We can all agree that all of us have goals whether it’s just living a peaceful life or being an astronaut. We all have different goals for different reasons, but not all of us achieve those goals or even go after. This isn’t because we are not capable of achieving those goals, it’s because we are not able to plan better for that goal. The first step is already out of the way, and that is to identify your goal no matter how big or how small it is.

  • Set a goal that motivates you:

One of the crucial things we setting goals is setting a goal that gives you motivation. This is because you are far more likely to stick with that goal for a longer time if you have a passion for it. Many people wind up chasing goals that they never wanted to just because of their parents or social obligation. This also includes meaning within your goal, many times during the deep endeavors of achieving a goal, you will often wind up asking yourself why you do what you do. If your goal is not meaningful, you will feel lost and unmotivated.

  • Time stamp the goal:

One of the easiest ways to stick to a goal and achieve it is to just give it a time stamp. For instance, instead of just saying you will build a business, you can focus on building a successful business in 3 years. This helps you see how far in sight the goal is and allows you to make the right steps for the journey.

  • Measure your goal:

The goal is not to leave the goal as an abstract idea that does not have tangible meaning behind it. If you can measure your goal in terms of what you have to do, things will look much clearer, and you will stick to your goals a lot easier. A goal sounds much more achievable if it’s along the lines of : ‘I need to write a 100 books so I can be a successful writer’ rather than ‘ I want to be a successful writer’. While being a good writer is not always about how many books you write, but most good writers have written numerous books.

  • Delegate when you need to:

Most great goals are going to be very hard to do if you’re by yourself. Running a business, starting a blog, building a YouTube channel, or becoming a writer are all very hard tasks that only the one percent is able to be successful at. However, these tasks will be much easier if you can hire someone else’s skills and time to do the little things that are not as important, but do play a big role.

For instance, a YouTube channel owner might benefit from hiring a video editor or someone to shoot their videos just like a blog owner can benefit from hiring a ghost writer for their blog to write a few articles when they’re in a creative rut. This is not only helpful to manage your time, but it also helps you work on other areas of your life and still not give up on your goals.

  • Make everything as consistent as possible:

The road to success is always a map that you can predict fairly easily. A blog owner or a YouTube channel knows that in order to succeed, they need to put out a lot of well-written good quality content for their viewers so they can gain a fairly large fan base. It’s fairly easy and simple in theory, but the practice is the hard part. This is why you need to change the structure of your life in order to match your goals. For instance, waking up early is always a great idea since it allows you to think with a clear mind. Business owners can manage their tasks earlier in the day, writers can find some time to write a few pieces, and shooting a video early in the morning is a lot easier since the view is better, the lighting is perfect, and there aren’t as many people around.

The goal is to make everything you do as consistent as possible so you can measure your progress. This allows you to do two things, the first is to scale up your progress; if you have been doing something successfully for a good amount of time and it has shown its results, then you can do more of that thing. The second thing is managing your tasks, by making everything as consistent as possible, you are able to see what works and what doesn’t, and by way of doing that, you can take out what doesn’t work and change it for something else.


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