While it’s fairly easy to stay strong and optimistic when everything is going right, staying strong becomes especially difficult when things are rough. This quality really shines when you are in some desperate times because it’s very hard to keep your faith and strength. Staying strong is definitely a skill that you have to practice and it’s something that you can acquire overtime. Some of the strongest groups of people in the world are known to be in the army and especially the marine force, not everyone who gets drafted is strong mentally or physically, but they practice the skill of keeping their strength and faith almost every day.

Building resiliency and strength:

You can’t expect to be strong mentally or physically in bad times when you are not strong in the first place. This is why resiliency is something you need to have and acquire overtime. Building this skill set is all about looking at things in a different way and using your reasoning and mind instead of your emotions.

Strength of character is built throughout the years and it is not something you can attain overnight. Being strong is about accepting your present, and looking forward to the future instead of wanting to go back to the past.

How to stay strong during tough times:

  • Take it for what it is:

Life is always going to throw something at you when you are not ready for it. To stay strong, you must first accept the reality you are so you can move on forward with your life. This requires a mind that is not controlled by emotions. Accept your reality because there is no way you can go back and change what has already happened, the only thing you can do is stay strong and keep your cool. Doing something wrong or having something bad happen is completely normal and happens all the time, if you did something wrong, just accept it and be the bigger person. Understand what went wrong, how you can get better, and move on.

  • Chase away the negativity:

One of the first things you have to do if you want to stay strong is to chase away any thought that makes you think negatively. These thoughts often will make you feel even worse when you need to stay strong. What you need to do is to remind yourself that your situation is only temporary and just like things quickly turned bad, they will eventually turn well at the end.

  • Surround yourself with positive people:

We are sociable creatures that bond with each other even unintentionally. If you stay with bad friends that encourage bad behavior and bad attitudes, you will eventually mimic their behaviors. The same goes for surrounding yourself with people who have better morals, higher standards and attitudes.

  • Take small steps into a better mind space:

The great thing about being mentally strong is being able to keep your cool during tough times and during the times when you rebuild yourself up. Bad times can be literally mind destructive and being mentally strong allows you to get better quicker.

  • Practice mental toughness:

There are many ways to go about getting stronger mentally, and there is no better way than to challenge yourself physically. Our bodies and mind are connected, if your mind doesn’t like something, your body will follow and the same is true. Practicing habits that are good for your body and build resilience are very important. For instance, taking cold showers first thing in the morning can be very difficult to do, your mind is racing, your body is still warm from bed, and your thoughts are all against the idea of taking a cold shower. However, a truly mentally tough person will not waver against the idea and will stay in that situation for as long as they want. Strength training is also something that can build mental toughness very quickly if you go to the gym and practice hard movements such as deadlifts, squats, overhead press, pull ups, and snatches, you will challenge your body to its limits and thus your mind and body will break through their limits every single time without fail.


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