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Ever since the world began, the idea of a gang has been in existence. People of seemingly like minds and identifying features come together for a particular purpose.

These gangs have become a part of the growing society. To increase their membership, gang members approach helpless kids who are going through unstable family issues and present them with the offer of being a part of a family who would look out for them and see them as sworn brothers and sisters.

To these innocent youths, the gang offers strength, happiness, peace of mind, love, care and all they have never gotten from their immediate family members.

While this idea of helping people to avoid depression and giving them a sense of belonging is a commendable act, most gangs do not stay true to their purpose.

Instead, they bring in these young minds, brainwash them and get them involved in various crimes. Often, the gang leader takes advantage of these young children by letting them become pawns in difficult times.

Every gang is known for an idea, an identity that defines who they are, the idea behind the illegal things they do, and what they stand for. Amongst other things, the initiation process is one of the essential phases for every prospective member of a gang.

This initiation, most times, involve physical abuse, harassment, and severe humiliation. In some other widespread instances, it becomes unbearable for prospective members as they end up getting involved in acts as gruesome as murder. This initiation process is undoubtedly different from the college hazing you are used to; it’s unusual and disturbing!

Out of the several numbers of gangs in the world, here are 10 gangs that involve youths in initiation rituals that will send shivers down your spine.

10 Knight Templar

Knight Templar, also known as the Guard of Michoacán, is a Mexican based drug cartel gang that sees loyalty as the most significant bond that keeps anyone to any person. The Knights Templar cartel was established on a strict ethical code that was developed by La Tuta.

This code mandates members of The Knights Templar to help the poor and helpless, respect women and children, fight against materialism, not kill for money, and not use drugs. Members of this gang were often subjected to drug testing.

Despite their Robin Hood-like code, the initiation ritual of the Knights Templar can be considered as one of the most extreme of all gang initiation rituals. Prospective members are usually required to eat the heart of a human in the presence of other gang members.

Interestingly, members of this gang have profound respect for the pope despite their uncouth mode of operation. They demonstrated this when Pope Benedict XVI visited the Mexican state of Guanajuato on 23 March 2012.

Before his visit, the Knights Templar Cartel allegedly put up 14 banners on bridges of the YuririaMoroleónLeónIrapuatoSan Miguel de Allende,  Salamanca, and Uriangato, municipalities of Guanajuato, pledging to not engage in any violent acts during the pope’s visit. The banners read the following:

“The Knights Templar Cartel will not partake in any warlike acts; we are not killers, welcome Pope.”

9 Aryan Brotherhood

The Aryan Brotherhood gang is a white supremacist gang that is found in almost all the prisons in the United States. They have been in existence for decades, tens of thousands of gang members.

The initiation process of the Aryan Brotherhood requires a prospective member to kill a member of a rival gang or a prison warden. They refer to this first phase of initiation as “making your bones.”

No doubt, the Aryan Brotherhood initiation makes every member of the gang a murderer. Inmates, however, feel that it is safer to belong to this gang than be alone. To them, nothing matters as long as there is a gang to protect interests even though the Aryan Brotherhood gang members are hate-mongering and psychopathic murderers.

8 Bloods Of New York

The Bloods, also known as Original Blood Family (OBF), are a primarily African-American street gang. They are one of the most famous criminal gang organizations in the U.S. and across the world. Amongst other things, they are famously identified by the red color worn by their members and by particular gang symbols, including distinctive hand signs.

Unlike others, each area of existence reflects a peculiarity in how new members are initiated. Amongst others, New York gang members make their initiation horrific by requiring prospective new members to cut a stranger with a box cutter to the point that requires a minimum of 150 stitches.

Although this initiation practice does not kill most victims, it leaves them mentally, emotionally, and physically mutilated for the rest of their lives. This practice is popularly called – A buck fifty.

7 Numbers Gang

Numbers gang is a prison gang born out of South Africa. The Numbers Gang began in the late 1800s, supposedly to protect mineworkers. However, the actual origin of the gang remains sketchy at best. For this gang, the initiation practice requires prospective new members to act violently.

When a new inmate is introduced to a prison, a veteran gang member confronts a potential recruit and gives him a riddle. “It is raining. You are standing under an umbrella. I say to you I am getting wet; I may get sick. What are you going to do?”

The new inmate’s answer will determine his future in prison. If he should say, “I invite you to share my umbrella,” he would become a s*x slave and would not become a member. If he should say “I will come out into the rain with you,” it means that the new inmate is prepared to live like him; they are brothers, and they will live and die together.

This is then followed by a task that could either be the fatal or non-fatal stabbing of another inmate or warden. Although this is just a part of the initiation process, it is, by far, the most difficult.

