In a world full of distractions, staying focused on a particular becomes more important than ever. Our phones, laptops, TVs, apps, the media, and even clothing are all made to grab our full attention. Application engineers hire specialists that design apps and videos in a specific way that draws all the attention we have. We cannot focus on two or three tasks at the same time, in fact, it’s almost impossible, you can be conscious of two things, but doing two things at the same time as efficiently is near impossible. This makes focus one of the things we have to preserve since it can easily be lost.

  • Plan ahead:

One of the most important things you have to do is to plan out your day before you sleep. This helps you do many things such as not even think about what you will do and not forgetting things. You also have easier plans in your head when you wake up since it helps you process and collect your thoughts easier.

  • Small easy steps over big leaps:

Taking small steps in whatever you do is very efficient, in fact, it’s far more superior because it ensures that you are perfecting every small step to the best of your ability. The biggest reason why you should choose taking smaller steps is because it’s mentally encouraging. This is because taking smaller steps motivates you to do the next step and it also carries momentum with every step you take.

  • Take out the source of distraction:

One of the main killers in focus is distraction, not only does it divert your attention, but it also stops your momentum. These sources of distraction can be your phone, laptop, TV, distraction outside, or social distraction from people you live with. It can be very hard to cut off all distractions especially if you live with one or more people who also use their phones and laptops, but just make sure you are going your best to avoid any mental disruptions.

  • Limit work hours:

Our focus on work is just like physical strength, there is no way you will be at your peak all day every day. This is why you have to be strategic about how you plan out your day. Things that require you to focus and use mental processing power should be kept in the morning because that is your mental peak, and things that require more relaxation and creativity should be kept later in the day. Trying to scatter your work around unmanageable and unpredictable times can be very difficult for your brain. Moreover, this is also a good habit to practice every day so you can wake up earlier when everyone is still asleep and the environment is good for focus.

  • Optimize caffeine:

Caffeine is probably one of the most overused drinks in today’s modern world, while it is true that its use can help you get that quick rush of energy, more is usually not always better. Caffeine itself is not going to give you any energy, it’s a zero calorie drink, all it does it that it blocks the receptors in your brain that are responsible for sending tiredness signals to the body. This way, your brain can work at a normal pace without having to deal with the feeling of getting tired. However, getting too much of it can overhype you and make you not focus. It can even increase anxiety and increase heart rate. It’s best that you keep its use to a minimum and try to drink it only when you really need it.


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