Many murderers’ stories are horrific, but the story of Xavier Ligonnès will leave you in shock.

He was a noble and highly respected man from French that lost his way one day and ended up killing his wife and kids. From the day of the incident, the man had never been seen again; he just went missing.

About The Murder Of Duponts Family

This horrific incident occurred in 2011, and it left all the residents of a town in France shocked. The family of DuPont lived in a town called Nantes in France.

In the neighborhood, he was a well-known and highly acknowledged man due to his good deeds in society, among other things.

One day dead bodies of his wife and kids were found buried under their porch, and the police said the husband was the main suspect.

Once the news got to the radio stations in France, they started spreading fast with many added propaganda’s. The case got a nickname that or was a scene of a house of terror. The French press started dubbing this case la Madison de lepouvante.

The story got more horrific because the man was nowhere to be seen after the incident occurred, and the police started digging deep onto the disappearance case.

The search went on for almost a decade, but the whereabouts of the nobleman remained untold.

he people of France started saying that he had immigrated to another state, or he had committed suicide. A lot of propaganda started spreading across the country.

The case has been among the unsolved puzzles of the year. It’s even among an episode of Netflix on a murder mystery series called a house of terror.

The French man had a beautiful wife called Agnes, and their kids’ names were Anne, Arthur, Benoit, and Thomas. He took the lives of these five souls mercilessly.

From the societal view, the family seemed to be a perfect match with a happy life, but surprisingly this wasn’t the case.

An evening on April 11, 2011, the neighborhood residents noticed that something was not right in the house because it was so quiet.

The kids were not playing, and the wife was not seen loitering in the compound. When the neighbors got closer, they noticed the shatters on the windows and an unread note on the door.

They were just concerned friends of the family, so they read the note and is said to return the mail to the sender.

Neighbors sensed that something was wrong and called the police days later. The police accessed the door through a locksmith and found suspicious activity in the house.

The house empty, photographs were missing, the bedsheets were torn apart, and things didn’t seem right.

The police left the scene saying that the house was a crime scene, and neighbors should keep off the property.

Later on, some mysterious letters began arriving, and rumors had it that Xavier was probably working for another state as a secret agent sending anonymous letters.

Some controversial information in the letters made the investigations harder because it stated that they were on vacation, and nobody should have looked for them.

The Discovery Of The Dead Bodies

The police remained unconvinced, and the family of Agnes still felt that something was amiss, and their daughter would not act in such a creepy way.

Police got more pressure from the family and led to more investigations into the disappearance of the family members.

On April 21, the police found their bodies on the porch buried in separate trash bags. The family dogs were also buried in the back porch.

Xavier’s body was nowhere to be found, and that was when the police realized that the incident was a murder mystery.

When the news got to the press, the whole state of Nantes was left in fear, terror, and worry because a murdered was in the loss.

The news was horrific even the police feared for the security of their state. Later, postmortem was conducted on all the bodies, and the results showed that the kids had taken sleeping pills before they were killed.

The body of Agnes didn’t have any drug strides, but she normally used the sleep apnea tool in the house. The corpses had marks of gunshots in the head from a rifle.

The police found out that the rifle was an inheritance from Xavier’s dad months before the incident. The kids’ lives were taken away at a tender age, and that was an inhumane act of violence.

These events took the state by surprise, and later the press revealed that their first kid Arthur was not Xavier’s biological son.

Surprisingly, Xavier smartly committed the crime, and the police didn’t have any evidence against the man. The police sent out International search warrants and arrest for Xavier, but their fruits bore no fruits.

By this time, Xavier was probably somewhere laughing at the police while watching their moves. What a creep!

Is Xavier DuPont Still Alive?

The big question is whether the murderer is still out there committing other crimes. He was lastly traced in footage of a CCTV camera in the city streets as he left a certain hotel.

He was seen leaving the car in a parking lot and carrying a large bag, probably containing the riffle.

Police believed that he was remotely close, so they launched a search in the surrounding area, trying to recover at least some evidence to use against the murderer.

Surprisingly they didn’t find any information. Police said that a serial killer was on the run, but there was no news about the whereabouts of Xavier.

Other people said that DuPont’s childhood was not stable, and he had gone through many child abuse incidents.

The story left people scared, and everyone started looking out for their families. It was so shocking because people knew him as a noble and loving husband only to realize that not all that glitters is gold.

People believe that Xavier was probably ashamed of his acts, so he went into hiding and didn’t want to face judgment from his family members.

Probably he has killed all his relatives because he felt the guilt and shame from the actions.

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