In today’s world where everything never really happens unless it is posted on social media, you can expect an endless stream of photos and videos that tells stories about how good someone’s life is.

People flaunt their wealth and brag about anything they do as if they have never had even a single bad day, ever.

After all, social media accounts filled with dreamy life experiences actually are some of the most popular and have plenty of loyal followers; case in point, the “Rich Kids of Dubai” account on Instagram.

Let us first be clear here, we are not talking about any specific group of individuals, but a collection of “wealthy lifestyle” stories compiled in one Instagram account.

In short, the account is about how the super-rich people spend money and enjoy themselves in Dubai.

Capitalizing the now famous “Rich Kids of X” catchphrase, the account contains hundreds of posts to depict what it looks like to live a privileged life.

10 Shopping Spree

Many cities are conveniently known all around the world for being the home to a wealthy population; Dubai is certainly included in the list.

It is not surprising that Dubai also has some of the world’s largest shopping centers including Mall of the Emirates and the Dubai Mall.

The rich need to find places and spend their money, and those malls cater to their spending habit.

For the boys and girls, spending their allowances in malls is a favorite after-school activity.

9 You Are What You Wear

Judging from the photos and videos posted on the Rich Kids of Dubai Instagram account, it is easy to see that just about anyone has the finest threads of clothing, fancy jewelries, and designer accessories.

Sometimes being a member of a rich family means you have to showcase respectable image and reputation in the society; for these kids, it often means maintaining wealthy outlook.

A quick way to achieve that is by wearing the best outfit for any occasion. You’ll be judged from what you wear.

8 Superb Restaurants

Regardless of how rich you are, you still need foods to survive.

The big difference between the wealthy and the underprivileged is how much their meals cost and where they eat.

Just because Dubai is situated in the Middle East, it does not mean the cuisine is nothing but Middle Eastern.

The city is an international tourist destination, so the restaurants have to live up to the city’s reputation.

Internationalism is reflected not only by the culinary array, but also by the restaurants’ interior designs and overall architectural approach.

Afternoon tea on the rooftop of a skyscraper is nothing unusual, and so is dining in a fancy yacht.

7 Uber Copter

In any typical busy city street jammed with thousands of vehicles, you’ll be pleased to get in a comfortable relaxing car that can cruise easily through the traffic on the way to school.

Again, things are a little bit different in Dubai, as shown in the Instagram account.

In case some rich kids wake up late in the morning, calling Uber Copter is a convenient way to get to class on time.

When even a Lamborghini cannot help you get to school fast enough, a helicopter will.

6 No Public School

While we’re on the subject of going to school, these rich kids actually are pretty dedicated to education.

If you have to pay a fair amount of money for public transportation to the school, you might as well be serious about studying when you get there.

Most (if not all) rich kids do not attend public schools, but exclusive private institutions where they can study and compete with their equal peers.

They have better chance of getting into prestigious college that way so in the future they also have better opportunity to maintain and extend the families’ fortunes.

5 Poster Cars

When most other kids can only dream of having outlandish performance cars and what they buy instead are posters, the Rich Kids of Dubai shows a different kind of living.

When most kids are lucky enough to play with model cars, they drive the real things.

Cars with 5- or perhaps 6-digit price tags are not that rare in Dubai, and you shouldn’t be surprised if the person behind the wheel is a teenager with a fresh driver’s license.

Some of them perhaps rent the cars, but there are those who actually own luxury and rare performance cars like Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Porsche, Ferrari, and so on.

4 Family Value Is Of The Utmost Importance

Behind all the modern luxury lifestyle, Rich Kids in Dubai still presents to the world that family value is taken seriously in this part of the world.

A major portion of the convenience and luxuries is purchased using the money their parents earned, so it only makes sense if the kids show huge respect to the family.

They take pride in socializing with aunts, uncles, cousins, in-laws, and everyone else in their social circles.

Kids also have to deal with high standards and expectations in terms of academic performance and behaviors.

They are spoiled alright, but they should never disappoint.

3 V.I.P. Access All Around

If you have the money to buy everything, you want to be treated like royalties.

Rich Kids in Dubai gives a glimpse of how teenagers from wealthy families in the Middle Eastern city get to enjoy special treatments just about anywhere.

They enjoy rock star status, and with that comes all sorts of privileges.

Whether they’re going to music concerts, theme parks, parties, clubs, and social conventions of any sort in every location in the city, they have no problem getting the best spots and services.

They have the money to buy VIP access.

2 Beautiful City

Let us not forget about the city itself. Dubai offers a myriad of astonishing backdrops for any photoshoot, especially if you want to showcase luxurious lifestyle.

The architectural styles of the building and landscapes view from a skyscraper can make anyone look good on photos.

Combine that with a seemingly endless stream of money, and you get to pose like a real A-list celebrity in Hollywood.

A single photo in which you are standing in front of Dubai’s impressive panoramic scene can instantly launch popularity on social media.

1 Social Status

The Rich Kids in Dubai allows us to take a peek at how some boys and girls in their early teens build their social status and reputations; nightlife.

Even if they are not old enough to sip alcoholic beverages, they have the power to buy exclusive rooms and private entertainment in nightclubs.

The hefty price tag does not even bother them at all, because social status and recognition is an investment they can buy.

Eventually the investment will pay off as they get to socialize with well-connected individuals.

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