6 Hells Angels

Hell Angels are a biker gang that has been existing in the United States for several decades. Hells Angels Motorcycle Club or Hells Angels, as they are popularly called, is a club for motorcyclists. It was founded in California in 1948 and is arguably the best known of the so-called “outlaw motorcycle gangs.”

The club has been accused of criminal activities ranging from barrow fights to manufacture and distribution of illegal drugs, especially methamphetamine, by law enforcement officials.

While they may look like a bunch of lovely teddy bears, they are known to be extremely violent and gross/filthy. Their initiation practice is one of the most unpredictable gang practices in history.

At Hells Angels, new members face a lengthy vetting and initiation process, and they are required to bathe in human poop and urine provided by veteran members.

One would wonder how members agree to contribute to the supply of filth and how prospective members wouldn’t have a problem bathing with it. This initiation process, however, does not deter potential members from joining the Hells Angels gang as they never seem to be lacking for members.

5 MS-13

Mara Salvatrucha, which is popularly identified as MS-13, is a criminal gang that originated in Los Angeles, California, in the 1970s and 1980s. From the onset, the gang was established to protect Salvadoran immigrants from notorious gangs Los Angeles area. But over time, the gang grew into a more traditional criminal organization.

MS -13 now one of the scariest gangs in the world. It is only normal for one to imagine how a group that started as a group of refugees from El Salvador grew to be the deadliest in the United States.

They are not only known for abhorrent activities, but they are also known for their evil and satanic rituals. Members sacrifice young women to Satan and also actively participate in rituals that honor Satan as the master of all.

Despite their evil doings, MS – 13 gangs have grown in strength and number. It’s, however, sad that it is no longer an organization of Salvadoran refugees, but a safe haven for kidnappers, illegal immigrants, money launderers, murderers, arms traffickers, human traffickers, and drug traffickers.

4 Triad

Starting as early as the Chinese communist era, the Triad is known as one of the oldest, organized, high-end crime gangs in the world. Having acquired a good number of gang members, the Triad now has over 50,000 members in Europe, Asia, and the United States. They are far from being considered a smaller gang in every sense of the word.

During the initiation of new members, an animal is sacrificed, and its blood or the blood of the initiate is combined with wine and given to prospective members to drink. This definitely isn’t something anyone would imagine themselves participating in, but for those who choose to join the Triad, it has become a norm.

This practice requires an intense commitment from the prospective member, and it is certainly not just for anyone!

3 Free Masons

Although Free Mason is not a gang, it is an ill-famed society known for its secretive rituals and unhealthy ceremonies.

None of which any normal person would ever want to take part in. Various sources claim that the organization had begun a hundred years ago, with about a third of them being the signers of the Declaration of Independence of the United States. Some reports also suggest that the Masons had produced several presidents of the United States.

Their initiation requires the prospective members to lie down with his or her back while pretending to be dead as veteran members hit them with a bag of hair. No doubt, their initiation practice is as odd as their years of existence secretive nature. It’s no wonder why they have kept their ceremonies as secret as possible.

2 Latin Kings

Bringing people into a group, offering them peace, and providing them a sense of belonging in the family is, in itself, not a problem. It is a good act. The problem lies in the fact that they all end up involved in immoral, unethical, and criminal activities.

It’s quite surprising how these gangs start as a group of people trying to protect their existence but end up being as fearful as the people they once feared. The Latin Kings were also formed in this manner.

The Latin Kings was created in Humboldt Park in Chicago in the early 1950s. This organization was formed in an attempt to improve the quality of life of immigrant families by overcoming racial discrimination.

Members of this organization shared a simple philosophy of “overcoming racial prejudice” and creating an organization of “Kings” and “Queens.” They, however, evolved into a criminal enterprise that now operates throughout the United States.

Latin Kings gang members engage in various violent activities, including murder. The initiation ritual for this gang requires intending members to do a drive-by shooting of members of rival gangs. It’s no doubt that an essential part of the initiation process is to become a killer.

1 U.K. Gang

If we have to rank countries based on their gang life, the United Kingdom will be among the top 5 without any question.

It is no doubt that gang life in the U.K. is very active. Just like other gangs in other countries, U.K. gangs are usually involved in various criminal acts.

Although s*xual abuse is a crime in the United Kingdom, U.K. gangs have sadly made it an essential part of the initial process for ladies. Willingly, these young women submit to r*pe and group s*x in order to be accepted into the gang.

Girls who desire to assume a higher status in society see this practice as usual and essential. Gangs also brainwash these young women into joining them by making them understand that acceptance in the gang is the best thing that life can ever offer.

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