Thinking in a positive way is not just a good trait, it’s a power. Being positive goes beyond being positive in happy scenarios and circumstance, the power of being positive shows when not everything is going alright in your life. Everyone can be positive when everything is going right, but not everyone can maintain a positive way of thinking when their world is upside down. This is always something that you develop as a habit and make it a power through the right steps.

Start your day positively:

When you start your day positively, it is your first step into taking action on what goes on in your life and how you handle it. If you do not control how you feel first thing in the morning, then you will be vulnerable. This can be done through positive affirmation, being grateful for the things you have, calling a loved one and asking them about their day, or even waking up earlier to be more productive. Starting the day positively is very important since it sets the tone and momentum for other things in your day such as working out which will make you feel fulfilled at the end of the day that you got that out of the way.

Take out negative people and negative thoughts:

If you live with someone or people who are negative, this will ultimately make you miserable. It does not matter how positive you think, the people around will eventually change you. These people can even be your closest friends or family, you don’t necessarily have to cut them completely out of your life, but you can always get away from their negativity by waking up earlier, staying focused and devoting time for yourself.

Think of every life experience as lessons:

Thinking of every life experience no matter the outcome as a lesson will make every experience slightly less negative. There are experiences in our lives that are just too bitter to make positive, but trying to make peace with those experiences and living in the present is a great way to take control of your life and destroy negativity.

Spend time with positive people:

The people around you will eventually affect your personality whether you want it or not, if the people around you are successful, powerful, important, valuable and positive, you will eventually become like them. The same goes for negativity which is why it might be time to get new friends and develop yourself.

Learn to make everything positive:

Things will eventually turn bad, it could be missing your train, or even getting fired from your job. The true power of staying positive is learning to take what you have and turning it into something productive. For instance, most people will feel bad and negative about missing the train which ultimately is a bad thing, but if you can’t do anything to change that fact, you can turn it around by listening to some podcasts, catching up on some work, texting old friends, or learning new things. In the worst cases such as getting fired, you can’t just sit there and wallow in misery, getting fired means now your life might change drastically, so it’s an opportunity that might change your life forever. Maybe getting fired is the gateway for you to open a business and invest in yourself more.


Being positive is not an easy task, it’s actually harder to stay positive, anyone can become the result of their circumstances, but brave and powerful individuals will turn negative experiences into positivity. Anyone can be sad because something bad happened, and anyone can be happy because something good just happened in their life, but not everyone can maintain a positive outlook into the world. Learn to embrace every opportunity be it negative or positive to make it a chance for you to grow better and stronger.


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