whom we should follow. When in reality, those role models themselves are full imperfections.

Why loving yourself is very important:

It’s very important that you are satisfied with yourself as a person and be the kind of person you want that you want to be friends with. Loving yourself is extremely valuable to be in a peaceful state of mind; if you can never make peace with yourself and live a way you are satisfied with, then you would never live a truly happy life. We are not perfect, the vast majority of people are insecure about their health, looks, behaviors, past, class, and even about their belongings such as cars or phones. You rarely ever see someone who has a normal life but is truly happy with it.

Ways to love yourself:

  • Find out more about yourself:

Not a lot of people know who they truly are because of the way we live in modern societies. We are normalized into thinking that we should be like everyone else, wear the same makeup, dress the same way, listen to the same type of music, eat the same way, and just live the same life so we don’t stand apart and look different. Just like spending time with other people can make you adopt their behaviors and thoughts, spending time with yourself and by yourself can tell you a lot about who you truly are. Record your behaviors by journaling, write about yourself, what you did, how you felt doing it, how satisfied you were, your general mood, your productivity, and what you truly wanted to do in life. This will give you a clear idea about who you are as a person.

  • Learn to prioritize yourself before others:

Being nice with everyone can give you a quick boost of happy feelings, but it can be quite detrimental to yourself if you are putting yourself before others. You have to learn to prioritize yourself especially if you are used to being a pushover. Start saying no, devote time to yourself and make yourself the number priority.

  • Credit yourself:

Always credit yourself for doing things you have always wanted to do or for doing good. A lot of people just go about their lives not even remembering that they did something exceptional. You can do this by journaling and creating a list of the things you have done that you like. It might seem awkward and uncomfortable at first, but it’s an important step in loving yourself.

  • Change the way you look at your flaws:

Every single one of us has a set of flaws that they do not like about themselves. This is completely normal, no matter how good you think your outfit or your haircut looks like, you will always find something that you could have done better. Flaws such as anger, jealousy, and fear can seem like a curse that cannot be undone. However, the way that you turn those flaws away is by looking at them as an opportunity to grow and become your better self. Instead of looking at fear as something like a curse for instance, look at it as a goal in your bucket list that you have to check off by leaving a job you hate, skydiving, leaving home, starting a business, or leaving a relationship that has only harmed you.


Loving yourself is certainly a rare trait that not a lot of people have or even seek to have, it’s an important quality to acquire since it will help you overcome your fears, turn your flaws into perks, and become more confident. The path to self-love can be very long and hard, but it is definitely achievable, and its fruits are well worth it.


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