8 /10 I Don’t Look Like Barbie

Despite the observable fact, Valeria, for some reason, does not see the resemblance between herself and the famous doll. Instead of admitting the similarity, she is more inclined to say that she has the look of a classy girl.

Regardless of what she and anybody else thinks of her, the simple truth is that she does look the part. She has received plenty of attention over the years; the closer she gets to the way Barbie is, the more media exposure she gains.


7 /10 Fake Contact Lenses

Her social media is filled with thousands of videos and photographs, many of which present the best versions of herself as a living Barbie doll with countless different outfits and poses, wearing both realistic and borderline cartoonish makeup.

In one of her online videos, she begins her makeup routine with an SPF10 foundation to the point where her face turns chalk white.

The next step involves darkening the eyebrows, painting sapphire-charcoal eyeshadow, and finally, her signature move of using fake contact lenses.


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