Finding motivation and staying motivated in life is very important to have a fulfilled life. However, motivation is very easy to slip out of your hands since it’s a momentary state. Being motivated can be random at times, it can happen for no reason, and on another day, you can also be unmotivated for no apparent reason. This is why it’s tricky to get hold of that state of motivation.

The truth about motivation:

Motivation can be unproductive, in fact, it really does not matter if you are motivated or not as long as you get after your goals and achieve them. Seeking motivation is the wrong way to look at things because it can be very unpredictable, instead, it’s important to focus on the things that are predictable. For instance, instead of being motivated about climbing Everest and thinking of how amazing it would be when you get there and tell all your friends about it, you’re better off actually starting to gather resources such as maps, equipment, books about climbing, making survival food, and training to climb.

Motivation does not really matter, at the end of the day, all that matters is actually doing what you set yourself to do. Sometimes even the most motivating thing to you a few days ago can’t motivate you to get out of bed. Motivation can also seem like a huge deal for many people, the very concept is intimidating for some and looks at things from an end perspective. For instance, most people when they are young dream about being basketball players, pilots, lawyers, doctors or even presidents, but very little of them carry the same level of intensity and drive from the motivation they had.

Motivation can dry out and make your whole purpose seem like it’s associated with how you feel about the goal rather than what you actually do. Instead of motivation, you should be thinking about something that is far simpler, but far greater, and that is consistency and persistence.

Consistency vs. motivation:

The fact that consistency matters more than motivation does not mean that being motivated is not important. Having passion and drive is a great motivator, but it’s often related with feelings which don’t matter when it comes to achieving your goals. You must be consistent every single day regardless of how motivated you were because when the day comes that you achieve your goals, you will not be grateful for being motivated, but you will be grateful for having been consistent every single day and even the worst days.

How consistency and motivation can fuel one another:

Being consistent is the number one most important thing you can do when it comes to achieving your goals, consistency will actually fuel the passion you have and thus make you even more motivated. The fact that you have been consistent every day and worked hard is enough motivation not to give up and keep going.

Ways to stay motivated and consistent:

  • Keep yourself accountable with others: If you have a goal in mind that you want to achieve, then you’re better off telling people close to you. This will hold you accountable for your actions and make sure you are not straying off the goals.
  • Write down your plan and progress: It can be very motivating seeing how far you have gone, in fact, it’s easier to give up the very start when it hurts, but it’s difficult to give up when you see how far you have come by way of being consistent.

  • Take small steps: It can seem quite daunting and intimidating when you move from being in that motivation high into being practical, this is why you should physically write down every step that will lead you to achieve your goals instead of thinking of the journey as a point A to point B scenario.


Motivation can fire the passion within and make you more driven when it’s tough, however, it’s all in your head. Therefore, it’s very important that you get out of that emotional state and start being practical about achieving your goals. Consistency is far more important than motivation because it disregards your feelings and prioritizes what you actually do which is ultimately the deciding factor of your success.


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