James De Angelo was a former cop, and he pleaded guilty this year on June 29th.

The jury declared many life sentences on the killer during the trial, years after his bloody reign.

The serial killer’s bloody reign went on for the longest time in serial killings, but he finally was found guilty this year.

This serial killer terrorized California since the early 70s and 80s.

In 2018, he was caught after years of fruitless police searches all over California.

The killer finally appeared before the jury in June and pleaded guilty for thirteen counts of 1st-degree murder.

The court gave him eleven consecutive life sentences on the last trial that was held on August 21st, 2020.

Many other crimes were conducted by this serial killer, including the r*pe cases of more than fifty women.

He is among the lucky criminals because the court allowed him to evade charges for these cases.

He already had a lot on his plate, and he will probably die in jail because he had several charges.

The killer is seventy-four years, and the sentences are long, so he will never see the day again.

Conclusions Of Joseph DeAngelo’s Trial

The last trial hearing was held in August this year, and the killer pleaded guilty to the thirteen murder cases conducted about forty years ago.

The trial was arranged in May, but the attorney said it had to be postponed to later dates due to the pandemic.

He is elderly, and the relatives are elderly, so the court wanted to reduce their risk of contracting the coronavirus.

His witnesses and witnesses were also in the 70s age group, so they are all susceptible to contracting the disease.

That’s why the trial was pushed to June.

The trial being held in June, many people were expecting to hear the judges’ verdict because he was among the most wanted criminals who were reported in 2018.

The crimes he was charged with were reported in the 1970s and 1980s.

From the image above, he is the criminal in an orange suit and a face mask due to the pandemic protective requirements.

He is elderly now, and you may not believe it when you hear his charges.

His age may be deceiving, but looks deceive, and he is a dangerous serial killer who has been sought by the police for twenty years.

As the proceedings went on, de Angelo admitted to the murder charges, and luckily he evaded his death penalty.

He killed thirteen people, and their families came to the hearing as victims and witnesses.

He also admitted to having raped more than fifty women in the 1970s and 1980s.

The assaults were more than one hundred, with 87 victims being hurt by this killer in fifty-seven incidents across California’s eleven counties.

The End Of The Nightmare

During the trial, the victims’ families in the courtroom were eager to see the wicked man behind their loved ones’ deaths being sentenced to death.

The court took statements from the victims’ relatives and the witnesses before the killer were sentenced, and the details of this killers’ charge were graphically represented.

A witness in the court said how the killer had threatened to cut off her ear if she didn’t comply with the assault.

There were survivors of the older man’s assaults in the courtroom, and they said that these assaults left them traumatized.

The victims’ statements said that the woman was a heartless, horrific monster who they have been waiting for his arrest since the 1980s.

Most victims said that they would still feel numbness in their hands after the attacks because of his firm grip during s*xual assaults.

The victims had been suffering from trauma since the 80s. The trial day was the happiest day of their lives.

Seeing a threat to the society being put behind bars finally is such a relief to the victims.

Having a horrible picture of r*pe in your mind every night as you sleep is horrific, especially when you know that this monster is still raping people.

It was evident from the victims’ statements that he was a horrible person because one woman who had lost a sister in De Angelo’s killings said that her wish was to see him rot in hell.

To the victims, this nightmare had finally come to an end.

According to one of the victim’s statements, she said how this killer was the one forever alone in the darkness.

Road To Justice

For decades, the victims’ families waited to see justice passed, and their families were set free from the nightmare.

The sentencing of de Angelo was a relief for many California residents, especially the elderly who were the victims.

The case had been pending for more than forty years as the victims knew this killer was loose.

Luckily, in 2018, when the police caught him, the victims saw some light at the end of this injustice tunnel.

This year was their long-awaited year to see the killer being put behind bars.

When you asked people living in the east, central valley areas of California, they would describe him as a criminal.

He was referred to by many names like the rapist of the east area, the night stalker, ransacker, and other horrible names.

Having killed and r*ped over fifty women plus thirteen deaths on his hands, he deserved these names.

It was unfair for a simple community to live in terror and fear because of a killer like de Angelo.

The sheriffs were relieved after the killer was caught because they had been looking for him for many years.

The police had given up by the 1990s looking for the killer, and people believed that he had vanished or died.

However, they didn’t give up on looking for the criminal.

By the end of the century, they were still conducting searches worldwide and the state.

He was finally caught, and the police departments were relieved.

The police and sheriff’s efforts paid when the killer was sentenced!

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