The speedy rise of trophy hunting is becoming quite problematic. More and more people show keen interesting in shooting animals for sport.

What’s worse, most of them do it for online clout.

They post pictures of their kills on social media to satisfy their egos. Initially, hunting used to have a purpose.

Men killed animals to survive. It is drastically different now, as people hunt for fun or sell their body parts to illegal markets.

In most cases, authorities do not penalize these people despite having comprehensive laws against hunting.

While there is no shortage of trophy hunting cases that suggest how sadistic most huntsmen are, the one we are going to discuss will mainly make you angry.

Guy Gorney – The Trophy Hunter From Illinois

Trophy hunters are mostly young or middle-aged men who are strong enough to fend off or escape attacks.

You will rarely find an older person going to the jungle to kill a wild animal. Guy Gorney happens to be one of the exceptions.

He is in his mid-sixties and has gotten into trouble multiple times for shooting animals in various places.

The man travels to different parts of the world to satisfy his desire to hunt wild beasts and show off after killing them.

He came under fire recently after a viral video that showed him killing a defenseless sleeping lion.

As you would expect, there was a lot of outcry about it – so much so that people wanted to do the same to him.

The footage was quite graphic, and it showed Gorney shooting multiple rounds.

The lion woke up, squirming with overwhelming pain after the first two shots.

It seemed like it couldn’t comprehend what happened to him. The third and final round killed the wild animal.

If you carefully look at the video, Gorney was wearing a safari garb when steadying his aim.

You can also notice someone’s voice, presumably a gamekeeper, instructing Gorney as he prepares to shoot.

The video zooms in on the sleeping lion who is lying on an open plain. 

The beast instantly arches its body after the first round connects, leaving its mouth wide open with painful sounds.

It is visibly unable to comprehend unanticipated attacks.

The lion attempted to stand up, but two more shots put killed it immediately.

The creature’s death was slow and painful and angered everybody who saw the graphic video.

The gamekeeper enthusiastically shakes Gorney’s hands while congratulating him.

He pats the hunter on his back and tells him that it was an excellent catch.

The hunting group then goes towards the lion’s body as the camera zooms to capture its lifeless carcass.

At this point, you can hear the gamekeeper calling it “an extraordinary catch.”

A reputable animal advocacy organization from the United Kingdom was the first to share this gruesome video.

The outrage was tremendous, so much so that the footage became viral worldwide within minutes.

A Habit Of Showing Off

Initially, people were not able to identify the shooter in the video.

However, they soon discovered that it was Guy Gorney. He gained quite a lot of notoriety in the past after showing off his kills.

Some claim that he has been doing this for years and, if not penalized, would do repeat his actions.

Over the years, Gorney killed more than seventy animals across the globe. He shoots them brutally and poses with them for photos.

Some say that he has a vast collection of such photos hanging in his bedroom walls.

What’s surprising, however, is that the backlash does not faze Gorney at all. He believes that all of his kills are justifiable and help preserve the life of various other animals.

The Big Five

Guy Gorney does not only hunt lions. During an interview with a local news channel, he admitted to killing frizzly bears, rhinos, leopards, and buffalos.

Hunters use the term “the big five” to describe people who hunt these animals.

Guy posed with each animal’s carcass and posted the photos and videos on his Facebook account. Surprisingly, quite a lot of people supported his actions and lauded his “bravery.”

What Is Gorney’s Main Hunting Location

While Guy Gorney travels the world and picks different hunting spots to prey on wild beasts, he prefers African countries.

Most of them have hunting laws, but corrupt officials do not enforce it.

They accept bribes and provide poachers and huntsman a free pass to kill as many animals as they want.

Zimbabwe, in particular, has become a famous hunting ground for poaching and field sports.

Unfortunately, authorities in Africa do not prioritize wildlife safety, which is why hunting is significantly increasing in this continent.

Some claim that it is the primary cause of why several animal species are becoming endangered.

Wildlife organizations claim that elephants, lions, and some other creatures could become extinct within ten years if governments do not take trophy hunting and poaching seriously.

What’s worse, countries that are doing something about this issue find it increasingly difficult to control the situation.


Because as we discussed earlier, there are too many corrupt officials who let things slide.

Most of them are quite high ranking officers who are responsible for enforcing wildlife protection laws.

Guy Gorney’s Justification

The trophy hunter from Chicago, Illinois, tries to justify his killings by claiming that he only hunts animals that pose a threat to other creatures.

He states that shooting lions save thousands of zebras, dears, and, most importantly, human beings.

There is an obvious flaw in this logic, but there are some people who defend it.

Unfortunately, Gorney did not face any legal action against his actions and intended to continue hunting animals for sport.

Many people will try to follow his path and attempt to replicate his actions. Who is to say that someone will not cross the limit?

Therefore, authorities should become more considerate and vigilant regarding these issues.

Otherwise, these lovely animals would no more exist.

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